Thursday, July 5, 2012

419 Days...

Friday, June 24, 2011
Two graduation parties in one night?! This called for an appearance of my Mod Cloth "Island Block" dress. It could be considered as a summer staple; cute, light weight, strapless, perfect for any occasion. It's one of my favorite sundresses. While packing for my trip down south, I was instructed to pack an  "just in case we do anything fancy"outfit. Why not pack my go to staple? Well it's a good thing, because ladies and gentlemen, my dress is MISSING. And it's not just one of those, "oh I think I know where it is, but I'm too lazy to go get it" placements, this is a case of "now Sara, when you took the dress off, you knew you were going to be looking for it." Three weeks have passed, and it is no where to be found.
     Before  you start asking; I've looked in all my hiding spots, my laundry, my closets, (where it SHOULD BE) drawers, pretty much every where. With the dress being misplaced, it's starting to ruin plans. For example: my Taylor Swift concert outfit. Just imagine; this cute adorable, stunning dress and cowboy boots. This outfit is so not me, but seeing as I will be viewing the country music princess, I thought I might dress up for the occasion. Nope.
     So. To get to my point, I'm asking for a little extra help in sending a good word to St. Anthony, the saint of lost items. I have a couple of events coming up, and this dress would be perfect for the occasions.  My next option? Start calling local dry cleaners.



Where exactly was it? That I will never know. My two parents heroes came across this missing gem while doing some purging of stuff. There was one downfall. Finding a mysterious stain on the bottom part of the dress. After being lost for a year, I wasn't sure if the stain would come out. "If you hand it over to me, I can work on it." -The Stain Remover Queen. A mere three hours after being reunited with the dress, stain GONE. Don't ask how she does it. And did I mention it fits like a CHARM? #Reunitedanditfeelssogood


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When In The Course Of Human Events...

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!! Sara does another post without a week in between. Yea, this will be short, but it's giving you some new reading material.

Thanks to the amazing work of the scheduling gods, I was lucky enough to open with some of my PFM favorites. Before heading to bed Monday night, I had planned in my head that I would take care of the soft table, with the plums, and nectarines, and miscellaneous items. Sadly, that plan was axed, and I helped out with Strawberries. Clearly hear me out that I'm not complaining, but doing strawberries the day before Fourth of July, spells hours upon hours of berry sorting. Fast forward eighteen and half flats of berries later, we received word from the back that many of the completed flats had toppled over forcing us to start fresh. #berrysortingproblems

The Derby city has started a campaign to push heavily for the 2016 Olympic Trials--Swimming edition.   Of course. The ONE Olympics that Michael Phelps retires, we start pushing for the Swimming Trials.

The extended forecast has come out for next week. Tuesdays high? 87°. I couldn't tell you the last time we saw those kinds of temperatures.

One word. Vacation.

The world lost another legendary T.V. icon. Mr. Andy Griffith.

I've been noticing that I haven't been receiving Kentucky Sports Radio blog updates on the Google Reader app on my phone. I'm really just hoping that its KSR's mistake and not my readers problem. I feel empty without it. #technologyproblems

Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Hornets and 2012 NBA First Draft pick has done some damage to his ankle and is supposed to try out for the USA Basketball Team on Thursday. Here's to some fast healing and magic powers.

The biggest surprise this week? Instead of receiving my PEOPLE magazine in the mail Thursday or Friday, it arrived in the mail on TUESDAY. I don't deserve this kind of surprise.

Luke never disappoints. He couldn't have done a better job on Monday's edition of Way Too Early wearing a red white and blue tie while reporting the national news.

And because I'm in a patriotic mood, I'll leave you with this.



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Let It Be...

I try to limit myself to one title once. No repeats. But tonight, I think this title might have to make an exception.

Blogging amidst a much needed Summer rain storm (we haven't seen rain since June 17th) I find myself relaxed more than ever. Yea, with this week being a holiday, I will find myself working 38 hours at the market. Busy days? Yes. Long days? Yes. Hot days? Yes. Fun days? I'll take it.

I mentioned in one of my very recent posts that Mom made the market her homemade Sausage Biscuits and Gravy. They were delish. I thought they would be the hit of the morning. Well they were. Kinda. They went cray cray over the Pillsbury FROZEN biscuits. They thought they were the best things since sliced bread. #littlethingsinlife

I keep repeating the phrase, "Sara, make sure your Kindle is loaded with money or have books ready to go for vacation." I'm already imagining myself sitting with my Kindle, and wearing THE suit soaking up some much needed Vitamin D.

Working the early morning shift at the market Saturday, I found myself hot and sticky earlier than usual. Yes, I complained. But then I had to stop and put myself in 3.5 million peoples shoes. A massive storm from Indiana to the east coast knocked out power to millions. Added in the misery, triple digit temperatures with no relief in sight. A power update came Saturday night saying that the earliest it could be back on is Friday night. A week without power, in this kind of heat? I really can't complain when the market hit a muggy 82° Friday afternoon.

The biggest news of the week besides the heat, and the Olympic Trials was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have filed for divorce. Tom was blind sighted by the filing of the papers. And according to sources, Katie was smart and filed the papers in New York. It gets complicated, but doing this act in NY, gets her lots and lots of his dollars. #smartcookie

Following that semi-unshocking news, came some rather shocking news. The Biebes and Selena Gomez have called it quits. That was a relationship I saw going to the altar, not splitsville.

"Sara, I don't know if it's true, but according to the Entertainment Tonight website, Adele is pregnant." Yea, right. Her career has really taken off this year, and she has all the time in the world to have chillens. And then, I checked her website. Rumor confirmed. And as one of my fellow followers claimed, "I'm pretty sure this baby turned up out of the blue uninvited." #spoton

Erin Andrews of ESPN and College Gameday fame, has left the network for FOX Sports. Traitor. I was never a huge fan of her, but I hope her next gig works out for her.

I recently went out with eleven of my PFM gal pals for Thai food, and needless to say, I'm hooked. Anytime anyone has the craving, let me know. I'm in.

With Sundays being my usual day off, today, I awoke at a ridiculously early nine o'clock and proceeded to lay in bed until the crack of noon. And then, I fell back asleep less than 90 minutes later. #dayoffproblems.

Chatting with some fellow readers, I was asked what Luke Russert was up to. I kid you not, I was able to spit out at least a good four or five things off the top of my head. It's kind of sad how much time I spend on Twitter. DVR alert: He'll be making an appearance on the Monday morning edition of MSNBC's Way Too Early AND Morning Joe. What a way to start off my week. Thank you Matt Lauer for being on vacation.

Every time I see an ad for The Olympics, I squeal a little. I'm that excited.

And now the story I've been saving for last. Because it's that good. This past weekend was the Quaker 400 NASCAR race or more commonly known as Redneck Country, and of course, with Dad being a Dale Jr. enthusiast, a family friend offered him a ticket and attended the race. If you knew the story of last summers traffic horror, this years race was a smooth one until the ride home. Dad was riding home in the passengers seat, and with traffic being a nightmare on the way home, he saw one of his groups car trying to get in, and got out of the car to allow them to get in their lane. While opening the door to get out, his cell phone was on his lap, and must have fallen out of his lap, leaving him phone-less among 107,000 people. I was half asleep, but I remember him tromping up the stairs at 1:18 AM saying, "I lost my phone. It was fun up until then." With Apple having nearly an app for everything, there is an app that will find your phone. Using his resources, Dad punched in find my phone on Mom's phone, and nothing came up. Mom gets up Sunday morning, types it in, BOOM. FOUND. Exactly where Dad thought he had dropped it. After sleeping less than six hours, Dad got up Sunday morning, drove back up to the race site, which is a good forty five minute drive from the house, took Mom's phone to find his phone, and laying glass side down in the ever so trustful Otter Box, Dad found his phone a little run over and out of charge. The Otter Box has been run over, multiple times and no longer functional. The phone? Looks brand spanking new out of the box. So my point? Really there is none, but I'm using personal testimony for the Find My Phone app and The Otterbox. #thankyouSteveJobs.