Sunday, November 4, 2012

You Gotta Keep Your Heart Young...

Today, I begin my 24th year of life. That's right. I'm blogging on my birthday. You're welcome.

If you came here thinking that you were going to get my full rundown of my latest trip to D.C. well, that's not happening. At least not today. I have to write it, and get it approved before it becomes the next viral hit.

Last time I updated you on life, UL was looking to become 6-0. Today? For the first time in the schools, and program's history, UL is now 9-0. One of a limited amount of teams gone undefeated. #winning

UK on the other hand? At least you have basketball season. As I typed this, I was informed that the UK football team is now coachless, and per Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart in an open letter to the fans,“After much conversation, evaluation and prayer, I have determined that it is in the best interest of our athletics program to make a change in our football coaching staff at the conclusion of the season." We now have a bigger issue on hand; What do we call our four legged friend?  

One of the perks of working in an incredibly fun environment, is having the option to dress up for Halloween. I'm not a fan of Halloween. I don't know why, I've just never been fan. Although, Halloween does mark four days until MY day. A couple weeks ago, I was told that I was to dress up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Fine. If everyone else was participating, I was in. The challenge? Coming up with a costume. I went to my first source: Target. I found one. For thirty dollars. I wasn't about to pay thirty dollars for a costume that I would wear seven hours, and then immediately to be shoved in the back of my closet. Aw nuts. No dressing up for me. Plus? I didn't have Ruby Red Slippers. Not so fast Sara. "Sara, I just came from Hobby Lobby, and got the fabric to MAKE your costume." No Mom, you really don't have to. "Sara, it's something that I want to do for you, so just work with me." In a matter of hours on a Saturday night, Mom whipped up an adorable costume with no pattern, no picture, no nothing.
   The next challenge? Finding Ruby Red Slippers the Sunday before Halloween. I had set myself up for failure. Finally, after some long talks with the craft making queen and some local calls, I sat down and painted my own Ruby Red Slippers.

PFM Halloween 2012

#SignsImgettingold: I received not one, but TWO letters with two return envelopes asking for money. Do these people not know that I'm still in school and work at a fruit stand? Apparently not. 

Looking ahead in my calendar, I didn't realize how close I am to Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving is going to be ridiculous. Usually I back this up with some explanation, but this year, the table will be extra loud with family coming in from different parts of the country, and then Friday morning, a multi-generational photo with then entire famdamily. When I have nothing else to obsess about, this is what I obsess over. This picture will haunt me for the rest of eternity, and when my chillens see the picture, I don't want them (or I) to think"what on Earth was I doing when I chose that outfit, and hairstyle?"

The new Taylor Swift CD, Red, arrived on my doorstep the day it came out, and it's been in my car ever since. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is. Within hours, I managed to find my favorite songs and pretty much know every word. The best part, she is the kind of artist that puts the lyrics in her CD cover, and she has capitalized a random letter in every word to spell out what the song really meant. For instance, the song Red, spells out "sag" which probably means Screen Actors Guild Awards with ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, and then the next song, I Knew You Were Trouble, spells out "when you saw me dancing." Scandalous. As the CD goes on, she spells out some stuff for Connor Kennedy, and then are you ready for this? Four days after the release of the album, it is announced that she and Connor took a little trip to Splitsville. Well that's awk. But who cares. She and her tour is headed our way, AGAIN! The Tuesday after Derby. What a glorious month May will be. 

Did I mention that Justin Timberlake got married? Yea, I'm obviously still not over it. And of course, the one PEOPLE Magazine issue that I've been waiting for, comes to my mailbox wet and gross because of rain? At least it wasn't the William and Catherine issue. But it ranks up there with that. 

I've danced around the pink elephant in the room. Hurricane Sandy. Before heading to bed Sunday night before the storm, I came across the New York Times homepage, saying that they had set up a camera in their building taking pictures every thirty seconds waiting for the storm to come in. I took my computer with me to school, watching it before class, and then kept an eye on it on my phone during class. (Rebel, I know.) And with me not working Mondays, I was able to watch national coverage all afternoon and evening. #nerdalert. It broke my heart seeing all the damage that was done to the East Coast, but it also made me a little teary eye to see Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey get behind the podium and tell his residents, that they will come together and rebuild. #ProudtobeanAmerican

I must say, life over the last 23 years has been simply the best. I've had so many new experiences, and have been fortunate to have some wonderful opportunities come into my life. I can't wait to see what year 24 has in store for me. Shout out to Mom and Dad for being a part of this thing called life!!


Friday, October 12, 2012


It's baseball postseason. The Nats have made playoff history which means the boyyyfffrriiieennnddd in Washington is a happy man.

#WheelsuptoWashington next weekend. Hey Luke, meet me at Capitol Hill Friday afternoonish.

T-3 weeks until the birthday.

 It made me incredibly nervous that I walked out of my history midterm super confident. Maybe because I actually knew what I was studying? Weird. 

 While taking my history mid-term, I would look up every couple of minutes, and notice my professor reading the book we are assigned. I'm on Chapter 10. He just started the book Wednesday. It feels good to be ahead. 

The state of Kentucky got to be in the spotlight this week (other than the greatest two minutes in sports) as the cute little town of Danville, KY played host to the one and only Vice Presidential Debate. The weather couldn't have been better, the campus of Centre College is absolutely stunning, and the students showed the true meaning of southern hospitality. 

 Did I mention no glee until NOVEMBER? At least I'll have a new gLee Christmas CD to look forward to. 

 UL is on a quest to become 6-0 tomorrow as they face Pittsburgh. But lets face it. A lot of the Big East writers believe that Pittsburgh will crush this dream and make us 5-1.

 I've tweeted and re-tweeted 4,370 times. Ole girl needs to get a life. 


 As of tonight, I've had my first serving of peppermint ice cream and homemade hot fudge sauce. 

 I also got to experience the first cup of the season of Mom's homemade hot chocolate. Mom doesn't fail in the making her chillens happy department. 

 I'm about to give up on deciding what kind of birthday cake I want. 

Rumors are floating around that Emily Maynard and Jef with one F have gone to splitsville. Who called that one?? 

 I heard that sometimes I can be a little wordy on here. I'm sorry, I can't help that I talk too much. 

 I went to Target today, and while walking cart racing down the aisles, I noticed a white thing at the end of one of them. Target already has some of their CHRISTMAS decorations up. People, People, People, can we puhlease get through Halloween first? Yeesh. 

 Speaking of #WheelsuptoWashington, I was told to pack a Little Black Dress. And so I'm bringing mine from my sophomore year in HIGH SCHOOL. The fact that I can still fit into it is kind of mind boggling. 

Washington Friday through Sunday, school Monday, and Taylor Swift's new CD Red will be on my doorstep by the time I arrive home from school. #goodweekend

 You don't learn to appreciate your siblings until you haven't seen your own sister in two weeks. Between crazy schedules and traveling, I haven't laid eyes on her since September 30th. The last time this sort of event happened was Spring 2007. #Rainman 

 Ladies and gentlemen, the real reason I came on here tonight is to announce that BASKETBALL season has arrived. Big Blue madness started the evening, followed by a solid three hours of continuous coverage from all over the nation not including UL. Don't get me wrong, I love football season, but who doesn't love five months of hearing nothing but swoops of the ball into the basket, and the constant sound of shoes squeaking on the floor? I've learned to appreciate the little things in life.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oops..They Did It Again...

WARNING: Mom, here is the post where I will complain about not getting a Fall Break. So I suggest you stop reading.

Planning ahead gets me in trouble. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but the scheduling gods gave me the weekend off at the market. Perfect. I have a mid-term on Monday, and with the days off, I'll be able to study, and then after my Blue Book essay test, I'll go and get that end of summer pedicure I never got. And then, I walked into my history class.
This Explains It All. 
I'll make this story short and sweet. After taking a class vote and losing by a mere 26 votes, my mid-term has been pushed back to Wednesday.

In local Sports news, after suffering a torn something last season, one of UL's basketball players was finally cleared to start practicing for this season, and after an exhausting ten minutes in to his first practice, he suffered a career ending torn ACL. #notgood. At least UL basketball is a pre-seasoned ranked #2 in the country.

On the football front, UL football is one of 22 schools undefeated. A great 5-0 start. Oh, and that game against Southern Miss, was nasty. Like, their field was flooded nasty. Our next game? 11:00 AM on ESPNU. Here we are the #19th ranked team and the country and we get a 11:00 AM game? In OCTOBER? That sort of thing usually happens the Friday after Thanksgiving, not five weeks into the season. #Kegsandeggs

Moving on...

Last week was the first week of deciding what to watch Thursday night. I filmed both Grey's and gLee,  but watched Grey's live. I just got around to watching gLee from last week, and I'm already freaking out again for this week. Find out who breaks up with who on gLee and covering British band Coldplay or re-live the plane crash? This madness has got to stop.

The final season of Jersey Shore premieres Thursday night. Why am I not concerned this won't be the last season?

The Academy announced that Family Guy and American Dad creator Seth McFarlen will be hosting the 85th Academy Awards come February 2013.

Drew Barrymore of E.T. : Extra Terrestrial fame, welcomed daughter Olive last week after denying reports she was preggo. #AWK.

The Dave Matthews Band is coming to the Derby City. December 4th. I'm going. Who cares if it's the night before finals week begins?

Mom made an outstanding dinner Sunday night. Pork roast with a mushroom and apple concac cream sauce, tomato mozzarella salad with vinaigrette, au gratin potatoes, asparagus, cooked carrots, HOMEMADE white cheddar, rosemary and thyme bread, and to finish it off, homemade individual Derby Pies for dessert. It's not very often she gets to have her chillens and parents at the dinner table.

I know we are weeks out, but I can't decide what kind of birthday cake to accompany my dinner. Mom's homemade devils food or flour-less chocolate cake.

Mondays are unnecessary. But, if there was one good thing to come out of a Monday, my teacher announced that the Monday of Thanksgiving week, my 8 AM class will be cancelled. #Thankful

I know how I will be spending the Monday of Thanksgiving week, I will be completing my F-R-I-E-N-D-S dvd collection. It's not everyday that Target has each season on sale for a whopping $10.

As a part to ruin her new album, Taylor Swift released her new title track Red. Begin Again is still my favorite. 20 days and counting.

Former Bachelorette star Emily Maynard tweeted "The reason my heart smiles" and a picture of she and her daughter. I thought if you are engaged, one would tweet a picture of you and your fiance. Somethings not right here.

If you are looking for the next best cookie, look no further and try Trader Joe's Gingersnaps. They have pieces of real ginger in them. Which means they can be called gingersnaps for a reason.

You know how much I despise baseball. It's way too long of a season, and nine innings is just too long of a game. Correction. I hate baseball until October. Why October? October is playoff season. And Tuesday night, my phone and heart was all a twitter. Luke Russert is a huge Washington Nationals Fan. They did something good? Something about making into the divisional play offs? He was there to see the winning run, and had to leave the after game celebration a little early to go get a playoff hat. I felt like I was there with him. And then he tweets the following, "oh, just got home, and the #Cowboys are getting smoked. Hahahahaha yes it's a perfect #DC night indeed." After his Twitter marathon it was impossible to fall asleep.

Just to clear things up. My hair is not black. It is a darker shade of a chestnut brown.

I have introduced the concept of Facetime or more commonly known as Skyping to mi familia. It's amazing what technology can do these days.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bored As A Gourd...

Prologue: There are very few instances that I have complained about something on here. And today's posting is going to have to be one of them. Sorry if I sound like a negative Nancy, but as you read, you'll begin to understand. Allow me to tell a few back stories.

Early on in life, I was taught not to judge right then and there. For instance. I remember what my fifth grade english teacher was wearing. Heck, I even remember how she had her hair styled. I introduced myself, and my family, seeing it was meet the teachers night, she asked what I liked to do. I don't remember what the trends were back at the turn of the century, but all I can remember thinking, this is going to be a long school year. I don't like her. She looks mean and uninviting. Fast forward a few weeks later, we found ourselves talking about the NBC Primetime hit Will And Grace. I knew if I gave her a few weeks to warm up, all would be right with the world. And to this day, I consider her one of my favorite teachers of my before college education. As a matter of fact, she found me on the 'book, and occasionally posts on each others wall or statuses.

Fall 2012: I was faced with the same problem again. Maybe my history professor had a bad day, and wasn't in the right mood to teach. Okay, it's only the second week of school. I'll try again Wednesday. I went back the following class with a better frame of mind. One of my peers asked where he went to high school. He didn't want to answer that. Okay, I can see that. Maybe he doesn't want us looking him up in  a yearbook or something. We then asked the next logical question. Where did you go to undergrad. His snarky reply? "I'm not from here." Most people don't mind answering that type of question. After putting his non-power point presentations on the board and requires an @edu email address, I have discovered he graduated from Florida International University. After his response, I gave up. I had given it time, in hopes of trying to like him as a teacher, seeing as the last two times I had immediately judged and saw that they were incredibly wonderful people.

On the first day of real class, one of my peers asked if he would put up his lectures on the in class website. His immediate answer was no, and then went into some un needed explanation. Please note, I'm not complaining, I have to give back stories.

I'm not going to lie, Sara and school don't exactly go together. I have a very short attention span hence the first grade diagnosis of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. My mind has a tendency to wander, and sometimes  on a daily basis, I find myself thinking about other things than paying attention to school. If I am asked to do tasks at the casa de Sara, theres a 85 percent chance it will not be accomplished. #oops

React however you want to this next part. I have mentioned in other blogs that during the Winter, I have to get up five minutes early just to put on extra layers in the extreme cold. Growing up during my elementary and middle school years, I would have to get up early just to have time to get my socks right and smooth. Bizarre. I know.

Apparently I have something called SID. Sensory Integration Disorder. And yes, to this day it still affects me. According to the medical-dictionary online, one of the biggest contributors to SID is AD/HD. Good God I'm special. I'm going to do the best I can to describe it in my terms, but some of the things that had bothered me I am now over. (Warning: Some of these are plain ridiculous.) As I mentioned before my socks had to be smooth, I wouldn't let people sit on the same couch as me, and when it came to the school part, if people put their feet on the back of my chair, I could feel the pressure of their feet. Those I am 98.9 percent over.

There is one more problem area that I will probably never get over. I have been told by opthamologists that I have wonderful peripheral vision. Well that's great and all. Aside from the fact that I can see tapping of the feet. It might be my biggest crawl out of my skin peeve. Which FINALLY brings me to the whole blog in the first place.

Today, I got to experience an ADD'ers worst nightmare. It had already been a long day after falling asleep at 1:45 followed by a night of Thunder, the periodic downpours and lighting. Seeing it was a school day, the alarm had been set for 6:30 AM. Scratch that. I think what I meant to say was 5:45 AM.  Wait. Hadn't I fallen asleep just a mere four hours earlier?!? Someone must had heard that I hate driving to school in rain, drove to school in between storms. I sat through my eight AM business writing class with no problem, as I was still in my prime attention span.
     Promptly at 9:30 AM, I was doomed. I was recently assigned my first history paper. And of course, my professor thought he would spend 60 minutes out of a 75 minute class talking about how to properly write a history paper. And in between there, add in some unneeded peanut gallery comments, unrealistic coughing and awkward silence. And then... with my excellent peripheral vision, I spotted not one, but two people, with two feet each tapping. By minute 15 of the speech, I decided to start answering questions to keep myself entertained. Even my professor noticed and made the comment, "Sara is bored as a gourd." You bet I was. My mind had gone AWOL, and with my laptop sitting on my lap, it took me everything I had to not get it out and do some live blogging. If I could't live blog, I started thinking about the next best thing: lunch. Should I get a half and half? Half sweet tea, half lemonade? I really can't wait for the birthday celebrations at the market tomorrow. I finally snapped back into the class when I noticed my professor had made a citing a source mistake. I can't tell you how many times I had heard this speech. After that comment, I then heard the person behind me with hiccups. An AD/HD SID girl stuck in a small room, no windows, with four feet tapping, a person hiccuping, and my professor talking/wandering around the room.

Living with AD/HD and SID I learn from my mistakes that come with it. I know there are some days that mother wants to beat bumps on my head, but these are the things that make me special, and it gives me the excuse to make the daily trip to the wonderful world of LaLa Land.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Support System...

I lied. Just kidding. I thought I was going to have to wait until well until October to blog. Due to some unexpected down time, I have found some time to ramble.

I really should be writing a paper on All Quiet On The Western Front. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at the prompt that my professor has given us. The first time I read it aloud, there was an audience, and their first response? Sparknotes.

True Life: I have an addiction to No really I do. I have a Student Prime membership which gets me FREE two day shipping and a lot of things almost half the price. As a matter of fact, I currently have two emails from them with package confirmation. One of the emails? I have pre-ordered Taylor Swifts highly anticipated new album Red. 

Speaking of Taylor Swift, I am currently listening to her new single released Tuesday morning titled Begin Again. I'm no music critic, but it's sweet song talking about getting up and dusting yourself off after a very public breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal. (Or so she claims). Taylor Swift also announced that for the next three Mondays she will be releasing new songs on Good Morning America to then be released on iTunes Tuesday at midnight. Come on Taylor. Really? Red won't be highly anticipated if you've already released half of your album. Think Taylor, think.

This week I begin the miserable task of having to decide what to watch Thursday nights. gLee or Grey's? I have been a dedicated watcher from the beginning. This is cruel and unusual punishment. But, I have come to the following decision. Watch Grey's live, and tape gLee. I feel like I'm cheating on both, but I have to see what happens to the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospitals finest doctors following the plane crash. #LaLaland.

I also have to watch the dreaded season finale before Thursday night to refresh my memory. I really don't want to. So sad.

On the subject of Good Morning America, Robin Roberts had her bone marrow transplant last Thursday. I happened to come across an article on Perez Hilton about it, and I was surprised to see her family and some of her GMA colleagues there in the room while the transplant was taking place. Yes, they were all sterile, but one would think for a transplant, they would take the patient into some sort of super sterile room. #TeamRobin

Big Blue Madness tickets sold out in 35 minutes. It's a ridicilious tradition. Camping out for five days in the 40° lows at night for FREE tickets to the NCAA National Champions University of Kentucky Mens Basketball teams first official practice. There was even pre camping camping so people could be first in line to camp out. #Patheticyetdedicated

In case one of you lucky followers ever get to meet my four legged friend, Jo formerly known as Joker, please note the following: He is to be called Jo, Joseph,  Jo-Jo, Josepfits, anything but Joker. Jo was named for the UK Football coach before he became head coach, but after the downfall of the football program, we no longer call him that, unless he is in trouble.

Did anyone happen to catch the bizarre ending to the Monday Night Football game with  the Seattle Seahawks versus the Green Bay Packers? The tape CLEARLY shows Green Bay with the interception. These replacements refs are terrible. They need to go back to the high school field where they belong.

The iPhone 5 came out Friday selling over 5 million units. Selling five million units for an iPhone 5? Coincidence? I think yes.

Have I mentioned how much I love peanut butter and goldfish?

Personal shout out to my wonderful mother who gave me the alcohol makes me incredibly tired gene. A few years back, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to an infamous wine cake that one of my grandmothers friends makes for people who have lost a loved one or have just come home from the hospital. At the time of consumption, I said this cake is wonderful. We need this recipe. "No doll, this is a top secret recipe." Bah humbug. The cake recently made an appearance at an event, and we graciously tried again for the recipe. We hit the cake recipe jackpot. "I'll be happy to give you the recipe. I give it out all the time." I recently made it, and of course, I had to have a slice (or two) when it came out of the oven. After consuming the cake, I headed home where I immediately took a nice 90 minute nap. I didn't know why I was so tired. Maybe it was because I had been ripping and running all week. And then it hit me. TWO SLICES people. Two slices of wine cake. The cake had a cup of wine. #cheapdate #weaksauce

Recently participating in a conversation about social media at the PFM, I revealed that I choose to set my alarm 5 minutes early so I can read the morning newspapers. Or more commonly known as the stuff I've missed over night. My coworkers couldn't believe what I had said. Get with the program people. It's how the the new generation works.

UL football is one of 26 schools undefeated. #winning

I mentioned in earlier blogs that I would be seeing WICKED for the third time. It never disappoints. Especially the act before intermission. And if any of you have seen it, you know what I'm talking about.

My birthday plans have fallen into place, and for the first time in a long time, they feel right.


Mission Luke Russert: 24 days

The Birthday: 40 days

Thanksgiving Shenanigans: 58 days

FINALS Week: 71 days


Get pumped.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Fool That I Am...

I overbooked myself next week. And the following week. If you'll allow me to get through the rest of this month, I should be in the clear to get back into the groove.
     On my calendar: School. Papers. Housesitting. Work. Visiting with loved ones :). And somewhere in there, sleeping.

My Life. Until October 9th. 

All my love and then some. 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quiet Please...

"Classes are in session in this hallway"  Not my class. My 8:00 class was cancelled for the week. I'm okay with that. What am I NOT okay with? Finding out the news after I came all the way over. I could have slept an extra 90 minutes. I have to give my professor some props. She emailed us yesterday morning telling us it would be cancelled. Most professors tell you during the night before the class. At least I did the reading :) My next class? 9:15 next door to my cancelled class.

"Sara, there sure is a lot of sqealing going on up there; What's going on?" Let's see here: College football has arrived back, UL beat UK keeping the Governor's cup right where it belongs, finding out that there is a F-R-I-E-N-D-S Marathon every night this week, and while checking the newspaper (Twitter) Patrick Dempsey announces he filmed The Ellen Show Tuesday afternoon. He was missing one small detail. He will be on the season PREMIERE. I know where I'll be come 4:00 next Monday afternoon.

One of my goals this year has been trying to learn how to do real world stuff. Like charge a car battery after sitting in a driveway for 30 minutes. I can officially check that off my to-do list.

T-8 Days until WICKED. I. Can. Hardly. Wait.

I received a text message from a follower of mine informing me that she had fallen in love with Grey's and currently watching Season 3. I never thought I would talk so much about it, that I would make someone see what it was all about and fall madly in love with it.

I'm not a fan of the National Football League, but after a 9 month hiatus, it has returned to our small screens.  #Justonemoredayclosertofall

Speaking of Fall, I ventured out to Starbucks and purchased my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. Who cares if it was 85 degrees.

The MTV Video Music Awards are tomorrow night. Here's hoping to a Kanye West and Lady Gaga drama free night. 

Ashley Judd, who is a part of the infamous Judd clan, who are from the Blugrass state, has been sighted as a delegate in Tennessee at the DNC. And if there's one thing that you do not like in Kentucky, it's the University of Tennesee Volunteers.Traitor. What makes all this even worse? She is spotted at almost every UK Basketball game.

Apple has sent out invitations to the media for "an important Apple event September 12." Really Apple? Like we haven't known that the iPhone 5 is being released for weeks.

Pennsylvania Honeycrisp Apples have arrived at the market. Get 'em while they're cold. Because that is the only way to eat these delicious monsters of an apple.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Feels Just Like It Should...

The first full week of school has concluded, and I must say that I have mixed emotions about the Fall Semester. I thought having class at 8:00 AM would be the worst idea of my life, but needless to say, it gets me going, there is hardly any traffic going over, and aside from a few things that I am going to have to deal with, I actually like my classes. 

Giluiana and Bill Rancic have become parents to Edward Duke. In case you live in a cave or don't consider E! News real news, the back story of Giluina: While wanting a child of their own, and having to do IVF, her doctor demanded that she get a mammogram, and because of her doctor's order, this child saved her life. It was discovered that she had early breast cancer, and after unsuccessful surgery to remove it, they went in, and did yet another one, that took it all out. That was late October/early November. They were able to find a gestational carrier, and nine months later, Edward Duke Rancic has arrived.

K-Roger has Gatorade on sale 10 for 10. Like I needed anymore. #SupplyandDemand

Sending tons of love to Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts who took an early medical leave to be by her ailing mothers side. I awoke Friday morning to learn that Robin had made it home in time to say goodbye to her late mother. #Hugsfordays

Did anyone happen to catch Clint Eastwood's totes awk, long, and bizarre RNC speech?

Checking my Twitter one last time before bed, I found this squeal worthy tweet.
He's Kinda A Big Deal. 
In case you didn't know, it's kind of a big deal to be trending.

I love the Kroger Elves. 

Taylor Swift premiered her new music video for her new single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Don't get me wrong. I love Taylor. But this single, and the video?! Last time I checked, you called yourself a country music artist, not a punk country rock artist. 

Here Come's Honey Boo-Boo beat the Republican National Convention in ratings Wednesday night. #Nowondertherestoftheworldhatesus 

I remember where I was when Princess Diana died 15 years ago tonight. I had to go to bed early because I got in trouble. Surprise Surprise. 

The PFM will be closed on Monday in observation for the Labor Day Holiday. I won't know what to do with two solid days off. 

T-3 Days until Season 8 of Grey's arrives on my doorstep. I'm already like a kid on Christmas morning. 

The seeeeeessssstteeeerrrs birthday next week, and WICKED the following week. September, I sure do love you. 

Speaking of the upcoming Labor Day holiday, we all know what this weekend means: 




19 Solid WEEKS of COLLEGE FOOTBALL. This has seemed like the longest off season between April 3, and August 30. I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief.  

Oh yes. And who can forget the most important game of the entire weekend? 

They Low Down, They Dirty, They Some Snitches. 

Thanks to Mother Nature, this will be the weather come game time at 3:30 Sunday afternoon. 
#IsaacForDays #NotKidding 

All Summer it has not rained, and the one weekend we don't want it to, it does. Real cool Isaac, Real Cool. Yea, it may pour down rain the entire game, but at least UL is a two touchdown favorite. #L1C4 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Bye-Bye Fun, Get Your Homework Done...

Yea, I'm not packing my life away as Hurricane Isaac hits the state of Florida, nor am I taking names and biking 112 miles in 95° heat in the 2012 Ironman, but while enjoying my delicious bagel from Panera on my last day of freedom, I came up with a list of problems that I am currently facing come 8:00 tomorrow morning.

1) I don't have my first day of school outfit picked out. Who only knows what the buildings temperatures will be like.

2) I didn't get my end of summer pedicure. #FirstWorldPains

3) As of 11:00 Saturday night, I did not have a professor for my History class.

4) I received an email from my business writing class professor asking me to print out the syllabus. No where to be found.

5) I have yet to look up the locations for my classes.

6) After lucking out and missing the traffic nightmare of a mess with the bridge, I thought I was in the clear. Negative. Dad told me that I need to take an alternate route. I could deal. No biggie. Then I asked, how long will I need to take this route? NOVEMBER.

7) It didn't hit me until last night that I will not be able to sleep in until Friday. I guess this is a win win situation. I only have to close one day at work, and get to open the rest, but setting the alarm for 6:20 everyday? Yikes.

8) Rain is forecasted to start late tonight lasting into tomorrow morning. Trucks, early morning rush hour, driving alternate routes... in the rain. Don't mix.

9) I'm trying to stay excited and optimistic. But failing. Miserably.

On another couple of notes. Snooki has welcomed her long awaited baby boy Lorenzo Dominic into the world.  September 1st will be a magical day for all Starbucks lovers. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE TIME!!! T- 170 hours until the Battle of The Governor's cup commences. Did I mention it is supposed to be a cool 90° come kickoff? That ain't no Football weather.

30 Class days until Christmas break.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Date With The Past...

"That's it. Thats the cut I want." If you know me, I'm a plain and simple kind of gal when it comes to my hair. Mom has always said that I look so young because I'm always wearing my hair in a ponytail. Whatever. I'll take the constant asking of "oh, and what high school do you go to?" question any day instead of being hot, and my hair in the way. Plus, when my hair has been straightened, and back in a ponytail, I love the look and feel of it. 
     I had decided after working the week and the fourth of July holiday, I would take the day after off from the PFM to have a Sara day. Sleep in a little, soak in the bizarreness from the night before, and relax. Oh yea, and get a haircut. After all, selling a bajillion ears of corn and tons of watermelons can wear ole girl out. 
     A few weeks before my haircut, I came across an episode of the hit MTV show The Hills. I will fully admit it. I love Lauren Conrad. If you don't know who she is, look her up. She is the definition of classy and sophisticated. There was a certain scene where she was on a date with her high school crush Steven and on that date, my haircut was found. I present to you this: 

The Inspiration. 

     "Sara, if you want that cut, thats fine, but you never wear your hair down." True. Maybe I liked it so much because I loved the person that was wearing it, but by golly, I was sticking to it. 
     The big day finally came, and I washed and blow dried and straightened my beloved golden locks one last time.
     A few minutes before I had to leave for the appointment, the seeeeeesster came to get Jo from doggy day care, and the following conversation took place: "Hey Sara, where are you headed?" Off to get my haircut. "Here's a wild idea. Instead of getting blonde highlights like you normally do, I think you should go dark. Like the dark in your Senior Drapes" (See picture below)  Excuse me? I don't dye my hair. And the last time you gave me an idea about my hair, I was stuck with a blob of Herbal Essences highlights from a kit in my hair. Thanks but no thanks. 
Pretty. But Grosssssss. 
     And then the appointment came. What was I doing? Sticking with the same ole same ole? "So Sara, what are we doing? Just the regular highlights?" Uhhhhhhhh. "Actually my sister thinks I should go dark. Not like gothic dark, but dark." I was then presented with color swatches. "I think this color could look good on you, but it's up to you." I really hate making decisions. Emphasis on the word really. "What about the length?" Conveniently I had screen captured the scene from The Hills. Hey at least I had my mind made up on something. But the decision on the table was the color. 
     "Ummmmmmm. I'm gonna trust you with this and go with it." What. Did. I. Just. Say/Do? Did I really just agree to the idea of going darker instead of lighter?? For the first time in my life I had given into peer pressure? There was no turning back now. 
     If I blogged the thoughts going through my head at that time, it would take days to read. I was nervous. What if people hated it? More importantly, what if I hated it? "If you don't like it, I can throw in some highlights to make it look lighter."  
     As the appointment went on, my face looked like a ghost. Oh em gee. I have got to get a tan. I looked like I was going to get sick. That's how pale I was. Maybe once it dried I would like it more. "Are you okay?" Yea, I'm fine, this is just a big change for me. 
     The darkening had taken place, and it was time for the haircut. At least the cut was simple, and cute.      
     Fast forward two hours later. It would be time to face the music. As soon as I got in the car, I looked at it again, and soaked in the fact that I was no longer a blonde. Pretty sure my heart skipped about five beats. And then I promptly updated my infamous Facebook status update to, "uhhhhh." The last time my family had seen me, they saw me like this: 
Thanksgiving 2011. 
They had also assumed that I was just going to get the cut that I had planned, and getting my usual stereotypical blonde highlights.
     To keep the big reveal a surprise, I entered the house through the garage. "Please close your eyes, and whatever you do, please don't flip out." "Oh, Sara, we won't flip out. We'll still love you if your hair is pink." Okay, open. Insert about a minute of totes awk stares and that wereallydidnthinkyouwouldtakeyoursisterssuggestionseriouslystare. "What do you think? You hate it don't you?!?" "No we don't hate it. Actually we love it." You're just saying that because you have to because you're my parents. "Sara, we don't lie to you." The seeeeeesssssttttteeeerrrr had headed home, and with gas prices at an all time high, I wasn't getting back out in my car to show her. I'll just Facetime her. 
     "Oh. Wow. I like it." Good. I'm glad. Because it was your suggestion. Five out of five people liking it? Check.  
     I'm sure after investing some time in reading this, you'd like to see a picture of the drastic change. Now mind you, the picture was taken hours after the event, so please excuse my paleness.  

Brunettes Have More Fun. 
                                       "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."       
                                                      -Neale Donald Walsch


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 Things...

That I won't be able to do once I loose my freedom come August 27th.

1) Sleeping until the crack of noon. (Not that I don't, because my body doesn't allow me, but you get the idea.)

2) Have absolutely no guilt lounging around not doing anything.

3) Working random hours at the market.

4) Making breakfast/lunch dates with Mom.

5) Planning my day around Luke Russert's television appearances. ( Me? Pssssshhh. Like I would do that.)

6) Blogging whenever I please.  I guess this would be a good time to go ahead and say that there will be very minimal blogging this Fall. I'm taking a Business writing class and History in the 20th century. Again which will be writing heavy class.

7)  Watching hours of The XXX Olympiad

8) Oooooo. A new celebrity memoir out on Kindle? Sure, I'd love to read it.

9) Having the Chinese Sweat Shop open whenever I please. ( More on that later)

10) NAPPING. Anytime. I. Please.

Summer 2012. It's been real. It's been fun. It's been semi relaxing. Now if you'll do me a favor and get me to Christmas break, that'd be fab.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is...

Ole girl is back from eleven amazing days in paradise. And after those eleven 80° days, I now know the reason they call it vacation. I soaked up every single minute.

I read two books in two days. #Nerdalert. I attempted to read three, but after spending over twenty five minutes on the phone with trying to rent a third book, I failed miserably, and didn't read a day after that fiasco that ended with an email calling me Sylvia. Thanks Albert.

One of the highlights of vacation had to be the Lyle Lovett concert at the local gardens. Lyle seemed like such a great guy, and I'm not exactly sure why he left Julia Roberts.

I got to experience an outdoor version of the PFM with TONS of local farmers, and their produce. Very interesting, but slightly overwhelming.

How is humanly possible to start peeling while you're tanning? Rude.

Before leaving for vacation, I decided to sign up for a 5K. Seriously, I don't know anyone who would run a road race on a vacation. On a Saturday. That's another story, but to prepare for the impulse decision, I obligated myself to a 7 AM Monday morning workout with family relatives. #craycray

After working seven straight days before my extravagant sabbatical, the biggest decision I had to make everyday? What bathing suit to wear. #Notaproblemforme

Thanks to a very patient sister, I was retaught the art of making friendship bracelets.

I arrived to vacation with three pairs of shoes, and one dressy outfit (and other things). I came home with four pairs of shoes, and three dressy outfits. And I must add, very cute dressy outfits.

At one point during vacation, I said "we need to throw an Olympic opening ceremonies party." People kept asking if I had planned anything. Maybe if I just change the subject, people will forget. NOPE. Thank goodness I had the help of the A team party planners who put together the all American meal of meatloaf, potatoes, and broccoli. Dessert? Strawberry, and blueberry shortcake. And by the way, half and half doesn't make whipped cream.

So Sara, did you happen to watch the Opening Ceremonies? No. I was eating my all American meal. Well, that's okay. Did you at least get to see who lit the cauldron? No. But thats fine. @CNN told me TWENTY minutes into the ceremonies. Don't think I wasn't upset. Because I was. Oh, and that creeeeepppppyy baby head that appeared? Weird.

Michael Phelps? Overrated.

Santa in a speedo, and I'm tan.

In other ridiculous news, today we started the month of August. August brings me house-sittings, a few more weeks of freedom, school, and that little thing we like to call FOOOTTTBALLLLL.

If you haven't heard, I'm returning on a second mission to bring Luke home to meet the parents, and I was informed that I actually have to do work while in D.C. Talking to the coordinators of the weekend,  I politely responded, can't I just help plan parties?

The 2012 holiday season is going to be one for the books. That is all.

Eric Dane or more formally known as Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sloane on the hit ABC medical drama Greys Anatomy has announced he is leaving the show after the season premiere. #Lamesauce

I've also hit my 3,000 tweet. Tweet tweet.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

419 Days...

Friday, June 24, 2011
Two graduation parties in one night?! This called for an appearance of my Mod Cloth "Island Block" dress. It could be considered as a summer staple; cute, light weight, strapless, perfect for any occasion. It's one of my favorite sundresses. While packing for my trip down south, I was instructed to pack an  "just in case we do anything fancy"outfit. Why not pack my go to staple? Well it's a good thing, because ladies and gentlemen, my dress is MISSING. And it's not just one of those, "oh I think I know where it is, but I'm too lazy to go get it" placements, this is a case of "now Sara, when you took the dress off, you knew you were going to be looking for it." Three weeks have passed, and it is no where to be found.
     Before  you start asking; I've looked in all my hiding spots, my laundry, my closets, (where it SHOULD BE) drawers, pretty much every where. With the dress being misplaced, it's starting to ruin plans. For example: my Taylor Swift concert outfit. Just imagine; this cute adorable, stunning dress and cowboy boots. This outfit is so not me, but seeing as I will be viewing the country music princess, I thought I might dress up for the occasion. Nope.
     So. To get to my point, I'm asking for a little extra help in sending a good word to St. Anthony, the saint of lost items. I have a couple of events coming up, and this dress would be perfect for the occasions.  My next option? Start calling local dry cleaners.



Where exactly was it? That I will never know. My two parents heroes came across this missing gem while doing some purging of stuff. There was one downfall. Finding a mysterious stain on the bottom part of the dress. After being lost for a year, I wasn't sure if the stain would come out. "If you hand it over to me, I can work on it." -The Stain Remover Queen. A mere three hours after being reunited with the dress, stain GONE. Don't ask how she does it. And did I mention it fits like a CHARM? #Reunitedanditfeelssogood


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When In The Course Of Human Events...

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!! Sara does another post without a week in between. Yea, this will be short, but it's giving you some new reading material.

Thanks to the amazing work of the scheduling gods, I was lucky enough to open with some of my PFM favorites. Before heading to bed Monday night, I had planned in my head that I would take care of the soft table, with the plums, and nectarines, and miscellaneous items. Sadly, that plan was axed, and I helped out with Strawberries. Clearly hear me out that I'm not complaining, but doing strawberries the day before Fourth of July, spells hours upon hours of berry sorting. Fast forward eighteen and half flats of berries later, we received word from the back that many of the completed flats had toppled over forcing us to start fresh. #berrysortingproblems

The Derby city has started a campaign to push heavily for the 2016 Olympic Trials--Swimming edition.   Of course. The ONE Olympics that Michael Phelps retires, we start pushing for the Swimming Trials.

The extended forecast has come out for next week. Tuesdays high? 87°. I couldn't tell you the last time we saw those kinds of temperatures.

One word. Vacation.

The world lost another legendary T.V. icon. Mr. Andy Griffith.

I've been noticing that I haven't been receiving Kentucky Sports Radio blog updates on the Google Reader app on my phone. I'm really just hoping that its KSR's mistake and not my readers problem. I feel empty without it. #technologyproblems

Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Hornets and 2012 NBA First Draft pick has done some damage to his ankle and is supposed to try out for the USA Basketball Team on Thursday. Here's to some fast healing and magic powers.

The biggest surprise this week? Instead of receiving my PEOPLE magazine in the mail Thursday or Friday, it arrived in the mail on TUESDAY. I don't deserve this kind of surprise.

Luke never disappoints. He couldn't have done a better job on Monday's edition of Way Too Early wearing a red white and blue tie while reporting the national news.

And because I'm in a patriotic mood, I'll leave you with this.



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Let It Be...

I try to limit myself to one title once. No repeats. But tonight, I think this title might have to make an exception.

Blogging amidst a much needed Summer rain storm (we haven't seen rain since June 17th) I find myself relaxed more than ever. Yea, with this week being a holiday, I will find myself working 38 hours at the market. Busy days? Yes. Long days? Yes. Hot days? Yes. Fun days? I'll take it.

I mentioned in one of my very recent posts that Mom made the market her homemade Sausage Biscuits and Gravy. They were delish. I thought they would be the hit of the morning. Well they were. Kinda. They went cray cray over the Pillsbury FROZEN biscuits. They thought they were the best things since sliced bread. #littlethingsinlife

I keep repeating the phrase, "Sara, make sure your Kindle is loaded with money or have books ready to go for vacation." I'm already imagining myself sitting with my Kindle, and wearing THE suit soaking up some much needed Vitamin D.

Working the early morning shift at the market Saturday, I found myself hot and sticky earlier than usual. Yes, I complained. But then I had to stop and put myself in 3.5 million peoples shoes. A massive storm from Indiana to the east coast knocked out power to millions. Added in the misery, triple digit temperatures with no relief in sight. A power update came Saturday night saying that the earliest it could be back on is Friday night. A week without power, in this kind of heat? I really can't complain when the market hit a muggy 82° Friday afternoon.

The biggest news of the week besides the heat, and the Olympic Trials was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have filed for divorce. Tom was blind sighted by the filing of the papers. And according to sources, Katie was smart and filed the papers in New York. It gets complicated, but doing this act in NY, gets her lots and lots of his dollars. #smartcookie

Following that semi-unshocking news, came some rather shocking news. The Biebes and Selena Gomez have called it quits. That was a relationship I saw going to the altar, not splitsville.

"Sara, I don't know if it's true, but according to the Entertainment Tonight website, Adele is pregnant." Yea, right. Her career has really taken off this year, and she has all the time in the world to have chillens. And then, I checked her website. Rumor confirmed. And as one of my fellow followers claimed, "I'm pretty sure this baby turned up out of the blue uninvited." #spoton

Erin Andrews of ESPN and College Gameday fame, has left the network for FOX Sports. Traitor. I was never a huge fan of her, but I hope her next gig works out for her.

I recently went out with eleven of my PFM gal pals for Thai food, and needless to say, I'm hooked. Anytime anyone has the craving, let me know. I'm in.

With Sundays being my usual day off, today, I awoke at a ridiculously early nine o'clock and proceeded to lay in bed until the crack of noon. And then, I fell back asleep less than 90 minutes later. #dayoffproblems.

Chatting with some fellow readers, I was asked what Luke Russert was up to. I kid you not, I was able to spit out at least a good four or five things off the top of my head. It's kind of sad how much time I spend on Twitter. DVR alert: He'll be making an appearance on the Monday morning edition of MSNBC's Way Too Early AND Morning Joe. What a way to start off my week. Thank you Matt Lauer for being on vacation.

Every time I see an ad for The Olympics, I squeal a little. I'm that excited.

And now the story I've been saving for last. Because it's that good. This past weekend was the Quaker 400 NASCAR race or more commonly known as Redneck Country, and of course, with Dad being a Dale Jr. enthusiast, a family friend offered him a ticket and attended the race. If you knew the story of last summers traffic horror, this years race was a smooth one until the ride home. Dad was riding home in the passengers seat, and with traffic being a nightmare on the way home, he saw one of his groups car trying to get in, and got out of the car to allow them to get in their lane. While opening the door to get out, his cell phone was on his lap, and must have fallen out of his lap, leaving him phone-less among 107,000 people. I was half asleep, but I remember him tromping up the stairs at 1:18 AM saying, "I lost my phone. It was fun up until then." With Apple having nearly an app for everything, there is an app that will find your phone. Using his resources, Dad punched in find my phone on Mom's phone, and nothing came up. Mom gets up Sunday morning, types it in, BOOM. FOUND. Exactly where Dad thought he had dropped it. After sleeping less than six hours, Dad got up Sunday morning, drove back up to the race site, which is a good forty five minute drive from the house, took Mom's phone to find his phone, and laying glass side down in the ever so trustful Otter Box, Dad found his phone a little run over and out of charge. The Otter Box has been run over, multiple times and no longer functional. The phone? Looks brand spanking new out of the box. So my point? Really there is none, but I'm using personal testimony for the Find My Phone app and The Otterbox. #thankyouSteveJobs.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Heat Is On...

What's been going on in my life you ask? I can't explain in words, so I'll explain in the next best thing. Pictures.

This has and will be the biggest local headline all week Summer.

Excuse Me? 

Oh, and then I came across this while reading laughing over the morning paper. 

Missing This By A DAY? #Winning 

This has been widely talked about for months, and finally the nightmare has come. I really appreciate them waiting until I was finished with Summer school. As we see it on the news every night, I say to myself, I'm so glad I'm not in that, because I would have daily meltdowns. And no, I'm not kidding either. I hate bridges, traffic, the stop and go traffic, and construction all together. 

For those of you who actually care about the 2012 NBA Draft, the University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team made NBA Draft History. 


Sara, hows the PFM life? How does Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday sound? One word: HOT. The reward? Mom's homemade sausage biscuits and gravy Saturday morning.  #Yesssssssssirrrrrrr 

After coming home from a long, hot, semi-busy day at the market, I receive a much needed phone call telling me to mark September 13th in my calendar. Why's that? One word. 

 For Good. 

Ten months later, Christmas 2011 will finally come to a close when I will be seeing this fabulous play for the third time. This is one that will never get old. And yes, as a matter of fact, I still jump up and down in my seat because I get so excited.

T- 6 Days until another rousing round of the annual fourth of July family celebration. #deviledeggsfordaaaayyyysssss. 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

From One To America...

How free am I? I'm America.

After arriving home from my final, I didn't know what to do with myself my free time. I hadn't gotten to experience freedom since May 8th, and I forgot what it was like.  On the first afternoon of Freedom, I didn't know how to act.  What was I to do? 

It's only appropriate that I commence Summer 2012 with a celebratory lunch of peanut butter and goldfish followed by an afternoon of napping and rewinding back to the second season of Grey's Anatomy. Wait. Hadn't I just come home from being tested on 7 weeks of material? And that's what I decided to do? #Lamesauce. I sure do lead an exciting life. 

On my first FULL day of experiencing Summer, I had a date until 2:00 at the fruit market, where I would finally get back into the swing of things, and then only to be greeted with the Breakfast angel bringing us doughnut holes. Oh yea, and then another sweet angel customer bringing us homemade apple cake. And you think we work at a fruit market. #sweetsfordayyyyysssss. 

And then of course, who can forget the books I have been waiting weeks to read??! In case you are wondering what I like to read in my free time, I enjoy the autobiographies/memoirs. And no, not of past Presidents or First Ladies. Give me my Kindle, a copy of a really cheesy memoir, (my favorite? Ali Wentworth's Ali In Wonderland) and I am set for the afternoon. 

Up next:
Lots, And Lots, And Lots Of THIS.

In other worthless news: Lilo Update: New details are coming out about Lindsay's crash. According to her work (Lifetime Movie) contract, under no circumstances was she to be driving. Maybe we really should read the fine print. And, after all that? Caught speeding. Oops. 

I experienced my first full Twitter shutdown. Yes. Twitter was down for more than an hour. And then after breathing a sigh of relief, it promptly shut it's self down again. According to @CNNMoney, this has been the longest Twitter shutdown since October 2011. Get it together people. Get it together. 

And finally, today is The Arm Candy I will never have 30th's birthday... Maybe next year? 



Total Babe. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

But If You Never Try You'll Never Know...

I had intended to publish this post Monday Tuesday night, but I was busy. Just a lil bit. With what? I was busy becoming the next Meredith Grey and filling out my 20 page cumulative study guide for my final. 
     The last time I did this sort of posting, it was the night that I printed out my final copy of that IthoughtitdeservedanAbutapparentlymyprofessorfeltdifferentlyabout it Internet Dating research paper. So let me take you through Anatomy 215 by the numbers.

412- Number of questions for my final review. When I first pulled it up, I looked at it and laughed. Then I went searching for the real review. Couldn't find it. This was it.

350- Pages I have been allotted by the university to print. For free. Anything over that? 10 cents each.

242-Pages that I printed. Yes PRINTED. With words and or pictures on them. In a span of SEVEN weeks.

232- Question number on the miserable study guide that finally made me reach my breaking point. 

215- Anatomy 215.

190- Questions that I had to answer on my final(s). Allow me to explain. 40 question lab, 50 questions over material that I learned on last week and Monday, and then, oh yeah. The unmentioned 100 question final.

100- Note cards that I made.They were a good idea at first, and then well. About that.

97- Printer pages that went unused.

90- Minutes my professor expected us to answer 50 lab questions, around 100 test questions, and 10 questions out of my lab book. And that's just on a regular test day. That would be more than plenty of time.... if you started the test ON TIME.

50 Degrees- The average temperature in my classrooms. It's pretty sad that I had to get dressed like I was going ice fishing with the Eskimos when the high for the day is going to be 90 some odd degrees. And no I'm not exaggerating on this one. I have witnesses. 

28-Study guides I printed and filled out. Successfully if I might add. Toot toot.

27- Chapters of my textbook that I read glanced over.

21- The day that the nightmare called bridge repairs will begin. And according to my schedule, I believe my last day is the 20th. #winning

12- Peers in my class that courageously fought this battle with me.

11:20- The time that my test was scheduled to be over. But if you recall the number 200, there was no way that I was walking out of the building before then.

10-  Glorious weeks I have left to soak up Summer 2012. After what I've put myself through it better be good to me. If not, it might get ugly, ugly, ugly.

9 AM- The time that class was supposed to start. Test days? Don't even get me started.

8 AM- The time I would leave mi casa to make it to class on time, and figure in this so called "morning rush hour traffic".

7- LOOOONNNNGGGGG weeks that I fought the good fight with Anatomy 215.

6- Tests that I had to take. Six test in seven weeks. Um, that should be illegal. And if you're some sort of Math genius that I will never be, I'm sure you already figured out that one week I had a test Monday and a test Wednesday.

5-  Number of phalanges that are on your hand. And as the ever so wise Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan  quoted on the emotional series finale of F-R-I-E-N-D-S, "Rachel, you have to get off the plane. There's something wrong with the left phalange."

4:30- The time that it said on my schedule that I would be released from class hell, but my professor thought differently. Sure, I'll be happy to get out fifteen minutes early.

3- The amount of "parts" that I had to disect. I won't gross you out. This class should have come with a warning. On so many different levels.

2- Amazing parents who supported me in this idiotic decision. They were there to listen to my ridiculous babbling about how much I hated this class and how stupid I was to sign up for it. And on good days, I actually came home and taught them something. FYI: The human brain weighs three pounds.

1- Insanely relieved, happy, joyus, I don't know what I'm going to do with all my spare time, actually, there really are no words to describe how giddy I am girl who can actually enjoy her Summer. While it was a Summer of learning new material, it was also a Summer of learning new things about me. Learning the fact that attempting to take Human Anatomy in seven weeks is a joke. I don't know why there isn't a warning label that comes with this class that says, if you have a life, (unlike me) either drop your social life, or drop the class. Because you will loose friends, sleep, and your sanity.


Monday, June 11, 2012


Fancy meeting you here. I'm sure you're shocked and surprised that I'm writing on a Monday night. Maybe it's because I have a test Wednesday morning over two chapters that after coming home from an all day class including a test on the brain I have to start studying for new material? Yea, I'll go with that answer.

Lilo either needs to go hide in a cave, or tell the truth. Coming off a glowing probation period at the end of March, she has landed her self in the hospital and in a boatload of trouble. Here's the 411. After a "long day on set" on the Elizabeth Taylor movie, Lilo decided to take a cruise on the Pacific Coast Highway, and somewhere along that "cruise" she bumped into a semi truck totaling her car.Why don't you ask what kind of car she was driving? Okay Sara, what kind of car was she driving? A Black Porsche. Did I mention it was a RENTAL?!? Last time I checked I didn't see a black porsche in Hertz's inventory. Lilo goes on to mention that the wreck was not her fault, it was her brakes fault. The brakes failed. Whatever. Just stop lying to the police and move on.

While watching the national news, they reported that Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife left their own CHILD at a pub. I mean really? How do you forget a child? Their reasoning? They left in separate cars and thought that they each had little Nancy. Uh, huh. Suuurrrreee ya did.

"Are you gonna be able to get home in time and see the race?" (Referring to The Belmont)  "What race?!" True story.

America's Got Talent has found what I believe to be the next Susan Boyle. He is a 19 year old boy who all his life was "bullied". When he auditioned, he came to the stage in all black clothing, with black hair, and blue holographic contacts. What you don't realize is that he is an amazing opera singer. Followig the standing ovation performance, germaphobe judge Howie Mandel asks, "is this the biggest audience you've ever sang to?" The singer's response? "I've never sang in front of anyone." People in the audience were crying, but since "I don't have a heart" :) I didn't cry. I think the point I'm trying to get to here is that, don't judge on first impressions.

C-SPAN is in town doing a documentary on the Derby city and history. I'll let you know when it airs. #Nerdalert

While on a stop in New Zealand on her Born This Way tour, Lady Gaga was hit with a pole, and suffered a mild concussion. The kicker? She finished out the show.

I've never been a fan of Katy Perry, but after seeing her trailer for her movie Part of Me I kind of want to see it. I'd like to see how she got her start, and dealing with her public break up with now ex-husband, comedian Russell Brand.

PEOPLE magazine has announced that they will have the exclusive wedding pictures of the Mcconaughey wedding Wednesday morning at 8:00. I'm really hoping that it's 8:00 New York time, and not 8:00 Los Angeles time. I can't concentrate on my test knowing that millions of other people have looked at it before me.

Joker and I are pleased to announce that we have a new passenger on the special bus. Please give a warm welcome to our furry friend Tucker. ( I kid I kid). About a year ago, we started noticing that Tucker would occasionally bump into the wall. We laughed it off. It's now getting to the point that it's gotten kind of sad, and we have to help direct him to his crate. #nevergrowingup

My hair is ridiculously long.

Shout out to Good Morning America's Robin Robert's who's about to fight another medical battle of blood disease that affects blood and bone marrow. She and her team of doctors have total faith in this battle that she will win because she is fit, young, and her older sister is almost an identical match in bone marrow and will be donating to her. #keepthefaith

While announcing this heartbreaking news, I found a new boyfriend. News reader Josh Elliot. (Relax Luke. You're still number one in my heart.) Sitting to Robin's left, he sat there holding her hand looking like a supportive morning TV husband. Also noticeable? The Velcroed box of tissues on the couch. Clever.

Major props to myself for not googling to find out who Emily picked on The Bachelorette.

When it was announced that former Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel would be having her own daytime talk show, I got kind of excited. I watched her spinoff, and I purchased her products. As soon as the air date was announced, I went to go set the DVR. Slight problem. She didn't sell it to our local FOX affiliate. Bah humbug.

Apparently it's a slow sports news month, because the first odds to win the 2013 NCAA title have come out, and in the top three, Vegas has IU winning 7/1 UL 8/1 and the reigning national champs C8TS are 10/1.  I want basketball season.

During the slow sports month, two bloggers I follow, along with our Mayor, and a local meteorologist are jumping out of a plane 13,500 feet in the air Tuesday morning in Fort Knox. I'm all for the two bloggers and meteorologist jumping, but we need our Mayor.

I'll say it again. I need some Olympics in my life. Women's Gymnastics were on Sunday afternoon. And it was a tease.

Starting tomorrow, I have a ridiculously busy week. At least I think so.

Katy Perry couldn't have summed it up any better; "Thank you for believing in my weirdness." 


Friday, June 8, 2012

Strawberry Confidential...

As I sit here compiling my thoughts on joining the movement, I guess I'll blog about some of the ridiculous happenings/thoughts in my so called life.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time since March 27th, 2005 and a hundred and something episodes, I actually understood the entire episode of Grey's. You don't understand how excited I am to to be able to say that. What episode you ask? Season 6, Give Peace A Chance. I won't bore you with details of the episode, but because I am getting ready to be tested on the brain/spinal cord, it's only appropriate that I watch the episode in which Patrick Dempsey narrates the episode. So maybe watching Grey's every night has finally paid off.

F-R-I-E-N-D-S marathon every night this week? What a perfect week for it to happen.

After experiencing below normal temperatures in June, I decided to take advantage of it, and sit out for a couple of hours. It's 80° with a slight breeze. I won't get that burned. WRONG. Tonight is the first night (Friday) since Sunday that I haven't been itching. Oh, and did I mention that I'm already peeling? That's not supposed to happen until the end of July.

I came across my first walnut of the season.

In case you live in a cave, theres a chance that I could finally see a Triple Crown winner this weekend at Belmont. The last horse to win, which happened to be Secretariat, won in 1974, and that was well before my time. BREAKING NEWS: After coming down with a case of tendionitis, the legendary horse has been pulled from the race, and will head back to his home of Cal-if-orn-ia Monday morning where he will live a happily retired life. I wish I could retire at the age of three.

The Queens Jubilee? Nothing short of booorrrrriiinnnggg. I mean I did enjoy the occasional glimpse of William and Catherine. But come on, lets just get to the real deal; the OLYMPICS.

ESPN announced that Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Bubba Watson will be on a team for next weekends U.S. Open. I'll be watching for Bubba.

Miley Cyrus is engaged to long time boyfriend Liam Hensworth. Next.

Looking for new music? YouTube Sundy Best. Yes, you read that correctly, Sundy Best. That's not a typo. Sundy. Best. Trust me. You won't be disappointed.

Am I missing something about the phenomenon show of Downton Abbey? Apparently I am.

Matthew McConaughey is getting married to his Lady Camilla Alves this weekend. I will never stop loving him. If we share the same birthdays I think we are meant to be together. Camilla, you're gorgeous and everything, but I loved him first.

Having my boss call me? TWICE? On my cell phone? At home? After working all day? I can check that off my PFM bucket list.

Good ole Lilo totaled her Porshe, landed her self in the hospital, and got cut from the highly profiled Gotti movie. #Notyourbestweekever. #Ouch.

The local weather for Monday is calling for all day downpours. Hey big guy upstairs, please, I beg of you, can you hold off for at least a half an hour while I travel to school? I don't mind driving in light to steady rain, but this coming week is one week it can't rain. I have a test on the brain first thing Monday morning, and on top of test anxiety, a downpour of rain would not make me a happy camper. #Pleaseandthankyou

ESPN is reporting that there is a strong (notice the emphasis on the word strong) chance that the UL basketball team could be the number ONE team heading into the season. #L1C4

I am now the proud owner of a unicorn charm. Yea, you read that right. A unicorn charm.

Please note, I am trying harder to blog more often. I know I have not met your daily fix, but if you know my current schedule, I think you would understand.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And They Say She's So Lucky...

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment has come (again) for me to announce that I have made it to the HALFWAY point of Summer school. It was Memorial day weekend 2011 that I had no choice but to quit my god awful writing class. Surprisingly, no one has yet to drop out, and honestly, I'm not seeing anyone in the near future that will because after Wednesday's class I will only have SEVEN classes until I am free for the summer. #winning.

In other ridiculous Sara news, it seems as if my luck has slowly started to turn around. After a loooonnnggg miserable 7 day heat wave, there is relief in the future. I'm not one who complains when they don't feel well, but due to long eight and nine hour busy days at my second home, I would arrive at 6:55 AM, leave at 3:00 P.M. and come home and take a solid 90 minute sometimes two hour nap. At one point Mom and Dad became concerned that I might have mono. Nope. More like heat exhaustion. Oh, and then add in the leave my house at 8:00 AM, have class all day, work through lunch, and arrive home at 5:30 days in between. I'm also clearly aware that I decided to do this to myself, but it's not my fault when mother nature thinks it's okay to give us sweltering days in the 90's.

Phillip Phillips won the eleventh season of American Idol, and going into Tuesdays night performance, I thought that he was better off coming in second place, because there would be no way that Jessica Sanchez could survive without it. Fast forward to each contestant singing their possible first single. Ummmm... dear Phillip. I love you. That is all. His rendition of Home, (no not that sappy Michael Buble song) is absolutely wonderful, and Randy Jackson even compared him to one of my favorite indie bands, Mumford and Sons.

Following the first night of the Idol finale, the season finale of gLee premiered. I had waited weeks for this, and had heard from Twitter that I would be needing Kleenexes. So WRONG. First off, Matthew Morrison butchered the Rod Stewart classic and my favorite song Forever Young. As I have said before, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. For those gLee fans who actually read this, I won't spoil the ending in case you haven't seen it. But really?!? I don't think I'll be purchasing Season 3 on DVD. That's how disappointed I am.

Less than 100 days until FOOTBALL!! I've never been a fan of baseball. Except for the All Star game, (July 10th) and that means we're halfway through Summer. And that much closer to Fall.

I guess the biggest news is that after four looooonnnggggggggggg scary drives to and from school dodging trucks, CHIP HAS A..... HORN!!! And a cute horn I might add. Words cannot express my excitement for this new addition to him.

There will be a post explaining what I am about to tell you later on, but a month after ordering a new pair of special running shorts, they arrived at my doorstep, and with two extra surprises. :)

After a mild winter, THE bathing suit, made it's seasonal debut. Still fits like a charm, and still madly in love with it.

Summer school needs to hurry up and be over with. I have books waiting to be read.

To celebrate the Queens 60th year on the throne, Katie Couric has sat down with the Royal Family Prince William, Catherine, and Harry for an exclusive interview. And no, I didn't add Prince Williams favorite picture of him and his grandmother to my iPhoto library. Me? No, I would never do that.

Haven't had to close at work in three weeks. #seniority

It's that time of year again... The Scripps National Spelling Bee. Sadly, I have obligations Thursday morning in which I will not be able to view the Second and Third rounds, but good thing for DVR. And for all my fellow nerds out there, the finals are Thursday night. #nerdalert.

Looks like I'll be making a return trip back to America's Political Playground in October. #bringLukeRusserthomeroundtwo.