Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dream Chasing Starts Early...

I'm not exactly sure where my mind was when I signed up for classes. In all the years that I have been attending higher education, I have always told myself, Sara, do whatever you can to NOT sign up for a 8:00 class. It's one thing if it was a Tuesday/Thursday class, but the fact that it's a MONDAY class? My misery level just shot up another 100 points. And as I sit here blogging my misery, I am already preparing myself for having to set my alarm for around 6:20ish to read my morning papers, and be able to get ready and leave the house by 7:00... 7:10 at the latest. And I'll have the honors of getting to fight morning rush hour!!! :) 
     As long as I'm blogging my Fall schedule, allow me to blog about my Summer schedule.
That's Like Normal Job Hours. 
Really?? What was I thinking?? But I like to look at it this way, not only does this fulfill my Natural Science requirement, it also fulfills my dreaded lab requirement, and this will be the LAST SCIENCE class I will EVER keyword EVER have to take. Plus, after watching every single Grey's Anatomy episode upteen billion times, I'll have a good gag reflux, and I'll get to channel my inner Meredith Grey. #winning. #NerdAlert. 
     If anyone wants to donate or send some Diet Cokes/Gatorade/RedBull (I like the Sugar Free kind) to keep me awake let me know; I'll get an appropriate contact address sent to you. Please and thank you. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Keep Holding On...

I promise I haven't neglected you. I've been having incredible adventures that will be well worth the read, and with flower season in full bloom (no pun intended), the PFM has literally become my second home. If I'm not at my first home, I'm there, and if I'm not there, I'm in class. Although, I do have some good news.... this time next week, I will be less than 24 hours away from being on SUMMER VACATION... for all of two weeks. Please don't give up hope on me. I have great stories up my sleeve that are just waiting to be blogged about... I'll leave you with the hashtag #Americaspoliticalplayground...


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Waka Waka...

I have way too much to catch up on, and could go on for days, but I'll give you The Cliff Notes version.

With the city being practically empty because of Spring Break, Sara has worked Friday, Saturday (which was nightmarishly BUSY) Sunday, (Easter. Yes I worked Easter. What. A. JOKE.) Monday, Tuesday morning, and then Operation Luke Russert can officially commence.

Chip has to go to the Drs. This time? My thermostat. #Thiswholetakingcareofacarthingishard.

In a matter of 24 hours, I managed to find one, two, three, four, FIVE gift cards. Included? Two from Target, two from Panera, and one from Starbucks. #winning.

gLee returns in a matter of DAYS.

Dear Ohio Valley weather. I have some words for you.

"I love the smell of mint." Customer A: I use mine for mint juleps. What do you do with it? Oh, you're too young anyways. " I'm actually 23." Thats it. If anyone would like to donate to the I'm getting a tattoo on my forehead that says I'm a lot older than I look fund, let me know.

I set a new record in getting home from school. I left school at 4:00. I crossed the bridge at 5:15. I arrived home at 5:28. 90 minutes to get home. Normally? It should take me 25-30 minutes.

Full fledged adult and still get an Easter basket? The Easter Bunny Rules.

Speaking of Easter, another holiday has come and gone. A nice, quiet, all on our best behavior dinner, with a special guest. And who ever came up with the idea of mimosas before lunch/dinner? Best. Idea. Ever. Next up? Fourth of July.

I'm back on Pinterest. Worst/best decision this week. The results? Long work days on minimal sleep.

Still no word on my alternative self portrait grade.

Currently charging my Kindle where I will soon be purchasing Ali Wentworth's book, Ali In Wonderland. Cannot wait.

I recieved an email from Vera Bradley announcing that one of our local malls has opened a Vera Bradley store. Thats no bueno.

I need basketball/football back in my life.

And finally, after witnessing the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team chase Gr8ness, the city of Lexington made the top headlines on Tuesdays all three major network morning shows. And not because the team won, because full fledge riots broke out. Like city police in riot gear riots including couch burnings, small lawn fires, and throwing of bottles kind of riots. Because of those, the hashtag #LexingtonPoliceScanner was the number one trending topic on Twitter. My favorite? "I'm looking for a white male in his young 20's wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts. Pssssshhhhh..... Excuse me while I go laugh.



BREAKING NEWS: Operation Luke Russert is a bust. Just received word from Twitter that he will be in New York all week HOSTING Willie Giest's MSNBC Show Way Too Early. If you're up at 5:30 AM one day this week, I think you should at least watch it at least once to see this stud muffin I'm always talking about. According to the mother and father, this could be break it or make it for him. Apparently the show is very witty. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Will I be watching it live? Negative. DVRing it? Check.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All Art Requires Courage...

Sure does. For most of you know, I am currently in the midst of my what I thought was going to be a relaxing course, but since then it has become somewhat frustrating art class. I won't bore you with the projects I have had to endure, but there is one that I am proud of (toot toot) and one that I think you should know about.
     For our last out of class project, we were asked to draw an "alternative self portrait". Okay?? What exactly does this involve? I'm not a fan of sitting in front of the mirror and drawing myself. Thats on the borderline of crrreeeepppppyyy. Crisis averted. Instead, we were asked to draw something or a set of something that represented us as a person. "In case you need to get a jump start on your ideas, I have a slide show that I can show you." Ummmmmm.... about that slide show. The pictures that my angel of a professor showed us looked like these belonged in the MOMA. They were that good. Starting to sweat bullets, I turned to one of my peers and asked when it was due. He replied, "I bet it's our final". Sweet. I should be that good by the end of April. Now mind you, this was the first part of March. And of course, there's always that ONE person who always has to raise their hand and ask, "when's this due?"  How about...... March 22nd. Wait. She expected me to become that good in a matter of weeks days? Insert a mad dash of PANIC.
     While I did have one or two ideas, I talked it over with the chief artist of mi familia, and between the two of us, we were able to come up with a super fab idea.
     So here it is. In stages. And whatever you do, don't laugh.

After Some Much Needed In Class Work... 
Oooohh We're Half Way There... 
At One Time I Actually Enjoyed Doing This... 
No Turning Back Now... 

There you have it. Our professor claimed that she would grade these over Spring Break... No grade to be seen. #sofrustrating.