Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Settle Down, It'll All Be Clear...

Since my hiatus from the blogosphere, I realized that I left many of you hanging with things going on in my life/states life, and being the nice gal I am, allow me to give you a few updates on some things. And no, these updates won't be in the right order. I must warn you, this is a long one. 

Finals Week? Dominated. 

"The Dave Matthews Band is coming to the Derby City. December 4th. I'm going. Who cares if it's the night before finals week begins?" After coming home from the day that would never end, I arrived home to the sentence, "You need to ask off work early next Tuesday night." Um, you know I don't have a problem doing that, but why?  "We have five tickets to the Dave Matthews Band Concert." Um. WHAT? Where did this come from? Mom had kept asking me almost every other day what time my classes were Wednesday. "I don't have my 8 AM, I just have my 9:30 class." Thank goodness that was my schedule the following morning, because let me tell you, Dave puts on probably one of the best concerts I've seen in awhile. He came on at 8:20, and including the encore, finished at 11:45ish. And thats with a performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon the night before, and being semi sick. Thanks again Dave. :) 

"UK on the other hand? At least you have basketball season. As I typed this, I was informed that the UK football team is now coachless, and per Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart in an open letter to the fans,“After much conversation, evaluation and prayer, I have determined that it is in the best interest of our athletics program to make a change in our football coaching staff at the conclusion of the season." We now have a bigger issue on hand; What do we call our four legged friend?"  Following the fiasco of Joker (the coach) the head coaching search began, and on a cold, sunny, December day, former DC/DB coach of the Florida State Seminoles Mark Stoops became the head coach of the UK Wildcats by persuading Mitch Barnhart and other Board of Trustees saying that UK can win the SEC title. Uh, that's great and all, but are you aware that ya'll have to play the 2013 National Champions University of Alabama? But I have to give Mark Stoops some serious props. He managed to sign Stings (Lead singer of the 80's band The Police) son to come and play football. 

As long as we are on a head coach catchup, Western Kentucky University was faced with a coaching search as well. Following the amazing two point conversion that would win them the game against rival UK, WIllie Taggert was approached by the University of South Flordia football team to take their head coaching job. Insert a coaching vacancy and a call from former UL and Arkansas Bobby Petrino. There had been four SEC coaching jobs open, and all four SEC schools AD's and School President's swore that they would never hire Bobby. Well, well, well. It looks like Western and UK have themselves a date with Mark and Bobby August 31, 2013. 

Thanksgiving 2012 was one for the books including the highly anticipated Black Friday generational photo. Aside from my meat hands, I couldn't be happier with how I looked. Toot Toot. 

Remember that one time that Target had every single season of FRIENDS for ten dollars? Yea, I don't. The Monday of Thanksgiving week, I braved the crowds and headed straight to where they were last year. No. Where. To. Be. Found. This must be a joke. I have Target gift cards specifically set aside for these. Sara, don't freak out. Go ask someone, and maybe they can help you. "Um, yea, I think those come out Black Friday."Ugh. Not the news I wanted to hear, but I'll go Saturday after work. They shouldn't be sold out.  Braving the crowds once again, I headed straight to where they were last year. Again. Not there. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Because thats okay, Wal-Mart sold me Season 6 for a whopping fifteen dollars and will be arriving at my doorstep by next Tuesday. '

During my 18 day but it really should have been longer vacation, I gained fourteen new relatives by hearing the two most romantic words a couple can say. I Do. A new aunt, seven new cousins, and six new first cousins once removed. This exchange of I Do's were extra special to me. I had seen this relationship from the beginning, and it was only appropriate that I see them become husband and wife. Two hearts, one love. 

Among the countless days in the sun, I successfully managed  got my family addicted to A&E's breakout hit, Duck Dynasty. If you haven't seen it, do it. Wednesday Nights. 10:00. It will be the best thirty minutes of television you watch all day. It's gonna be a long month and a half before season three comes out.  

In an attempt to become more organized, I am slowly cleaning out my junk drawers to make room for my expanding collection of DVDs. Last night I managed to get through my music drawer that was filled with CD cases, CD's that didn't have a case, and other music necessities. Oooo, a mix from 2003.  Let's pop this in iTunes and see what was cool back then. Pure gold. A solid 120 minutes later of finding more pure gold, I added 29 more songs to my never ending library. 

I was given the opportunity to make my final plea to Luke and why he needs to come home and meet the parents, but seeing as the trip will interfere with the local high schools spring break, the Fruit Market will be calling my name. 

As long as I'm on that subject of a stud muffin, I came across the speech that Tom Brokaw gave at Tim Russert's public memorial, and at one point during his speech, Tom turned to Luke to express to him about how much Tim adored "Luke Man". The emotion on Luke's face showed nothing but proud and heartfelt. 

I just received word that Justin Bieber will be not only the host but also musical act on February 9th's episode of SNL. Ugh. At least I have the January 19th's episode hosted by Kentucky's own and Katniss of Hunger Games fame, Jennifer Lawerence. I bet she and I would get along well. 

We now have another name we can add to the list of Taylor Swift's exes. British sensation and one fifth of todays version of The Beatles, One Direction. One would think that after two breakups with people younger that her she would understand that boys under the age of 20 do not work out for her. 

It's January. And we all know what that means. American. Idol. I'm usually excited for a new batch of contestants, but seeing as there is a whole new panel of judges. Yea dawg, I know Randy is still around, but Mariah, Niki, and Keith? I'm having a hard time soaking this one in. 

Sara, what did you ask for Christmas? I've become a member of the really hard to shop for club. I'm content with what I have, and asking for more stuff is more stuff that I have to dust. But, if Santa really was asking, there was one thing that was on my wish list. Somewhere during my awkward stage of middle school birthdays, I received a cute little 12 inch television for my room. While I never watched the box very often, I did occasionally turn it on to make sure it still worked. :)  I decided that it was time to retire the box and ask for an upgrade. I didn't need a ginormous one, but I would like to be able to sit from my bed and not have to squint. "Sara, make sure you open this last." Seeing as we were in the land of palm trees and 80° Christmas day, Christmas 2012 was the year of clues. Still half asleep, I opened my present where I was greeted with my first clue. Half asleep, and a scavenger hunt. This should only take all day. I breezed through the first three clues, only to be stumped by the fourth: Warm fuzzy pockets. What? When it's 80° where is a pocket of warm? Oh thats right. The pocket of a bathrobe. Who would have ever guessed? Props to the parents. Among these clues, I also received clues to how I would link these together. The last clue lead me to the TV with a big red bow on it. "It's back home wrapped waiting for you." T.V.? No no. You could call my TV the upstairs megaplex. It's 
ridiculous in that whoa it's been an adjustment to the eyes, but yes, it's wonderful. 

For those of you who have had the privilege to speak to me over the last week, you have noticed a slight change in my voice. I never thought I would have to type this; I lost my voice screaming over a football game. Throughout the fall, I remember keeping you updated on the UL football teams quest to become a nationally recognized and respected team. So, we lost a few, but at least we didn't have that target on our back to stay undefeated. And then came the season finale to one of our remaining few Big East Rivals. Rutgers University. This game would decide where we were headed in the post season. It would be nice to head back to the BCS, but any bowl would be good. Somehow, someway, we managed to pull off a big fat W. Now we're legit. This could get good. Or get real ugly. Among basking in the glow of not only winning our season finale game, we had also earned the big east championship.  Become a new member of the ACC, win our season finale, and become conference champions? This was all too good to be true. And then came the most stressful 72 hours in a UL's fan life. ESPN, Knoxville News, and other media outlets were reporting that Charlie Strong had taken the head coaching job at University of Tennessee. I kid you not, at one point, my boss had to tell me that he believed he was staying and everything would be okay. Please Charlie, you have turned this team into a highly respected team, and just please stay. Plus, red is a very handsome color on you.  Hours turned into days, and Wednesday night, it was announced that Charlie would hold a press conference to "talk about players reactions to the Sugar Bowl announcement." Hahahahahaha. That's a good one. But, we all knew why he came to talk. Commence the tears, the inspirational quotes, and the sighs of relief, Charlie is staying right where he belongs. 
     It was now time to focus the attention on the AllState Sugarbowl that would take place January 2, 2013 in LouOrleans, Louisana where UL would face Charlie's former team the University of Florida Gators. While we had absolutely no business playing in BCS bowl on national television, we would enjoy hearing the hype for the game. Vegas had announced the odds, saying that UL would be a 14 
point underdog. Respectable, but embarrassing.
     January 2 had finally arrived, and the hype around the city was unbelievable.  I think I forgot to mention that UL basketball has made their way into the Top 5 rankings, and well before the whole Sugar Bowl Game was announced, UL Basketball had a game that night. This was every UL fans dream. A double header. #winning. The basketball team had won, now it was in the hands of the football team. Let the bird hunting begin. Just kidding. A mere fifteen seconds into the first quarter, UL had themselves a touchdown. Hey at least it wouldn't be a shutout. And then ten minutes after that, we had raised the score UL: 14 UF: 0. That's when I lost the voice. I literally screamed so hard that night, I had little to no voice left. Four quarters, thirty three points and a jug of gatorade poured over Charlie Strong later, UL was declared the 2013 AllState SugarBowl Champions. What? Weren't we fourteen point underdogs? Sometimes I still wonder about that miracle. And as of January 8th, UL will be heading into the 2013-2014 Football season as a 13th ranked team in the country. #L1C4

This is what happens after taking too much time off. It won't happen again. 


Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm Alive...

And well. I cannot begin to apologize for my unexplainable hiatus from my site. During the last couple weeks months I have been asked the question, "Sara, what happened with you and blogging?" Uh. Uh. That's a really good question. And the truth is, I lost inspiration, and when I was inspired, I was always somewhere without computer access. Somebody commented to me the other day, and said, "You know, you haven't blogged since your birthday." Yes, I was clearly aware of that. "You just need to get on there and say, the time has come." Excuse me? I was always taught that once you start something, you need to finish it. And while I won't be blogging for the rest of eternity, I'm not ready to give this blog up quite yet. I still have ridiculous stories to tell.
     I'm sure you're asking yourself where I regained my inspiration to get back to blogging; I could say that the inspiration came back to me at a snails pace during my much needed 18 day Christmas vacation to the south, where mi familia would spend Christmas 2012 with Mom's side of the family. After working a 6 1/2 hour shift at the market and saying goodbyes, it was off to the airport to get away from it all. No customers, no calls asking if Superman could fill in, no cold, rainy, wet snow to deal with, no nothing. Fast forward to a magic text at 8:30 p.m. in sunny Florida telling our ride we had landed. She replied back: "have you all had dinner? Or do we need to fix you something?" (Please work with me here. I'm getting somewhere) I texted back that magical sentence"Mom and Dad had a bagel on the plane, but I heard you made your famous brushetta." Okay. See you in a few.
     Thirty minutes later, we arrived to the house, where I was greeted with smiling faces, and my grandmothers world famous brushetta. People. You don't understand how good this stuff is. It's life changing. Bad mood? Brushetta and bread makes everything better. And this time? She had finely grated parmesan cheese for me to sprinkle on it. You know me, I'm not a cheese lover like other family members are, but its all I talk about. Following my long awaited dinner/snack, my lovely grandmother made the comment, "You better save room. We've been waiting to dive into this peppermint ice cream and homemade hot fudge." This must be a joke. First brushetta with cheese, and now  peppermint ice cream with FAMOUS HOT FUDGE? Wait. I have to look good in THE bathing suit. Whatever. It's Christmas. So long trying to behave. Let the indulging begin.
    Following the consumption of three of my favorite foods, I sat down, and low and behold, there I was looking at the two Sara Spills books I had given to her. That's when it sunk in. I had abandoned what made me, and most importantly, other people happy. Skimming the pages, I found myself chuckling at some of the very early Sara Spills.
     Throughout the vacation, I would go straight to the books, continuing to look back at how far I've come, and occasionally trying to figure out what I meant in past posts.
     Again, I ask for your forgiveness in my hiatus. With the Spring Semester coming up, I can't guarantee every day blogging, but gosh darn it, I'll blog. Thanks for putting up with me.