Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially made it to the four week mark in the semester, and as the title says, I have been blessed. There are so many different reasons, and if I said them all, you would never be able to finish this post; because there are that many reasons, but just because I love ya'll I shall give you some of my reasons.

I have been blessed with having the honors of my professor not knowing who I am by my school ID picture. Going on four weeks of school, you've worked with me individually and you still don't know my name. That might be a new one.

I have been blessed living in a city where I really hate to say this because I don't want to jinx it, but we have had a VERY mild winter which has allowed uninterrupted bridge workers to finish the project on time.

I have been blessed of having the patience to conquer Forever 21 by MYSELF. For those of you who have yet to experience Forever 21, you should thank your lucky stars. The Derby city received the honors of having the third largest store in the nation, and to me, it's incredibly overwhelming to me, but to some, it's a girls shopping paradise. Now mind you, I didn't go for kicks and giggles, I went to go look for a top for a birthday party this weekend. I think I forgot to mention it took me over an hour to find it, and thirty seconds to fall in love with it. Out of my comfort zone? Yes. Wayyyyyy super cute? Totes.

I have been blessed of having the greatest invention ever, DVR which allowed me to watch the wonderful Michael Jackson episode of gLee Tuesday night. Darren Criss's version of Wanna Be Startin Something might be the best thing since Teenage Dream. 

I have been blessed of having wayyyy too much excitement of getting to see Leigh Ann Tuohy of The Blindside fame live and in person Sunday afternoon. Don't worry, I'll be sure to blog some highlights.

I have been blessed of introducing people to the infamous squeal.

I have been blessed of working full shifts at the PFM on minimal hours (three or less) of sleep.
I have been blessed of getting to live in this amazing city.

 The Center Of My Existence No Matter Where I Am. 

I have been blessed to always know the wise wisdom of Carrie Bradshaw: "And we were dressed from head to toe in love... the only label that never goes out of style." 
      -Sex And The City 


Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Of These Days...

I will actually get some sleep. I can hear the hundreds of the motherly voices now. I won't mention the individual, but as I sit here typing this, those wise words of an unmentioned individual are running through my mind. I'll learn... One of these days.

Peyton Manning, it was fun watching you play coach from the sidelines this year, but it's time for you to enjoy retirement.

Mom made a fabulous dinner Thursday night. I didn't happen to mention she made a brand new meal out of train wreck did I? Italian? Check. Mexican? Check. Chinese? Check. All of those into a super fab enchilada casserole? #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner.

Driving home from school in the pouring down rain, I happened to glance over at the Ohio River, in which you could barely see, and said to myself, "If I was a better driver, I would have so taken a picture of that." Don't worry I didn't. Why would I have taken a picture? Layers upon layers of thick fog rolling in. Kinda cool if you ask me.

As long as we're on the subject of driving, word on the street is that the bridge that has been closed since SEPTEMBER will open up a week early. You may be thinking, "Great. Who cares." You don't understand how exciting this is. No more 70,000 extra cars driving across my bridge. No more making myself car sick by sitting in stop and go stop and go traffic. The real kicker in all of this? After this bridge project is fixed, supposedly there are cracks in the bridge that I use to get to school. Can I for once just please have an easy drive?

I love family birthday parties.

My latest song on repeat for dayyyyyssss? Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up". Absolutely beautiful.

Due to schedule conflicts, I was unable to make dinner last week. Oops. What a better way to reclaim my cooking glory than making homemade Chicken De Van? Yessss. Sirrr.

I officially started my training for my next big athletic event this year. Once I reveal what it is, it'll be one of those "well that doesn't sound all that hard" events, but after I did some preliminary research on it, it's a lot harder than it sounds.

The finale to my Polar Bear Grand Prix races are next weekend. Best news I've written all week. You know how much I enjoy running, but running with the forecast of ice? Eh, not so much.

American Idol has officially started for it's eleventh season, and this time last year, I already picked out my two favorite/ front runners for last season, and sadly, I have yet to do that this year. No where near as good.

Sara has found a new blog. It's on the verge of addicting. Allow me to introduce to you whatkatewore.com. Yes. The Duchess of Cambridge has a blog dedicated to what she wears and where you can get it. I enjoy looking at her dresses, but do you really think I care where I can get her wardrobe? Nope. I'm far more interested when her arm candy makes an appearance like this:

 The Sun Military Awards 

Next weekend cannot get here fast enough. So many ridiculously fun things to look forward to.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Case Of The Giggles...

After blogging some major whomps, it's only fair that I make a much happier blog with some of the more recent LOLing sights of our basketball teams actions, via their respective team sports blogs. Shoutout to KSR and Card Chronicle.
This is a real conversation between UL's basketball coach and a player before tonights game versus Villanova. Sadly, the player in question did not meet Ricky's expectation. Oops. 

This screen shot was taken by UK fan during lasts night's game versus UGA. You should see how many different ways the sports blog have gone with this. Love me a good screen shot of Coach Cal. 

I must say, this by far has to be one of my favorite pictures this week. These are the future plans for a renovation for the arena that houses the UK basketball team along with major headlining concert tours. Why did this make my list of pictures? Hello? The Star trooper on the segway. #ArenaAuthorityProblems. 

Yea, this wasn't taken this week, but we all know just how classic it is. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering counting the days, we are 100 days from this fabulous weekend. But really. Who's counting? 


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bad News Bears...

I'm not one to focus on all the bad news, but after a semi interesting week, I must get the news out there.

Starting with January 17th, I mentioned that I went to bed when it was a rather warmish 60° when I went to bed... at 4:00. After catching up on some much needed shut eye, I was awoken to the news that I should "find the safest place in the house or the lowest level due to TORNADOES coming our way." Yes, I said tornadoes. Did I mention that this was at 10:45 in the morning? It's one thing to have it happen in January, but it's another when the 'nader happened to hit less than a mile from mi casa. Obviously, the power was out, but thanks to live wires on the main road, LG&E were out on the road after the last rain drop hit, and power back on within two hours. #majorwinning.

And then remember that one time how I told you that how excited I was that I would be able to see Lindsay live? Sara got her pacific and east coast time mixed up, and once again missed her court date. And of course, she passed with flying colors. #sleepingproblems

After the chaos of Tuesday morning, I come home to watch gLee, which happened to be amazing, per usus, they announce that it will be two weeks before airing the Michael episode.

Wednesday night, Sara has a case of feeling like two knives stabbed her sinuses. Glad that's over.

Thursday: Watch an "eh"episode of Grey's, and normally they show a preview for the following weeks show. Nope. No Grey's until FEBRUARY.

Fast forward to this weekend.....

Friday, I worked a ridiculous four hour shift with some of the favorites. Friday night fall asleep at 3:00 have to be at work at 7:00 Saturday morning.

Saturday, work a seven hour shift on three hours of sleep.

Saturday night, learn of JoPa's health, while witnessing a miraculous WIN by the UL basketball team. It's about time.

Sunday, awoke to the news that JoPa had passed, followed by the semi expected news that Gabby Giffords of AZ will be stepping down from congress this week. I must say, she has been the poster model for overcoming obstacles.

Sunday night, pretty much nap through the entire NFC playoff game, in which the Baltimore Ravens played the unmentioned Tom Brady's New England Patriots and luckily I caught the fourth quarter only to see Billy Cundiff miss the game tying field goal with 11 seconds left. And on top of that, Michael Oher comes out of the locker room in a boot. #nobueno. But as Dad puts it, "hey, at least you know Leigh Ann Touhy will be at her appearance." Good point.

What a better way to end the week than how I started it; More possible 'naders tonight. #theohiovalleylife.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Sleep! Sleep! I Couldn't Sleep Tonight...

I'm sure when I look back at this post one day down the road, I'll realize what on Earth was I thinking? But really, come on, we all know I do my best thinking between 10 p.m to 2 a.m. So while this will be short, enjoy the thoughts of my rambling brain-midnight edition.

Before checking Twitter one last time for the night (famous last words) I happened to set my alarm for 9:00 AM. Good thing I did. Luke Russert hosting Chuck Todd's Weekday morning MSNBC Show The Daily Rundown. That calls for two nerd alerts.

Checking the weather to see if I really have to dress in multiple layers, only to find out that the high will be in the mid 50's? And on top of that? Going to bed when it's 60°? AND that was at midnight.

As I sit here posting this, we are currently in the middle of a torrential downpour. In the middle of January. With thunder I might add.

Going back and watching vintage Grey's episodes and having to say to myself, oh yea, I totes forgot that happened to so and so. Looks like someone needs to step up their game.

Perez Hilton on WWE Raw. Need I say more?

Harry's Law, and Modern Family being filmed on the main T.V the same night never the less the SAME TIME as the two hour season premiere of American Idol? Umm, the unmentioned fans of those shows  may just have to catch the missed episode in Summer re-reruns.

BREAKING NEWS: Since the start of her 2007 hollywood drama, Sara will be getting to view Lindsay's probation check-up. LIVE. Just in case you didn't get that the firs time, I'll say it again. LIVE. I cannot begin to express my excitement for this, but seeing as her life is back on track, I'm sure this court check up will be a complete bore compared to some of the others.

Class, a drive home, homemade burritos for dinner, and gLee? All in one day? Yesssss sirrrr. #Gratitude.

This whole not sleeping thing has got to stop. Good think I banked up hours during Christmas break.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

If You're Out There...

And you're still a faithful follower, I thank you. Immensely. I really have no logical and acceptable excuse as to why I haven't blogged in over a week. I mean if it were Summer, that's another story, but smack dab in the middle of Winter, I can't come up with a good one. Hey, at least with my absence, I've been able to collect a ridiculous amount of good stories.
     For many of you that are lucky enough to know me, you are aware that I do not obsess over much. Okay, so maybe I do over my ipod, but theres not very many physical objects that I do. Except for replacing my Charlies Angel's shoes. While reading one of my gajillion blogs, I happen to discover a pair of adorable Kate Spade black pumps with bows. So cute. So EXPENSIVE. We all know how I roll with my hard earned dollars, and find knock offs. I checked everywhere; Amazon.com, Macys.com, Zappos.com. You name it, I probably checked it. I can officially say mission accomplished. Thanks Off Broadway Shoes!
     Spring 2012 semester is officially underway. Whomp whomp. And why don't you ask how long it took me to get home from my first day of school? "Sara how long did it take you?" Too long. It takes around 25-30 minutes depending on traffic, but thanks to a stalled truck on one of two bridges, it took me 55 Minutes just. to. cross. the. bridge. And, it wasn't even rush hour. March 2nd can't get here fast enough.
     Speaking of traffic, I awoke Thursday morning to the news that our superintendent of public schools had made the decision at 9:15 when it was still 47° out that schools would be getting out two hours early because of impending snow later that afternoon. I'm all for early dismissal, but you might want to look at the weather a little closer next time.
     After a humiliating and I mean humiliating loss (31 points) to the Providence Basketball team, Dad and I set out Thursday evening to go hear what UL's head basketball Coach Rick Pitino had to say about the loss, his team, and looking ahead to the next couple of games on his weekly radio show. Nerd Alert. I forgot to mention that he was so frustrated with the loss that he sent his son who is the assistant coach to do the post game press conference, and his radio show happened to be his first showing since the loss.
     For most of my life, I have been known to enjoy the cold weather. Maybe because I was born in a semi chilly month, maybe because the cold kills all the allergens that mother nature has to offer me, or maybe because I'm just plain weird. But it has finally hit me. I'm already over of having to get up early to dress in extra layers to keep warm. The forecast this week? One day high of 59° with a low of 50° and the next day below freezing. What happened to the days of I just has to decide of what  pair of shorts I would be wearing to work? #summer2012.
     Let's just go ahead and put this next subject to rest. I'm not doing the 2012 Mini Marathon. Was it an easy decision? Yes. As weird as it may seem, I want to leave the glory of crossing the finish line there. It was an amazing feeling, and I don't want that erased. But don't fret, I am doing other things, so be on the lookout for further details.
     I'm guessing I spoke too soon when I said it wasn't too late to hop on the Tebow train. The loss against the Patriots was ugly, ugly, ugly. I also hopped on the New Orleans Saints train. Good while it lasted. I have become a fan of the Baltimore Ravens with hopes that Michael Oher of The Blindside, can complete his story and go from nobody to Super Bowl XLVI Champions. There is just one thing from getting there. Two words. Tom. Brady.
     Golden Globes tonight, gLee Tuesday night, American Idol Wednesday and Thursday night, and then a new episode of Grey's? All in one week? #winning.
     We all know how much I love quotes, so I'm leaving you with the following words of wisdom. "I'm lucky.... [but] I knew what to do with luck when it hit me." -Ben Bradlee

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shake It Out...

It's been a while since I've blogged pointless stories about my life. Enjoy.

After being gone for an amazing two weeks and getting away from everything, I arrive back to the PFM only to be greeted with a Superman t-shirt, a DVD of The Royal Wedding, (yes that wedding)  and finding out I only worked three days the first week back. I'm not complaining. #winterproblems.

In an effort to bring something for the fabulous Christmas Eve party mi familia attended, Mom decided to bring the ridiculously delicious classic party dish Spinach dip. It's not the hot one that every one raves about, it's the all you need is some sour cream, spinach and mayonnaise dip. And because of that, the dip has turned into high demand with my nuclear family.

The world has just landed what I'm sure will be the cutest baby on Earth. Blue Ivy Carter. Or also known as Beyonce's new addition who will never have to work day in her life. But really Beyonce? I know you're a world renowned diva, but come on. Get. Real.

It's never too late to hop on the Tebow train.

My pinterest account is no where to be found. Somewhere in the world wide web universe, there are hours, and hours and hours, of late night pinning just floating around. Buzzkill.

Because of my copious amount of time off this past week, I decided to take it upon myself to make dinner. Just for once. I figured, Mom had made dinner New Years Eve, Dad had made burgers Sunday night, and Mom had so graciously recooked Saturday nights dinner. So of course, I guess it was my turn. "Sara, this is so nice and unexpected of you, and since you seem know what you're doing, you should volunteer to do this once a week." Wait. What? I actually have to come up with something? Hope Uncrustables are okay.

Spring Semester starts Tuesday. Yes, I'm excited and relieved, but having to put up with bridge traffic? Not so much.

For those of you who have nothing better to do Monday nights and watch The Bachelor, I've cheated on the Bachelor and already know who's in the final three, and where Ben proposes to the final girl. So yes. I know who won Ben's heart.

After getting enough complaints from not watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, I finally gave in and watched it. Either I just don't think it's all that funny, or I'm missing the jokes.

Following weeks of denial that I would indeed be having a final, I headed into my speech class ready to ace the beast, and get back home to officially start my Christmas vacation. As a part of the test, there happened to be an essay. I despise essays with burning passion. And whats a better way to express that than ending my essay with the hash tag #BoomRoasted? And don't think I didn't, because I did.

Racing update: Two out of three Polar Bear Grand Prix Races have been completed, and let me state the following: 12.0 on a treadmill will not do justice for the hills I have endured with these races.

Mother Nature, make up your mind. It should not be 60° in January. That's toying with shorts weather. You should really get your act together. Just a thought.

Remember that one time that I told you that the PFM was only closed five days a year? You can now make that four. We will in fact be open EASTER. Yes you read that right. And the real kicker this year? Easter happens to fall on the first Sunday of the city's Spring Break, which translates to, no one, and I mean literally no one will be here.

While looking to complete my New Years Eve outfit, I discovered that my favorite pair of Charlie's Angels shoes no longer fit. #Feetshouldn'tbeallowedtoshrink.

American Idol starts back up again in a mere two weeks. Bring on the good, the bad, and the ugly ugly ugly auditions.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cry Me A River...

As you have read in past posts, you will see that I have an extensive list of my boyfrrriaaaandds. Sadly, that list is starting to dwindle. And quickly I might add. 
     Catching up on the gossip I had missed since serving my time at the PFM, I came home to a phone full of tweets, and texts, (which is one of my favorite little things in life) and one of those texts happened to be the day my childhood was crushed. Forever. Allow me to explain. 
     Taken from the 2010 Blog of Christmas Eve Eve Ramblings, I proclaimed my obsession with *NSYNC and Justin Timberlake: "There was a timespan in my life of when I was OBSESSED and I mean obsessed with *NSYNC. You can ask anyone in my family and they will 100 percent agree with that statement. Circa 2002(?) *NSYNC came out with a music video titled "It's Gonna Be Me". I never really listened to the lyrics, I just watched the video for Justin Timberlake's hair and fascinated with the fact they were marionettes in a toy store. *NSYNC came out with the brilliant idea to put out a line of marionette look a like dolls of themselves. Bet you can't guess what was at the top of my 2002 Christmas list? The official Justin Timberlake doll."  
     Ladies and gentlemen, today I am here to tell you that after an on again off again 4 and half year relationship, Justin Timberlake has asked for Jessica Biel's hand in marriage. There's not enough whomp whomps for what I just said. I'm not going to lie, a little piece of my heart has been broken into pieces. By now, I'm sure you're laughing at how upset I am about this, but I can remember the night that I discovered that *NSYNC was on the Tarzan soundtrack, and danced to the song all night. I also remember the afternoons that I would race home from school to watch Justin make an appearance on the MTV afternoon staple of TRL to debut his solo videos. To this day, I even get giddy when I see him make cameo appearances on SNL or Ellen. Okay fine. I will admit it that I will always have a special place in my heart for him. 
     To the soon to be Mrs. Timberlake, listen up. Start planning this wedding immediately so that I can begin the grieving process. Also, he likes to play golf in his spare time, and enjoys a good memphis batch of memphis barbecue for dinner. 
     Whomp. Whomp. For life.