Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's The Final Countdown...

"As the stress has started to pile on, I tell myself, 103 days until Christmas break." -Doughnuts And Directions August 2010. Ladies and gentlemen; those miserable 103 days, have dwindled down to the final  TWO days (count them. One. Two.) of the semester before the land of fruit baskets, the wonderful idea of having eight hour dreams instead of three hour dreams, saving gas, birthday celebrations, and holiday shenanigans. Before I can begin the festivities, there is that road block from allowing me to enjoy those ideas. Three hours of driving, (one being totally UNNECESSARY), one anonymous class evaluation (I've been doing them since I could write, so I've practically memorized it.) One it's the last day of instruction before the final, so I'm gonna give you a worthless assignment. One last class with Topanga, (I'm gonna kinda sorta miss that class) and two final paper revisions until December 9th. Oh yes, and who can forget countless hours at Shenanigan headquarters. And PLENTY of yours truly. I have been waiting for this day that may bring tears of joy and some Bieber fever shrieking. 


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hibernating Rainbow's...

Ah, the sweet smell of summer. School's out,laying by the pool, flip flops, countless number of barbecues, cute bathing suits and 89 cents any size Coke ICEE's. Even though I'm not exactly Summer's number one fan, I do enjoy all these. Except, finding cute flip flops with no toe separator became quite a challenge. Seriously Sara? You have another phobia? Well, at one point I did. Until the age of 16, I had a hard time with tactile issues. No one could sit on the same couch with me, it took me at least three minutes to make sure my socks were smooth, getting pedicures/manicure's were not even considered and even shoulder massages gave me the creeps. Which brings me to the flip flops issues. For many years, I had to wear socks and shoes during the height of summer, or just resort to the ever popular ADIDAS sandals with the strap across the top of the foot. If you haven't noticed, I wasn't your average American teenage girl. Until, the ever so fashionable sister introduced me to the seriously just wear these you'll eventually get used to them, they mold to your feet, its all I wear Rainbow leather flip flops.
     When I was first introduced to these flip flops, I tried them on with serious reservations, knowing this was not gonna fly. They were uncomfortable, had the ever so evil toe separator and didn't look all that attractive. "Will you at least just try? If you don't like them I'll wear them." Okay fine, I will at least try them. "Well, what do you think? The more you wear them, the more they will mold to your feet." A shoe that will mold to your feet? This was becoming sketchy. I wore them home, with my toes itching to get out of them. Someone once quoted, "Patience is a virtue." And with great patience, not only did I learn to tolerate the aforementioned footwear, I fell in love. With a pair of flip flops. I know, I have got to get a life.
      These have become a part of my everyday existence. With my somewhat sketchy driving record, the deal was no driving in flip flops.  Being the ever so disobedient teen I was, I drove to school wearing tennis shoes with the plan of switching into flip flops after school. Hey, it was spring and my feet were hot. Before coming into mi casa, I would plan to switch back into my "appropriate driving shoes." This was a fool proof plan. I'm guessing this is new information to some people.
     My Rainbow flip flops aren't just any pair of ordinary flip flops. When I first started wearing these, I wore them everywhere. The longer I wore them, the more inseparable we became. Strolling down memory lane, the 'bow's first trip was the annual family trip to the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. "Sara, if you really want them to become loose and comfortable, wear your shoes into the water." Leather shoes and water don't mix. Unless you want orange feet, and then they do. But that one dip into the unsalted waters of Lake Michigan confirmed my love for these shoes.
     The trip to Michigan is just a preview of where these shoes have been with me. Aside from the daily trips to get gas, these shoes have literally been all over the world. My Rainbow's have been on a countless number of trips to Florida, they have been to sea shores of the east coast, in the adorable red telephone booths in London, England, they've climbed the Arch de Triumph and wondered through the Louve in Paris France. This love is indescribable. They have also be worn during the milestones in my life, including my last day of high school, my first day of college, numerous UL football and basketball games, and my first day at Shenanigan headquarters.
     Christmas Morning 2008, the original pairs of Rainbow's tried to be replaced. And I use tried loosely. I decided to use my new pair for special events, because after years and thousands of miles they really should have been thrown away. I have attachment issues. The first time I wore these shoes wasn't like the first pair. They didn't have the "magic touch" that were in the first pair. People have said to me, it's time to throw those away and break in the others. Like I've said in earlier blog posts, I have issues with change.
     When I blogged about my first day at Shenanigan's, these flip flops couldn't have been there for me at a better time. If you stood on your feet for a solid 6 hours in socks and tennis shoes in the height of summer, you can imagine how hot your feet would be. After what seemed a long and hot day, I came to my car looking forward to taking off the shoes, and slipping on the bow's. Now that the foolproof plan had failed, I had began driving in my rainbow's daily.
     Summer was over. Now what shoes do I wear ? Back to tennis shoes? Nope. Still wearing the bow's. Some people consider it Fall until mid October, but I was still wearing these well until November. And then, my feet began to freeze. When would I cut myself off from wearing them? It had been decided that after I saw the first snowflake, my flip flops would would go into a season of hibernation. And sadly, the first snowflake came too early this year, because on November 26, 2010, I witnessed the falling of the snowflake. And the fall of the snowflake only meant one thing; it was time for the rainbow's to rest up for Spring and another year of adventures.
     I've included pictures for you to see just how much love I have put into my shoes. I'll let you guess which ones are my first pair, and which ones are the competitor pair.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Indian Givers...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. When I told Shenanigans headquarters that they could "have" me starting November 19th, I didn't think they needed Superman everyday.Wrong. I'm not complaining that I worked seven days straight with one obligatory day off, I'm just saying thats why you can call me Superman. Let me tell you the stories of Thanksgiving 2010.
     After working the much anticipated weekend before Thanksgiving, I began to become worn out. And you would think after being worn out from school, and work, I would go to bed at a somewhat reasonable time. Not so fast. With working Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I began to show the symptoms of The Cold That Has Taken Three Weeks To Go Around Work and after talking about how I hadn't gotten it, I thought I was out of the woods Cold 2010, well well well, look who was the lucky winner and of course who gets it the week of Thanksgiving? Don't answer all at once. Of all people how did I get it my second favorite week of the year? I was not about to call in on my favorite work day of the year. I had bakery commitments to live up to. (And you think all we eat is fruits and vegetables.) After what I thought was allergies, this "cold" started as sniffles late Tuesday night. Maybe just a good night sleep outta knock this out in no time. Knocked out? I meant come invade my immune system. I awoke to a pouring down rain Wednesday morning armed with Funfetti cupcakes and Orange Gatorade for my favorite work day of the year.
     A little history on my favorite day of the year. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving can be described as a madhouse marathon that starts promptly at 7:30 AM. (This is the one day that I do not mind the before 8:00 customers.) In the previous years, I love this day of the year, but this year, I came in with sniffles, a somewhat of a scratchy voice, and the pouring down rain. Working a mostly talking job of eight hours with a scratchy voice was no bueno. But as long as I had three dozen doughnuts, my two dozen cupcakes, a dozen homemade Chess bars, :) a dozen home made gingerbread cookies, and my gatorade, I would be good to go. To everyone's surprise, we were not as busy per usual. Thanks for nothing mother nature. I know there's always next year, but thats a mere 363 days away.
    At least the sniffles were nice enough to hold off until I got home, because Wednesday, I felt like I got hit by a smart car. (No not a bus a smart car.) The rest of Wednesday would be trying to sleep off this awful cold junk and get better for turkey day. I spent nothing but sleeping, consuming copious amounts of orange juice and popsicles. Maybe if I said that I was thankful for my health that this would magically go away.
    On Wednesday, I said I felt like I got hit by a smart car. Thanksgiving, I felt like I got hit by a bus. I wanted to enjoy the Christmas lights Wednesday night, so I slept on the couch. The deal in my family has always been, if you sleep on the couch, don't expect to get a good nights sleep. Being sick and sleeping on the couch didn't mix for a good night sleep anyway. I got up at 8:00ish which is purely ridiculous for my one day off, but less than 90 minutes later, I was fast asleep. I had told myself if I didn't feel better by noon, I wasn't going to dinner. Being sick, and attending another family dinner, there would be no way I could function. But being sick on my favorite food holiday with Mother's homemade stuffing, NOODLES overnight expressed from Florida, Cranberry Jelly, and Rolls, how could I miss out? By showering and somehow looking decent, I pulled myself together and went off to go take notes for what would be just another family holiday dinner. (Insert eye roll here).
     Putting together an outfit of khaki pants, a classic white t-shirt, a brown sweater, and my adorable and I mean adorable Sam And Libby flowered ballet flats, I somehow miraculously showed up for Thanksgiving. Like I mentioned, being sick, and dealing with family, I would be in no mood for being picked on. Arriving at 1:15 for a 2:00 dinner, I was glutton for punishment. Oh, and then on top of that, I walk into the kitchen to find an elbowlessness turkey. Somehow a furry friend that shall rename nameless wanted to partake in our thanksgiving feast and grabbed the turkey to pull off the platter when the thanksgiving hero, CFL lightbulb Uncle, caught the 109 pound furry friend, and stopped him before total turkey devastation. A pizza thanksgiving averted.
     Time for the first course including family heirloom oyster shells oysters Rockefeller while Mom and I ate Rockefeller on toast. Oysters are not included in my appetite. For those unaware of what Rockefeller is, I shall inform you. This green "goo" which includes spinach and watercress, is quite the treat at holiday meals. After scarfing down this deliciousness, it was announced that there were leftovers, and I directly quote my hostess with the mostess grandmother, "yes doll, we will send the rest home with you." CHA CHING. Wait a second. I was asking for spinach "goo" when normally I can not stand the smell of cooked spinach? I must be sick. "No mother, she may not have them. We'll freeze it and save it for Christmas." Did I just witness an act of Indian First People giving on Thanksgiving Day no less? (After all this is 2010, and we must be politically correct) I think I did. Adding to the already eclectic dinner conversation, it was announced that the actual "first people of American's were Russians, and Sarah Pailin could see them from her Wasilla, Alaska home." FREEZE FRAME: Am I really witnessing this, or has the mucinex gotten to my head?"And this wasn't even dessert.
     After a dinner of oysters Rockefeller, turkey with oyster dressing, wild rice, NOODLES :), broccoli, rolls, and your choice of cranberry jelly, or cranberry jelly with whole berries, it was time for dessert. Dessert included, pumpkin pie plain, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream plain, pie and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, pie with vanilla ice cream and CARMEL sauce or ice cream with chocolate and carmel sauce. How many choices can there be? I went with vanilla and carmel sauce. Cold carmel sauce that is. As I mentioned the CFL Uncle who wished to be unnamed, he announced at the table that in 2011, Congress will ban all regular lightbulbs that we use today, and has been "collecting" the ones used today for several years stockpiling in his basement. He also went on to say that Thomas Edison still has his original lightbulb burning in his (Edison's house).
     Next up on the family holiday dinner? Christmas. I can only hope that we can all be on our best behavior. We do have special guests joining us. So to the family that I love and adore... (you know who you are) Can I have one extra present this year? Can we please be on our best behavior? One can only hope...


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sausage Biscuits And Doughnuts...

"Hey it's Sara, I was calling to get my schedule for the week. Monday 3-Close, Wednesday 12-Close, Friday 2-Close, Sat 7-3. Excuse me? 7 AM? On a Saturday? Yes 7 AM. See ya Monday. Click." Who on earth goes to work at 7 AM? Adults. That's right. Once you turn 18, you become a member of the 9-5 world. Being the early bird I am, I set my alarm for 6:10 AM. On a Saturday. Being the considerate and clever person I am, and not wanting to turn on lights, or waste energy, I turned to my handy dandy cell phone and got ready for work in the somewhat dark. Don't think I'm weird, because I'm sure you do it too. And yet again, I set my alarm too early, and arrived at work at a mere 6:40. It was off to go see what I am to do at  7 AM on a Saturday, when actually work doesn't open until 8:00. Queue the already halfway into the store and ask "oh are you open?" 7:01 AM customers.
   After coming to the realization that I was at my home away from home on a Saturday morning, it was time for me to figure out what needed to be done.  I had the option of putting up peaches, grapes, plums, or nectarines. Or the big fat elephant in the room.... the unmentioned thousands upon thousands of strawberries. Nope. I'll leave that to the experts. 
     "Is this your first time opening?" Well, yeah. Considering I don't know the last time I had to set my alarm for 6:10 AM on a Saturday morning, you're gonna have to show me what to do.  Leaving the grapes, those unspoken of evil berries and peaches, (I have a good reason of not touching those things. I'm allergic to the fuzz) it was off to learn the difference of a good plum and bad plum. Okay, this should be easy, if there are any spots on the plum, I'll just throw it in my bad box. Correction: You must first take down all the plums that were put up yesterday, go through those to see if those are bad, put new ones up on the bottom, and see if those are bad, and then put the old ones on top so those sell first. Make sure that the "butts" of the fruit go on the bottom, so they all are facing the right direction. And you wanted me to learn this all at 7 AM? Oh and in between doing that, you need to check out those 59 minutes before we really open customers. 
     Besides my when it's 9:00 on a Saturday morning and and asks in that way too early for being perky "whatcha doin? What do you want to do today?" Dad, I had to ask myself, who is up at this time of the day, never the less, DRESSED, and out shopping at 7:00 on a Saturday morning. Go back to bed and do me a favor and come back at 8:00 when the neon orange sign says "OPEN." Promptly at 7:15 it was time for me to play nice and check out the even though I have a pint of strawberries and two banana's can I have that in two plastic bags? I'm walking before it gets super hot out customers. Now back to what I was doing.  


Sunday, November 21, 2010

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out...

"I want an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time." Okay, so I don't want air rifle because I'm not a 12 year old boy, but this classic "A Christmas Story" quote has prompted me to think: What do I want from Santa? Snow on Christmas Morning. (I couldn't tell you the last time I saw snow on Christmas) An unlimited supply of donut holes and chocolate icing for dipping during those 7 AM mornings at Shenanigans headquarters. Better Chiquita Banana Stickers. (It's the little things in life) Khaki Pants/Shorts. (You Can Never Have Enough Khaki Pants) Decoupage Materials. (I'm not an athlete. I'm an artist.) Mother Nature to make up her mind about this weather. (It's not supposed to be 70 degrees in December). Most kids want a bell for their bike. I on the other hand, want a horn for my car Chip. Coldplay's Chris Martin to release "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas On iTunes. (Don't make me buy an album that is twenty dead presidents for just one song.) Amazon.com, do me a favor and reduce the price of your Kindle. I've waited long enough. I can't wait until 2011.  A non perishable version of "The Meat Suit" for The Monster Ball. One weekend where there is not a THING I have to do. (This whole being an adult thing is getting in my way of fun).  For my attention span to be longer. Apparently there are too many classic movies that I haven't seen. (So I get bored easily. And no I have yet to see Titanic.) We won in Freedom Hall, so lets win again in the bucket on New Years Eve. Meredith Grey's adorable probably well over my price range sweater dress. I have attached a picture in case you come across one. And if you do, call me. Preferably before December 15th. 


Saturday, November 20, 2010

He Put A Ring On It....Royal Edition...

Ding. New Text Message. I looked at my phone. Who on earth could be texting me this early? (6:04 AM) : Prince William And Kate Middleton are engaged. I was still half asleep and my day was ruined. Thanks Dad. No actually thanks Prince William. Scratch that. Thanks Kate Middleton. Being half asleep I wasn't about to check my three sources to find if this was true. I was in the middle of my two weeks of paper writing and I valued every second of sleep that I could. It was time for my already ruined day to begin. I had checked my sources. And all three sources were correct. So much for becoming the wife of the internationally well known arm candy. 
     I know somewhere in my scrap books upon scrap books of Prince William, I have the collectors edition of the April 14th 2007 Daily Mail newpaper headline that read "PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE SPLIT" gave me hopes in becoming Her Royal Highness Sara Princess Of Whales. To the people of Great Britian, it was a headline of depressing and grim news, but to the millions of girls who were vying for the Most Eligible Bachelor in Europe, its the best headline they could ever read. 
     Before I continue, I must ask. How do you keep the worlds most well awaited engagement a SECRET FOR OVER A MONTH?? I mean seriously, when people tell me secrets, they tell me maybe three weeks out and that even wears me out. BUT A MONTH? And you carried your deceased mother's gorgeous sentimentally priceless sapphire and diamond ring for THREE WEEKS? In your POCKET? IN KENYA? And didn't tell a SOUL? Are you nuts? And I quote your beautiful fiancee, "I'll be in big trouble if I lose this." Yea you will. So don't. 
    Now that the initial hype has somewhat calmed down, there is one final question to be asked? Is this ring cursed? At the ring being valued at £30,000 when originally purchased by Prince Charles for Diana Spencer in 1980, the ring would become a symbol of a royal marriage... or so we thought. So by passing down an engagement ring, are you passing down an unsuccessful marriage? Also on the subject of the beauty of the ring, I was checking my daily blogs, and saw that an unnamed Home Shopping channel, coughcoughQVCcoughcough, has had the honors of debuting a knock off of Kate's engagement ring. Soapbox time. Excuse me. First off, it's tacky to duplicate something. Second off, it's horrible that you would sell something like this. Third off, you might as well go to Chuck E. Cheese and go spend $1.00 and get one in the robot toy picker. 
    Kate, as much as I have been sitting here blogging about my jealously that you are marrying my William, congratulations are in order as you have found your prince charming. I'll be like a kid on Christmas waiting for my invitation in the mail sometime soon. 


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guess Who's Back...

I'm back!!!! And I'm back for good!! And I'm pumped. And with the holidays coming up, expect some blogs to come. "You can not possibly compare yourself to surgical interns. It took you five hours to write two sentences." Maybe that should be the slogan for the procrastination poster that I will be posing in. When I had to leave the wonderful world of blogs, I entered the slowly killing trees one tree at a time world. Three, how many more days till Thanksgiving break papers later, I have successfully returned to the place where I belong. And boy does it feel good to be back. Because there were some times where I was tired of writing in MLA format and wanted to write the way I write and not write about boring classic literature books.
     A little background on these papers. (I promise I won't bore you). Paper one was our weekly paper that we are assigned every week on the book we are currently reading. The selection? The number one New York Times Best Seller list chart topper Don Quixote. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be bored. Because I was. I was able to whip paper one out in 2 hours. One paper down, two to go. Just how long could I put off the dreaded " Which Book Is Faster To Learn A Moral? Aesop's Fables or Everyman?" I'll save you the time and effort of reading the books to find out for yourself. Spoiler Alert: Aesop's Fables. You wanna know why Aesop's Fables are faster? "Looking through some of Aesop’s fables and seeing how short they were, I came across fable 147, “The Dancing Camel and after a letter count, I counted a total of 97 letters.  Putting Aesop’s “The Dancing Camel” in social media terms, this fable has fewer characters than a regular tweet from Twitter, which has a count of 140 letters or less." Yep. I win. I mentioned twitter in my final essay. I'd like to see Topanga's face when she reads this essay.  When I have papers like this, I like to have a plan in mind. Do I stick them? Not exactly. I talk a good story, and then it never happens.  After coming home from the horribly called UL-USF overtime had the refs been better, we would have been going shopping for a bowl game,  I decided that I would write from 7pm to 11:35 pm. Bahahahahaha. Two sentences down, a tons more to go. I had set my alarm for  8:00 the following morning to get this paper out of my life. Two hours later, I was not allowed to go anywhere until I finished this paper. Let's just say it's finished and turned in. And I don't have to look at it until November 30th. Two papers completed. And one more to go. 
     I had categorized the three papers into categories. Paper one was strep throat, Paper two was heart surgery, and paper three was a walk in the park. Well I thought the last one was a walk in the park. For my final paper, we were to write a features story. Any topic of our choosing. Having to interview three sources, and not wanting to track people down, I did a story on the record enrollment on my higher education. Once again, it's turned in. Finished. 
     Do I have plans for my Thankgiving/Sorry We Care About Your Education And There For You Don't Get A Fall Break Break?? Heck yes I do have plans. Sleep. Working the best day of the entire calendar work year/day before Thanksgiving Shenanigans. And grubbing on turkey skin. 


Monday, November 15, 2010

87 Hours And Counting....

Mission Accomplished! Almost. As of November 15th, I have successfully completed two out of three papers. I promise I have not forgotten my bloggy blog blog. This may be one of the most stressful weeks I've endured since... well a long time. I will go into details when I make my triumphant return, but in some of my papers, I wanted to bust out the writing of my blogs. Miss Me!!! 


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pardon This Interruption...

My Fellow Readers... 
It is with great sadness that I must abandon saraspills.blogspot.com until November 19th. I promise you I will be back, but I must take a blog vacation until then. I use vacation loosely. Here's what's on my agenda until then: Just this week alone, I have 78 pages of reading, a paper on those 78 pages of reading, three interviews for my final paper in another class, research for my final paper in my Literature class, "A Christmas Story" night at the theater, work, and the annual dad can't use his ticket, so I'll go instead football game against USF. The following week : A.K.A freakout week/I'll be back before you know it: Turning in the final draft of my literature final essay, reading only the best book ever, "The Tempest" turning in a first draft for my other essay in my second class, finding somewhere in there to breathe, and starting the best week of the entire year at work/Thanksgiving week! I promise you I will be back with the latest breaking Hollywood news, but for now, higher education is my best friend. Sinara blog world. Hello Sara doesn't have a life until Thanksgiving World. 


Happy Birthday Ya Wild Animal...

The girl's name Sara \s(a)-ra\ is a variant of Sarah (Hebrew), and the meaning of Sara is "princess".   And yes, that's exactly what I was on my wonderful day of birth. For those who were unable to participate in my festivities, you were extremely missed, but it's a good thing you have your handy dandy sara spills birthday blog to fill you in. 
    12:01 AM: New Text Message. 12:05 A.M. New Text Message. 2:15 AM: New Text Message. 4:15 AM. New Text Message. Oh the joys of Facebook Mobile. I had prepared myself for the notifications of the obligatory Happy Birthday wall posts, but having to get up super early because of attending higher education, I would need to put my phone on silent. Okay, if you put your phone on silent, how did you know you got all those text messages? Don't you leave your phone in the kitchen plugged into the wall where it belongs? Sadly no. I am one of those Generation Y'ers who sleep with their phone next to their head. And don't try to tell me that if I sleep with my phone by my head I'll loose brain cells. Because it doesn't work. Oh wait. If I turn my phone on silent I'm going to miss the first Happy Birthday 7 AM phone call. Set my "It's T-Shirt Time" alarm for 6 AM and turn phone on to ring. Go back to bed. Problem solved. 7:02 AM. "Happy Birthday To You..." phone call. I normally have to get up for school at 7:30 but heck, it's my day of birth, so why not get up 28 minutes earlier and enjoy the day? In order for me to get to class on time, I like to leave the house at 8:30ish which gives me time to get there, park and get to class, and not speed. It took me everything to get out of bed at 8:15 to attend class. I went to class on my birthday. I won't be making that mistake next year. If I went to class on my birthday does that qualify me for student of the year award? Yea, I thought so. Coming out of class, it began to rain. The big guy upstairs must have listened to what I wanted for my birthday because I wanted it cold and rainy for my day. High of 53 and rainy to be exact. With school, taking a birthday nap, and getting ready to debut my killer and I mean killer birthday outfit and family celebrations, my schedule was beginning to fill up.
     On a normal school day, I just head home, but as this was the this world would be boring with out Sara, thank goodness she was born day, it was only appropriate that I celebrate with a birthday lunch with the Dove Chocolate Fairy :),  in a cute little adorable cafe in the back of a party store. In the back of a party store? Yes. And it's absolutely adorable. Wanting to save plenty of room for dinner and the homemade cake I got to watch being made, Mom joined me in splitting a Ham and Brie sandwich dressed with pepper jelly and spicy mustard on Orange Cranberry bread.
     Between driving to classes, attending classes, and lunch, the birthday girl did need her beauty sleep. Well so I thought. As dinner reservations were at 6:15, I figured that if I got my beauty sleep from 3:00-4:30, I would have plenty to get ready. Call the Guinness Book of World Records. I took the shortest nap in history. With birthday calls and MORE birthday texts, I took an all of a two minute nap. Not that I loved all the calls, because I did, but I could have used a nap of what I was about to face at dinner. 
     The day had come for me to debut my boots that would accompany my jeggings, the classic J-Crew white long sleeved shirt and a vest. I can't go into details. We'll just say I like to go shopping in a relative's closet. Dinner. If you know me, you know how family dinners go. A nice time had by all. 
     Next thing you know it was time for the delicious home made chocolate on chocolate on chocolate cake to be presented. Ruh Ro. So did the ice cream. My family must have read my blog on my phobia, because ladies and gentlemen, we have made a great stride with this phobia. My peppermint ice cream was served in a bowl. No not with the cake on the plate, but in a totally separate BOWL. But because ice cream melts, I still felt the need to scarf it down before I ate my cake. The cake was ready to go, and so were the candles. Most people can blow out candles in one breath. After last years nightmare of blowing out candles, I was determined to blow out my candles in one breath this year. As my wise sister commented, "not a chance." Bingo. It took not one, not two but THREE tries to blow them out. And it's only gonna get harder. 
     We have a routine when it comes to birthdays, chit chat a little, and then presents. I took my first bite and was handed my first present. "Okay Sara, in order for you to get your first part to your present, name all nine American Idol winners in order." I named the first three, but struggled. I was handed a crossword puzzle. Okay...  I was slightly confused. "In order for you to get a pencil, name all your vowels."  "A,E,I,O,U and sometimes Y." And so began "Sara's Epic Birthday Crossword Puzzle." Being the oh so wise sister she is, she created a crossword puzzle that had the answers to my birthday presents. Included? iTunes, Target, and Heine Brothers for those upcoming, way too cold for winter, 7 AM's days at work. Shout-out to The. Best. Sister. In. The. World. Holla. The family celebration concluded with funny and cards and a sophisticated Lilly Pulitzer phone cover for a very sophisticated adult.
     With the birthday coming to an end, it was time to come home to watch my Thursday night tradition with an episode of Grey's accompanied by presents from Mom and Dad."Uhhh. Is this what I think this is?" I saw the infamous little red box with white letters. As. Seen. On. TV.  "This is halarious." Yep. I am a proud owner of a Snuggie.
    Okay, so I do enjoy birthday's, but what I don't enjoy is getting another year older. But what I didn't forget to do on my special day? "And don't lose the way that you dance around in your pj's getting ready for school."