Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Go Back...

While working procrastinating on the research of my internet dating paper, I was perusing one of my many daily blogs I check, and while going back into their archives, I stumbled across a video that was posted asking 50 people in Chicago to recall their their all time favorite memory. I watched, and I thought about mine. I can't name just one, so I'm naming my top 10. And I'm not starting with 1. So in no particular order, here they are: Drumroll please...

30) Winter/Spring 2009
31) Running the 2011 Mini Marathon
32) Surprise birthday trip to Chicago
33) Nuptials of the year
34) Stock the Bar 2009
35) Christmas Cruise
36) Too many to count Summers in Michigan
37) Surprising Dad For Fathers Day
38) Hearing Forever Young one last time
39) April 27, 2006
40) Taylor Swift concert- I know it hasn't happened yet, but let's face it. It will be one of my top  favorites.

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose." - The Wonder Years. 


Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday: 1 Sara: 0...

We know how we feel about Mondays.  And today, it was one of those Mondays.

*It was a good thing I napped Sunday afternoon, because after learning that I would be serving the 7-3 shift at Shenanigan's Monday morning, I promptly went to bed at midnight. I fell asleep at 12:15, which is a miracle these days. Then right on queue at 1:30, mother nature welcomed the week with one big loud bang of thunder that was then accompanied with two to four inches of rain. So yes, I worked eight and a half hours on three hours of sleep. #loosing. 

* UL beat bye week. 

* In case you're wondering, I successfully completed the Outrunning Autism 5K this past weekend. In the rain if I might add. The last time I did a 5K it took me 120 minutes. (It's a sensitive subject. I'd rather not talk about it...) This time around? 35:55. Yes, that is semi good since I haven't run since August. Next up: Susan G. Komen 

* NERD ALERT: Apple has scheduled a very anticipated press conference that will take place at their home campus in California. We all know what that means... Sara's phone can now start taking the plunge into the cell phone hall of fame. 

* I experienced Panera not once, not twice but three times last week. I may or may not have an addiction. 

* The long awaited season premiere of Grey's Anatomy was, eh. I'm hoping that I was just super distracted and not in the right frame of mind, but it was not up to my standards. Good thing I have it on DVR.  

*Massive cravings for holiday dinners. 


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Follow Your Bliss...

Thank you Gloria Vanderbilt. That's exactly what I plan on doing. And because of that wonderful quote of yours that you tell to your handsome and I mean handsome son, Anderson Cooper I'm dedicating this blog to you. Odd. I know, but look whos' blog you're reading.
      When I found out that the Silver Fox would be having his own talk show, I got a little giddy. Just a lil bit. But then again, I got a little nervous. Who would have thought that a man who started his career by printing fake press passes to gain access to War Zones and then make his way to the big wigs at CNN have a daytime talk show? I've seen him occasionally fill in for Regis, but I wasn't sure that he could hold his own for a whole hour. When he filled in for Regis, if he ever had those way too awk for T.V. moments, Kelly could quickly back him up. But on a wonderful glorious September 12th morning, he proved everyone that he can in fact hold his own. Most people think of Anderson Cooper as the one night he's in New York doing AC360, while the next night he could be hiding out in some apartment in the middle of Egypt reporter. On his series premiere, he interviewed the parents of the late musician Amy Winehouse. While he went out on a limb as his first guests, he did a wonderful job getting the facts, while being very conscious of the questions he asked, while the show was taped just weeks after Amy's passing. Going from a serious show, the next day he went to a show filled with comedian Kathy Griffin and SNOOKI. Yes, I said Snooki. Snooki takes Anderson to get a spray tan, while Kathy spends the weekend at his Summer lake house. Maybe I'm just blogging about how much I love Anderson Cooper, but here comes the real reason I love him.
     Late last week he tweeted that his mother Gloria Vanderbilt would be on the show. And of course, look who had to be at Shenanigan's at 9 AM? I don't know what I would do without DVR. If there's one thing that you should know about Anderson, it's that he is a very private person. He rarely talks about his personal life. But if you read his memoir Dispatches From The Edge, only the real Silver Fox fans would know that when he was just 10 years old, his 50 year old father suddenly passed away from a heart attack that would leave Anderson, his older brother Carter, and mother Gloria behind. Then in 1988, when Anderson was 21 his brother Carter suddenly died. While his mother was on the show talking about her life, and raising Anderson, there was a brief segment on the passing of his father and brother, and while I said Anderson is a very private person, it was that moment that he got choked up. He would try to go on, but while talking about his father and brother with Gloria, he had to take a few moments to compose himself before he could go on. That's where my heart melted. Just seeing those raw tears come out from a man who is so private, made my heart skip a beat, and seeing that emotion made me want to go give him a hug. Later on in the show, the producers surprised Anderson with a tape of Gloria, (yes, we're on a first name basis) talking about how proud she was of him, and wishing him nothing but the best. Queue the sappy but really Mom that was so sweet of you to tape that tears.
      I intended on keeping this post dedicated to Anderson, well... things change.
     My life is now fifty percent complete. Tuesday night was the season three premiere of gLee, and I must say, while the song choices were not my cup of tea, having Blaine Anderson transfer from Dalton Academy to William McKinley High School will no doubt be the best decision Ryan Murphy will make all season. And the way he had Blaine introduce himself to New Directions by singing Tom Jones It's Not Unusual in the school courtyard was a jackpot of an idea.
     Where's the other fifty percent Sara? It's coming. In a mere forty eight hours. As Thursday is my designated day off from Shenanigans, I have plans of coming home from school, attempt to do some research for my paper, see what the in-house resident chef has cooked up for dinner, and then do nothing until 9:00 when I will be reunited with my number one T.V. obsession. I have been waiting for this since May 27th. According to the commercials for the season premiere, it has Meredith Grey being fired from Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. I'm choosing not to believe that, because being the genius writer she is, Shonda Rimes knows way better than to do something like that. As long as I'm on the subject of her, she also tweeted that she has written and filmed an all boys episode. McDreamy. McSteamy. Avery. All in one episode? One word. Beautiful.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Need A Blog. Stat...

And so my friends, your wish has been granted. I've noticed that my form of blogging has changed from one (semi) clear idea, to a bunch of Sara's random thoughts. And while I do have some stories up my sleeve, the thoughts have not come to mind, and so, as I sit on the cold, hard floor of my pitch black dark bathroom, while the sound of raindrops, and my Celine Dion Holiday Pandora station plays in the background, it's time for another rousing round of Sara's rambles: Governor's Cup Edition.

*After a miserable four years, this gem has finally made it into the appropriate hands. Our annual in state rivalry football game was this weekend, and after weeks of speculation for both teams, UL's true Freshman second string quarterback was the hero of the game after our starting QB was injured in the second quarter of the game and did not return until the last seconds of the game to take a knee to win the game. 

*Speaking of sports, it seems as if I have found a replacement for the pants. Yes. THE pants. While I know that the pants will never be able to be replaced, my UL sweatshirt have taken over the responsibilities. And did I proudly sport my sweatshirt at Shenanigan's? Heck yes I did. 

* I forgot just how wonderful HOMEMADE Chocolate chip cookies taste. I mean, Nestle TollHouse makes a mean cookie, but there is nothing better than homemade. 

* Paula Abdul is short  Fun sized. 

* It is looking like more and more that the bridge that was shut down two weeks ago, may never be re-opened. Just. My. Luck. 

* The Oreo cabinet will be mine. :) 

* When I said Spring and Fall hate me, I forgot to mention that pollen hates me too. Yea, I'm one of those kids.

* Outrunning Autism 5K is next weekend. I've got to get back on the training wagon. 

* FINALLY!! The week of TV premieres have finally arrived. I'll just go ahead and forewarn you now. Please do not call me between the hours of 8-9 Tuesday night, or the hours of 9:00-11:00 Thursday night. 

"Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carmageddon? I Meant Shermageddon...

I'm sure many of you have wondered why my well how was your first week of school and just how many days until Christmas Break post has not been posted. I've been a little busy. I finally have my thoughts together, so go ahead, and get a good giggle out of this one...
   After returning home from a long day at Shenanigans, I began to see my Facebook news feed blow up with nothing but complaints of the bridge that connects Indiana to Kentucky being shut down immediately due to not one, not two, but THREE major cracks in the structural support. The bridge that is now shut down until further (up to six months) notice, use to see up to 80,000 cars a day. Well guess what? There's only one other bridge that would work. That's the bridge I take to higher education. So yes, those 80,000 other cars get to travel on my bridge. Nightmares for days. Oh wait. It's a good thing I have class at 8:00.11:00 AM.
     As long as we're on the subject of driving, let me take a minute to explain how much I still despise the whole parking situation. While I did the research of how many parking spots there are on campus last Fall, everyday it shows more and more that we need more parking. It's gotten so bad, when I find someone even thinking about walking to their car, I follow them until they pull out.
     If you don't already know, I'm taking Biology and the Human world, and Rhetorical Skills for Writing and Speaking. Two totally different ends of the spectrum in so many different ways.
      My Biology class is like watching paint dry. There is only one lecture hall on the entire campus. When I toured the campus, I was told that the classroom is mainly used for Psychology classes. I wasn't a psychology major, so I didn't really pay any attention. Apparently they forgot to tell us that sometimes a Biology class meets there too. A professor who whispers and  has the voice like Charlie Brown's teacher in a room that seats 100 people, but my class only has 40? Looks like there's plenty of front row seats for me. Also, I must ask? Who asks their class if they've ever been HUMMINGBIRD WATCHING? Get. Real.
      My Rhetorical Skills professor on the other hand can be described as; what. a. doll. When I arrived for my first day of classes, my professor came up to each one of us, and personally introduced himself. Did I mention he wears a coat and tie every day to class? And every time I see him in the halls, he says "Hi Sara." I can't remember any of my other professors who does that. And as for the internet dating paper? At least I have some of the research completed.
     When I mentioned in "Apple Cider and Elevator Love Letters"  that Fall hates me, it really does. The weather can not make up it's mind. One day it can be 90 degrees, and no I'm not kidding, while today, I went to school in jeans, my UofL hoodie, and flip flops. Next weeks forecast? High in the mid 80's. Isn't the first day of Fall next week? I'm not sure how much more my sinuses can handle.
     While I was participating in my massive room cleaning, I happened to come across find an entire bucket of flip flops. Even better? All different types and color flip flops. Well, with the new discovery of all these flip flops, I decided to change (shocker) up the wardrobe, and go with my solid black Reef flip flops. We'll just say my feet are not a fan of Reefs since the discovery of my beloved Rainbo's.
     In other news; T-5 days till gLee, and exactly ONE WEEK from tonight, I'll be preparing myself for an epic night of Meredith, McDreamy and McSteamy.
     If you're needing a little pick me up, YouTube "Silhoutettes Final 4 Americas Got Talent." It's worth every minute of your time.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You...

I know that I mentioned my story in "Oh Cesare" when I figured out something wasn't right with the world this day ten years ago. But with it being the official 10 year anniversary of that September day, I thought I would give a small insight on to what really went on in my little 7th grade noggin.
     I remember what classroom I was in when I "happened" to peek my head out the door and saw faculty members carrying around a letter on an off white, almost ivory piece of paper with my school logo as they quickly entered each classroom with a sense of calm, but also with a sense of whatever you do, do not let the chillen's know what is going on demeanor. As my fraction lesson was interrupted, I saw my teachers face go from a face of enthusiasm, to a face of shock. Well of course being the curious students we were, we weren't about to go on with math. "What did the letter say?" Her reply? Oh nothing. Just a last minute teachers meeting. Yea right. The last time a school wide letter was sent home, there wasn't good news in that letter either.  I somehow managed to go on with my day, but knew something wasn't right, and I was determined to figure this out. The teachers had been instructed not to talk about the days events wether they had a class full of students or not. So yes, what I just told you is that, I did not see any of the events on TV. Instead, they had sent a letter home with every child that afternoon explaining to the parents that they had decided not to tell us, instead they felt it was best to allow the parents to explain what happened. Now that I think about it, I do have to agree that it was best not to tell us, because once stories get started, the first and second graders would have heard, and thats the last thing they needed to deal with.
    After classes had concluded for the day, my home room had come to the conclusion that this was a 7th and 8th grade letter going home to explain high school shadowing guidelines about when to go, how to notify school that you would be missing a day etc. So. Wrong. 
    Carpool had finally come, and it was time to find out what exactly was in this letter. "Hi Mom. We got this letter that says CONFIDENTIAL. Can I open it?" "About that letter. There's been a national tragedy and about 3,000 people have died." "What on earth happened?" "Two airplanes hit the World Trade Centers in New York City, while another plane hit the Pentagon in D.C." I figured that people would be sad for a day or so, and then move on with their lives. It wasn't until I got home and finally got to see the coverage and witness the day for myself, and instantly knew this wouldn't take days to fix, it was going to take years. 


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happiness Is...

*New studying music. Nothing better to accompany reading 30 extra pages for class because you had a "moment" and thought that the numbers on the side were the page numbers. Too bad they were chapters.

*Breaking out the Fall wardrobe of jeans, warm jackets, and long sleeved shirts. Oh, and the occasional  everyday appearance of flip flops.

*Taking a batch of they should have been my world famous brownies to Shenanigans, but instead they were 80 percent raw. Took them in anyway, people asking "Sara. These are so good. What did you do to them?" My answer? Bake them at 350º for 28 minutes, put in fridge, realize that they are no where near cooked, put them back in for 15 minutes at 400º, take them out, realize they're still raw, look at clock that says 12:30 AM, give up and put them in freezer.

* Meeting my new best friend George. George is wonderful. George made me two new car keys, washed my car, and replaced my tail light. (That story is coming. Soon.) Because it's a good one alright.

* Joker. All weekend. He's special.

* Realize that I'm in the home stretch of TV re-runs. Two weeks from Thursday, a solid two hours of McDreamy. And don't get me started on the possibility of the original cast leaving.

* Dreary, slow, fun, mornings at Shenanigans. You like dreary, and slow days Sara? Yes. I know. I'm odd.

* The fact that I've kept my room 95 percent clean for the last two weeks. I know. It really shouldn't be that hard. But it's not my forte. What exactly is my forte? Decoupaging, brownies, texting, blogging and celebrity gossip.

* Queso macaroni and cheese. Best recipe/idea ever.

*It takes approximately 5ish Halloween Oreo's to use an entire JIF On The Go Individual Peanut Butter. Don't judge. And yes. I will fully and gladly admit I got the idea thanks to Lilo because of the 1998 totes awk remake of The Parent Trap. Speaking of Lilo, court appearance October 5th for probation check up. 45 hours of service completed? Wait. I'm pretty sure that number hasn't changed since June. Yikes.

* Luke Russert. Twitter marathons. All night.

"You Is Kind, You Is Smart, You Is Important."
-The Help 


Monday, September 5, 2011

Apple Cider And Elevator Love Letters...

I've got a major case of the, seriously Sara, what are you doing up at 1:00 AM when you have to be up in seven hours book of thoughts. Legggo.

*The University Maryland football team's uniforms look like test dummies.
*Pulled out the sweatpants and long sleeve t-shirt for the first time this season.
*Registered for my next 5K. Outrunning Autism.
*Sleeping in till 11:00, and not setting my alarm, may have been the best decision I made all Labor Day.
*Spring and Fall hate me.
*Major developments on the Thanksgiving Holiday home front. Details as they emerge.
*Curry chicken left overs for days.
*Halloween Oreo's have finally arrived.
*Kim Kardashian Humphrie's engagement ring? Jaw. Dropping. Gorgeous.
*And then there were two.
*T-48 hours until the official kickoff to the NFL season. Looks like I'll be here to witness it.

On another note, I need your help. In one of my classes, we have been asked required to write a research paper on interpersonal communications or Public Relations and advertising. Well, obviously I went with the interpersonal communication aspect of it, and I've always told myself, that if I have to research something, I may as well research something fun. So what do you think I went with? Who only knows Sara. Just tell us. Internet dating. Yes. While that may be a broad topic, this is where I need your help. If (keyword IF) any of you fellow followers, feel comfortable doing so, and would be willing to share your story if you have ever experienced internet dating, I'd love to hear it. You can email me, Facebook me, call me, text me, or heck even send me a smoke signal, I'd love to hear your experience.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Just Smile And Say God Bless...

* If you've joined the 21st century, and are one of the 250 million members on Facebook and happen to be my friend, you saw one of my statuses say that my job is a tourist attraction. How can that be? 
"omg. They're HUGE." duh. 
These are the 2nd and 3rd place biggest watermelons from our state fair. Where's the WINNING watermelon? I don't know. "How much did first place weigh?" 228 pounds. After listening to those types of comments for a solid week, sometimes for 8 hours a day, the time has come for them to say sinara. I mean, it was fun to look at them for the first day, but I'm glad they're gone. And for the last time, yes, they're edible. But are they good? No. Next up? Supposedly a 500 pound pumpkin. That, I'll have to see for myself.  And yes. Shenanigans will be closed for one of their FOUR holidays off. 

*Speaking of Shenanigans, the first crop of Pennsylvania HONEY CRISP apples have arrived!! think I just fell in love. All over again. 


*This time last year I was in OBX. I'd like to go back. 

* FOOTBALL. All. Weekend. Long. While I was a little sad that I did miss the season opener of ESPN's College Game Day, it was great to be able to come home from a slammed day at Shenanigans and being able to hear that one magic word. Touchdown!

* Three days of triple digit temperatures? In September? I'm moving to Alaska. 

* My favorite recipe of Banana Pudding for my birthday cake? Yahtzee. But Sara, you don't like change, and I thought you had your chocolate on chocolate on chocolate cake with peppermint ice cream every year? Well, due to some different plans this year, it's going to be a rather small birthday, and a lot of people aren't fond of banana pudding, so I like to look at it this, way: more for me. 

* Came home from work today and noticed these guys were floating around mi casa: 
I'm sure you're wondering where these came from. Long story short, it was a mother's day gift/activity, and we planned to paint a platter, but mother wanted to have 5 gnomes instead. Last time I checked, I thought gnomes were meant to stay outside. Which one is mine? The second one to the left, or the fourth one from the right. 

* I've added to my bucket list. See the band Coldplay in concert. I've discovered a concert channel on TV, and they've happened to perform at some concert that the channel taped. They are so relaxing and so calming. My new favorite? Fix You at Glastonbury 2011. Added bonus? Chris Martin. Wonderful. 

* Why I love birthdays: Mom's Curry Chicken. It's addicting.