Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Moment Of Silence...

I promise I'll get back to the real format of blogging tomorrow, but we, I have ourselves a crisis. And I don't use the word crisis very often.
     It began earlier this afternoon when the love of my life (my laptop) began acting up. If you are familiar with Macbooks, you know the main component of it is the mousepad. Well, yes that was my problem. I thought to myself that this couldn't be happening. Maybe I just needed to re-start it and all would be well with the world. So it started to work again. What a relief. Less than five minutes later, stuck. Again. Okay Sara, if it doesn't work after you reboot it again, you might need to call Apple. Maybe the second times the charm. Stuck. This. Is. Not. Good. At. All. Well forget calling Apple, I'll just see if I can get help in person. Make a reservation at the genius bar? Check. Get the second to last spot for the night that was less than an hour? Double check. Off I went to the mall with my baby in hand in hopes that I would come home with it. I mean the last time I took it, it was fixed in 10 minutes.
     If there is one thing to know about me, its that I hate overstimulation situations. And one of those situations happen to be our Apple Store. I try to avoid it at all cost. It's noisy, too many people, and I will admit, its slightly addicting. So many new things to accessorize my phone or my computer. Finally, my name was called and up I walked where I would learn my moment of truth.
     "What can I help you with?" Uh well yea, the main component of my computer, the mousepad isn't working. "Let me take a look at it. Yep, definitely not working. And so you have a couple of choices. You can take it home now and bring it back later to have it repaired,or you can leave it with us for 7-10 days and we'll replace the mousepad."  My worst nightmare had come true. My heart skipped a beat. My hands started shaking. So you'd take my computer for 7-10 days and replace it? "Yes. It's usually a lot faster, but with this being back to school month, people are bringing in their computers for updates." Well, I have no choice but to leave it with you. And it will stay at the store correct? "Yes. And we have the piece in stock, so it maybe a lot faster. Do you have warranty on it?" Sure do. Best decision of my life to buy the extended warranty, because had I not, it would have cost me almost a weeks worth of work to fix it. And so I left. All by my lonesome self.
     So if we could please just take a moment to send well wishes and prayers to the people at Apple that they will get down to business and return my life to me.Preferably ASAP. And what does all this mean? No watching Grey's Anatomy at night, no blaring music from the speakers while I'm getting ready, no plugging my phone into it and updating, nothing. I could list the rest of the reasons, but I won't bore you.
     This ranks up here with Taylor Swift being post poned, but in case you're wondering how I'm frantically blogging, I'm blogging old school style. Hittin up the family desktop.
     I cannot wait for that moment that I get the call from Apple and my life can return to normal.


Little Moments...

It seems like all we hear on todays news is nothing but depressing. So in attempt to help make the world a little bit happier, I thought I might blog a little happy news in my life.

*Thanks to the action on Capitol Hill, I've been able to see my boyfriend from DC quite frequently.
*Snooki and the gang return Thursday.
*Warrior Dash update: TWO weeks from TODAY. (okay so maybe thats a yikes.)
*Skinny Girl Sangria. Enough said.
*I'm as tan as I've ever been.
*I've pre-ordered Season 7 of Grey's Anatomy on DVD for a mere 21.00. September 13th can't come soon enough.
*Speaking of Grey's, creator and producer Shonda Rhimes twittered a two hour season premiere of Season 8.
*Brian Williams of NBC Nightly news tweeted that there will be a special of going Inside Capitol Hill. Nerd. Alert.
*Best text message I received all summer? Finding out my hostess with the mostess is once again hosting her annual pay-back party. Like I've said, September can't get here soon enough.
*Homemade thank you dinner with family? Don't mind if I do.
*Still can't get the image of 14 amazing sunsets out of my head.
*Nick and Vanessa's wedding on TLC tonight? I know where I'll be sobbing my life away.
*Each day that goes by, one more day closer to FOOTBALL!
*I'm still addicted to Pinterest.
*After an amazing (sometimes hectic) two weeks of vacation, I've become reunited with my bed, and boy did I miss it.

Happy? Because I am. And if I am, so should you.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Hard To Believe...

That a year ago this week(ish), I waddled into the brisk cold waters of Lake Michigan to announce to the world that I would be taking part in the 2011 Mini Marathon. And I'm sure the question is looming in your head. So Sara, after the Warrior Dash, will you still be partaking in races? Why yes, as a matter of fact I will be. Care to hear which races/5K's I'll be completing? I thought so.

AUGUST: Warrior Dash 3.1 Hellish Miles
SEPTEMBER: Outrunning Autism 5K
OCTOBER: Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure 5K
NOVEMBER: Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving Day- Hey More Turkey And Stuffing For Me) 5K? 
DECEMBER: Insert Unlisted 5K Here. 
JANUARY: Hangover Run 10 Miles. New Years Day. How's That To Start Off The New Year? 

Care to join me? You should. Because doing all this running by myself can/is starting to get a little dull. 

You're Welcome. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Can't Afford Private Counseling...

But you can afford to wear Christian Louboutin shoes to court? Dually noted Lindsay. Dually noted. After having two whole Lindsay free weeks, it was time to check back in at her home away from home, the Beverly Hills Courthouse, where Lindsay  Shawn Chapman Holley had a date with Judge Sautner. Ruh. Ro. The best part? The entire date was live streamed. Yahtzee.
     What did she do now? Nothing. This so called "date" was a check-up/progress report from the thieving of the necklace probation violation that landed her a 35 day house arrest, that included art lessons, and movie marathons. Wait. I think I'm missing something. That big pink elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. The "friends only, I promise there will be no alcohol present bar-be-que." Uh. Huh. Then why was your probation present in the courtroom? Oh that's right. To let the judge know that there WAS adult beverages present and that you didn't pay that $3,900 court fine, and then you forwarded your probation officer calls to your manager? Whoopsies.
     As a part of this ridiculous, to this day I still don't know how this was pulled off deal, Lindsay would be required to serve the 35 day house arrest, serve 420 hours or 60 days of community service, enroll and attend psychological therapy. "Judge Sautner, my client here can not afford therapy, because she is currently experiencing financial issues. And she would attend more group therapy, but she is afraid the media will disrupt the sessions." And how do we spell B-O-L-O-G-N-A? If you excuse me, I must get on my soap box. First off, you can too afford therapy. Didn't you just sign on for the long awaited Gotti movie that should be paying you hundreds thousands of dollars? Second, I think the media was able to catch some pics of you modeling for some perfume? And don't they pay you for that? Third off, the fact that Judge Sautner has told you that you have approximately 21 days to show proof to the court that you have enrolled in therapy, have until years end to high tail it on the community service, because if you don't you'll be sporting a Tennessee orange jumpsuit? Yea. That's what I thought. And I can't believe what I'm about say. I must give Lindsay props. While this was a progress report hearing, she was not required by the court to show up. But she did. And, when Shawn Holley gave the  "cry me a river, poor baby" pitiful excuses about not being able to pay, Lindsay quickly responded back that she would find a way. And it only took you HOW long to figure out that almost every single Judge in Beverly Hills is pretty much over you? Baby steps.
     Oh, and on top of all this, Lindsay is now being sued for the rehab incident that took place back in December.  To sum it all up, the now former employee of Betty Ford is suing Lindsay for a hefty million George Washington's. After reports of the impending suing, word on the street is it looks like the employee will not be receiving the dollars. Whoa. Dream big.
     And while all of this court action is being attended to, I am currently taking bets on how long Lindsay will behave while serving out the rest of her 1095 day probation. For those who don't want to to the math, it's three long years of staying out of nightclubs, and expensive shops with pretty jewelry. My over/under? 547 days. Lindsay, if you're reading this, I suggest you just go hide in a cave and only come out when you're told.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Don't Ask For Much,But...

I do have a favor to ask of my followers for a way that you can volunteer/help shape the lives of young chillens. As she was finishing up her Masters for teaching, my sister decided that when her students would ask what 500 or even 1000 somethings would look like, she would want to get 500 or 1000 of those somethings out and show them. Now when I had to do this, we were asked to bring in 100 of something. Most people brought in paper clips, rubber bands, etc. Being the dare to be different person I am, I counted out 100 "sit bits" or most commonly known as dog treats. Yea, I was that person.
     I'm all about helping a family member out, but what I'm getting ready to ask you is not all that hard and takes less than 10 seconds to complete. My family is currently on a mission to collect 10,000 pop top tabs. Yes you read that right. 10,000 pop tops. She would like to be able to use them as a math manipulative. I know this is a crazy favor to ask of you, but just think, every time you drink a refreshing, cooling, it's been one of those days cold one, please just take 10 seconds out of your day and pull it off and put it in a collection bowl. Don't think that we haven't started collecting, because we have. As a matter of fact, there is a vase that sits in her home that is 95 percent filled with them. We like to call it art. Not just a vase filled with pull tabs. 
     Now, I'm sure you're thinking "why can't she just get 10 boxes of paper clips and call it a day?" Because my sister is the type of teacher who cares about her students and wants to help enrich the students by having them collect the last 1,000 tabs. She could take the easy route and just have 10,000 somethings appear, but if you were fortunate enough to witness and hear the stories of the last two years of her schooling, you would be mighty impressed of how fab of a job she does. And did I mention she got married during those two years as well? Talk about a balancing act. 
     And for the record, I did not write this blog as a favor to her, I did it because I love her, and want to help make this task a little easier. So if you have any questions, or would like to donate some tabs, please don't hesistate to contact me on the 'book, call me, or email me. Thanks loves, you're the bestest. 
It's For A Good Cause... 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Graduation Song (Friends Forever)

Seeing as my Warrior Dash will be the weekend that a majority of my "babies" will be leaving Shenanigans for the college life, and god forbid something is to happen to me while completing Warrior Dash greatness, I thought I would take this time to leave my last will to the legacies leaving me. I've been avoiding writing this post for the last four years, or really since last August.

LR-  Farmers tans, schedule making, big trucks, hugs, Biscotti.
GJ- Your lemonade, ice, queso, going out for lunch, Windex.
JH- Being 45 minutes late, amazing artistic skills, eggs in a basket, dried fruit. the chalkboard.
MH- Cheese, Stevie Nicks, Coke ICEE's, your love for crossword puzzles, goober.
DK- Field Hockey, Baseball, Pupperdog, the party house, Wedges.
MEL- Twitter, Panera Trips, Taylor Swift, Totes Awk. S.A.S.
SN- I don't like golf, sweet tea, Cranberry Almond chicken salad, Peanut Butter, Twins.
BS- Swimming, Kindness, Coming out of your shell, Wisconsin, quirkiness.
NK- That Italian boy, Sundays, Choir, Always being on time, Fourth of July 2010.
LM- Nords Buns, the glare, cheap aviators, Zumba, LMHS.
SH- Tennis, Country Music, Right Place at the right time, Closing, cheerleading.
AN- Argentina, Enviromental Chic, Saying farewell the right way, Chucks, Diet Coke.

"I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun."
               -Charles R. Swindoll


Monday, July 18, 2011

No Words Necessary...

We're starting something new here at Sara Spills. It's called, find the cutest picture of Joker one can find and send it to me.

I must admit he is much more handsome in person. But who can resist a picture like this? 


Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Don't Like Golf...

I'll go ahead and admit it. I'm not a huge sports buff. Sure I like the occasional college football game, filling out a March Madness bracket for kicks and giggles, and then catching who sings the National Anthem at the World Series. So Sara, what catches your attention during the summer? Absolutely. NOTHING. Well, except for those awkward every four years when the rest of the nation becomes obsessed with the USA Men's or in this case The USA Women's World Cup Soccer Team.
     When the FIFA World Cup took place in South Africa last summer, the states became one and supported the men's team every step of the way. People would have parties, and people would get to bars hours early before games so they could guarantee a front row seat for the game. Yes, I was one of those who would hope and pray that I could get home from work to watch the game, but bellying up to the local pubs hours before the big game? Uh no thank you, I have better priorities.  
     For the people who are fortunate enough to have learned the official language of Sara, (yes I have my own language) they understand where I'm going with all this. For those who are still in Sara 101, I shall explain. I find it beyond interesting that the a majority of the United States could care less about soccer. That is unless there's a game with David Beckham, or for the 30ish days for the World Cup every four years.  
     It was this time last week, that I had returned home from working a shift at Shenanigan's and was catching up on my Facebook Newsfeed, and happened to see post after post after post talking about how bad the ref was, or the fact that Abby Wambach is a beast. I politely responded; "I'm Guessing I Missed Something?" And yes, I had. In case you missed it, Abby kicked it to a teammate who then got the ball in mid-air and then proceeded to head butt the ball in, making the score 2-2 versus Brazil. After scoring the goal, the game would need to go into Penalty Kicks, and then what do you know, time to knock out the next opponent. The goal was pretty epic. Definitely a defining moment in sports, and a YouTube sensation. And let me remind you, the game versus Brazil was played in the loser's bracket for a chance to get a second life in the cup and make their way to the semi finals versus France. 
     The last Women's World Cup I can remember (circa 1999) was the day that Brandi Chastain kicked the winning Penalty Kick against China in the infamous Rose Bowl and after realizing they had won, she took off her shirt running around THE Rose Bowl in her white shorts, and black sports bra. Klassy with a K.
     After taking out both Brazil and France, here we are today. Less then 50 minutes away from the championship game versus Japan, and according to multiple sources, and the odds in Vegas, there is a good chance that The United States Women's Soccer team will once again become the hometown heroes and bring home the Soccer World Championship. But if they don't, please don't blame me. 
     While I have mentioned YouTube, I suggest you should look up the following. "The World's Reaction To Landon Donovan Game Winning Goal."  Inspiring and quite funny. And then "Abby Wambach's Goal." 
     Vuvuzela's anyone? 


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Are We There Yet?

While I do have a fun/jam packed week, this is the only thing getting me through. 

And because I have a jam packed, fun filled week, I thought this would be a good way to start it off. Don't worry. I'll be blogging from the headquarters of chaos. Because we know how much Sara loves quality family bonding time. 


Friday, July 8, 2011

'Sup Sparta?...

These little blurbs are starting to become addicting.

*NASCAR Nation has invaded the state. 
*Speaking of NASCAR, our Governor Steve Beshear recited the words "boogity boogity boogity". What has the world come to? 
*My last day off from Shenanigans was two days ago (Wednesday). My next day off? Four days from now. 
*Money in the bank Sara, money in the bank.
*Feeling like a million pesos. 
*Will and Kate a.k.a. Widdleton have officially reached American soil. Their welcome present? An iPad 2. 
*I won't admit it, but Toddlers and Tiaras may or may not have become a favorite T.V. show
*My computer had to go to the hospital this morning to have some work done. I was a nervous wreck until it came out. 
*Frozen pizzas anyone? 
*Next week shall be delicious. 
*Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids is a must watch. 
*Today I was approached about doing a Krispy Kreme Challenge Run. Run two miles, eat a dozen doughnuts, run two miles back. Absolutely. NOT. 
*Speaking of races, Warrior Dash 2011 is quickly approaching. Yikes. 
*Running the occasional five miles alone is all you need. 
*Nadya Suleman on The Today Show (7/8) is a MUST YouTube. Halarious. 
*"Sara, can you make a double batch of Hot Fudge?" You don't have to ask me twice. 
*After making CD's for the girls, I'm dreading August in so many ways. 
*I have 1.8 days of music in iTunes. #winning. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Did The Tomatoes Pass Inspection?...

Just another family holiday.
My Belt Glows In The Dark. 
Entertainment For The Night.
Nerd Alert. 
All Amurican Meal Right Here. 
And Yes, As A Matter Of Fact, They Did Pass Inspection. Yesss Sirrr.  
Ceremonial Snake Lighting. 

Snake In Action.
The Calm Before The Storm.
Pyromaniacs Hard At Work. 
God Bless America. 
The Rangers Would Be Proud.
Blurry Finale. Sorry.
Happy Birthday America!!

And in the word's of the great Stephen Colbert: "There is nothing more American than a Roman candle." 


Sunday, July 3, 2011


"As much as I don't want to wish June away, July can not get here fast enough. While I have heard that her  (Taylor Swift) concerts are epic, I can not wait to witness this life changing act. And be rest assured that there will be a photo blog dedicated to my idol. " What Up Summer?... June 1,2011. I'm sure you remember reading my excitement for the concert event of the summer. If there was one word to describe the event, I knew the word; epic. Epic FAIL that is. Yes. Fail. 
     The day had been perfect. I had worked with a few of my favorites, it was fourth of July weekend, the grapes had been presented beautifully and the nights plans had gotten better after finding out that two of Shenanigan's employees were tagging along with us. "Okay Sara, I'll meet you here at 5:45 and then we'll drive up to Panera for dinner." Sweet. Even though I couldn't find my dress, I had found a perfect one at Forever 21, (that's another blog of it's own) and adorable cowboy boots to match. While the outfit was slightly out of my comfort zone, this was the outfit fitted for a country queen. 
     There are pros and cons of working 7-2. On a Saturday. While it's beyond miserable having to set your alarm for the forbidden 6:30 AM, the reward is having the afternoon off. I had planned the afternoon getting ready perfectly. Get home at 2:07, nap until 3:30, shower till 3:45ish, blow dry my hair till 4:00, straighten hair at LEAST until 4:30, makeup till 5:00, and be out the door by 5:35. And I'll just reiterate the fact that I looked pretty and cute. After years of watching mi hermana do her own makeup, I had the basics down. Subtle, yet noticeable. 
     While mi hermana had essentially picked out my outfit earlier in the week, it was only fair that I have a mini photo shoot in the backyard showing off my fashion for the night. Ding. New text message"Is the Taylor Swift concert cancelled?" Hahahahahahaha. Real. Funny. "Now, now, don't be starting rumors." This can not be true. This can not be true. No. I had bought these tickets back in February and besides Gaga, this was the concert event of the year. How can she cancel? She was just in Knoxville last night. She seemed perfectly fine. Hang on let me check my phone. Three missed calls and two new texts. "Uggg. This is so stupid." "Uh yes, is the Taylor Swift concert cancelled?" "Yes, due to doctor's orders, and a case of laryngitis, she had to cancel and has been rescheduled for October 11th." Insert a pair of shaking hands and a night of total disappointment. To make things, worse, this was the first time she's had to do something like this. And of course, she picks our stop. #Bahhumbug. 
     Plain and simple: Taylor Swift concert. Cancelled. Getting ready to walk out the door. 120 minutes before the concert. 
     Just thinking about this makes me sad, as I had been waiting for this for months. I had heard so many good things about her and how  she changes lives, and I had spent Friday night YouTubing some of her hits that had been recorded from other concerts. 
     "Do you wanna go see a movie with us?"  No. Honestly, I wanted to spend the night sulking, but if I had wasted this much time, I wasn't staying home. So yes, I went in my outfit for the night and headed up to Panera, where I would meet my concert date while we sulked over Lemon Orzo soup and chicken salad sandwiches. 
     I know that I haven't ranted in a while, but seeing as this put a total damper on my weekend, I needed to rant. So I did. And... I thank you.