Monday, May 30, 2011

Here's To The Future...

In my recent post "Livin' On A Prayer" I mentioned that I was one of the select few who had opted to continue on with my 6 week way too intensive writing class, and mentioned that the other 14 who were in my class were quitters. You can now make that 15. I'm not gonna make you read about my misery, but as of 7:30 tonight, I officially dropped the class. I know that I decided to do this half way into the class, but as I said, I saw way too many 3:00 AM nights, and honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. I was tired of having to get up, go to school or work, come home, work on my paper, eat dinner, work some more, go to bed, and get up just to do the same thing again and again.
      If you saw the rubric for the papers, you would agree with me. I was somehow having to figure out what to work on first; homework that was due tomorrow, a 50 point mandatory notebook that went along with my paper, or start working on 2 page summaries for my 10 sources for my paper, and was told that if they weren't two pages, I would probably fail the notebook.
     After dropping the class, I was handed a schedule. Included in my day? Laying out in my I can't wait to put it on the love of my life bathing suit so I can lay out and read, running 3 miles, (I've missed that, and I'm not kidding either) an one hour massage, and finishing the day off with a dinner date at Panera with only the best sister in the world.
    The plus side of all this new found free time? More hours at Shenanigans, and more of your's truly. And, we all know how much I love me some quotes, so while digging deep into my Grey's catalog of wisdom, I found a perfect one that sums this all up:"Doesn’t matter how tough we are, trauma always leaves a scar. It follows us home, it changes our lives, trauma messes everybody up, but maybe that’s the point. All the pain and the fear and the crap. Maybe going through all of that is what keeps us moving forward. It’s what pushes us. Maybe we have to get a little messed up, before we can step up."


Saturday, May 28, 2011

You What?!?!...

Yes. As a matter of fact I did cut my hair. But why you ask? Because it's summer, it got kinda dull, and it was time for it to go. Plain and simple. So why this will be another quickie, I shall present Sara Summer 2011.


6 or 7 inches later. no biggie.
While I know this is not the best picture of me, I'll be sure to get a good one super soon. And for the first time when she asked how old I was, she didn't think I was 14 or 16. Movin on up. Also, we're out of watermelon at the casa. It's a good thing I work for the next two days. 


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Livin' On A Prayer...

Literally. Well not really.  But ladies and gentlemen, the day has finally come for me to announce that I have reached the HALFWAY point in Summer school. I never thought this day would get here. It seems like all I have posted about is school, but let me blog about the things I have witnessed, learned, and thoughts about the past three weeks.

*The professor has matching crocs for virtually every outfit.
*I have a 200 page printing limit. I'm down to 138 pages.
*I've seen 3 AM far too many nights in a row.
*Never will I be taking another 3 hour class.
*Proud to say that I am one of 7 remaining in my class. The other 14? #Quitters
*I could tell you anything and everything you need to know about generation Y
*Same goes for American Psychological association citing in papers 
*I have taught my body to sit still for 75 minutes. Without getting up. That's a champion right there. 
*Because of the timing of my class, I can officially make it to school in 20-25 minutes WITHOUT speeding. 
*As much as I hate the fact that I sit in class for three hours a day, I do enjoy the afternoons off from Shenanigans.
* I've gone to the computer lab more in the last three weeks than I did last semester.
* I'm counting down the days until I can debut in my bathing suit. 

And in case you didn't hear. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. 7 :) classes and counting. 


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sara...Just...Stop Talking...

WARNING: This post is going to be extremely short, and beyond words random. But these are the current thoughts going through my head:

*I can't believe I didn't submit a SINGLE vote to the American Idol finale this year.
*As of 3:30 Thursday afternoon, I will be half way done with Summer School.
*Anybody know where I can find the movie Mouth To Mouth? Because I can't and I've checked, RedBox, Netflix and Wild And Wooly Video.
*I feel like I finally have control over my paper thats due tomorrow
*The weathermen need to get their facts straight because as of 1:00 this afternoon, we were under a Tornado Watch with a Potentially Dangerous Situation storm, and as of 9:00 tonight, not a drop of rain has dropped. Get. Your. Facts. Straight.
*I really wish the American Idol Concert was coming closer than Nashville.
*I really need to get back in training.
* I'm gonna miss my long hair. It's like it's been a part of me since I started training.
*Pools open this weekend. Helllloooo love of my life.
*OPRAH's last show was kind of a let down.
* I can't wait to re-connect with my Kindle come June 21


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Got That Right...

Well, well, well... It's another late Sunday night at I have to be at work at 7 AM and I'm tired of annotated bibliographies, and convincing my teacher to let us analyze the movie Little Miss Sunshine, so what better way to spend my night than rambling to you and once again get inside my brain?
     If I do recall in "Coldplay Doesn't Help" a.k.a announcing the Celebrity Apprentice cast, and I even remember writing that from day uno, John Rich would be taking home the title of Celebrity Apprentice 2011, and the hefty $250,000 donation to St. Jude's Children Hospital. And as of 11:00 tonight, look who was right? #Winning.
     I guess you could say that I have an addiction to and the gLee CD's. gLee soundtrack number six comes out tomorrow (Monday) and I pre-ordered it three weeks ago. I can't help it. It's gLee's fault for doing amazing covers of Adele and Fleetwood Mac, and then expecting the gleeks to go out and support them.
     Why don't you ask who some how miraculously survived a week of summer school and a rather early work week on 20(ish) hours of sleep? That's right. As I say, total domination. I know, I know, clearly aware of all the hazards that come with it. But due to the fact that there was an extremely emotional episode of gLee on Tuesday night, how are you supposed to work after bawling your eyes out all night? You're not. And then hello? The semi finals of American Idol were on, and I'm proud to say that Lauren and Scotty have made it into the finals that will air Tuesday night. And Idol got over at 9:30, well then I have to get started, and then ya know, it turned into a long night of YouTubing marriage proposals along with having to rewind the clip of Kate walking down the aisle to William.
     Sara. You're still not over the Royal Wedding? Nope. Embarrassed? Slightly. But I have found a clip that I am madly in love with, and it's Kate walking down to her Prince Charming. Oh and then there's that handsome rebel Harry, who at one point, turns to look at Kate, and then says to William, "Here she is now. She looks stunning." Once again; embarrassed that I have the dialogue memorized thanks to a lip reader who posted on Perez Hilton everything that was said on that wonderful morning? More than slightly embarrassed. But, I must say, the music she walked down to, was absolutely beautiful. And the overhead shots of Westminster Abbey and the trees that look like they came straight out of a story book wedding? That's why.
      Lorne Michaels is a total genius. In case you're unaware of this man, he's the creator of maybe one of the highlights of my weekend, Saturday Night Live. This weekend's episode was the season finale, and back in April it was announced that Justin Timberlake would be hosting. Now, we just needed a musical guest. Well, considering it was the season finale, and a certain Mama Monsters long awaited Born This Way album comes out this week, its only fitting you book her. So yes, Justin Timberlake and GAGA. Another factor of my 20ish hours of sleep this week.
     This weekend was rather an exciting one at mi casa. And because we had out of town family visiting, and I happened to be peer reviewing our papers in class, I was able to scoot out of class 30 minutes early to come home and greet them. For once, it felt good to be a rebel. And because we had such fun family visiting, while I was at work, they were out having fun looking at all the horses and betting dollars on them. I happened to get a text that made my week. "I put two dollars across the board for Dream Warrior." How fitting. Five minutes later, I get the following response. "OMG. YOU WON!!!!!!!" $33.20 later, I was handed my winnings.  And with it being a day before the Preakness, they were also able to place a $2 bet to place on Animal Kingdom and once again $4 later I was #winning again.
      As the month of May starts to wind down, we all know what that means. Season finales. And let me say, last week was a little hard on the emotions. Coming from what used to be a heartless person who only cried at three episodes of Full House, I kid you not, I cried four days in a row. I cried at gLee Tuesday night, American Idol both nights, and then the season finale of Grey's. And if you watched what I watched those nights, you would have cried too.
    It's my favorite time of year again. TV year that is. As you read earlier, I mentioned that Lauren and Scotty have both made it into the final two of Idol. And this where you come in. You're going to laugh at  what I'm about to say, but will you please help me vote for Lauren Tuesday night? Last year, I voted for a solid four hours straight for Crystal Bowersox and managed to get in over 300 votes. I did the pros and cons for both and I decided that Lauren needs the title more than Scotty, because I'm sure Nashville is just waiting for him to get voted off and sign a record deal. So please Tuesday night please watch Idol and please pay attention to the numbers given for her, and as soon as 9:00 hits, please get your smart phones out and VOTE.
     Oh and I'm sure you're wondering what I said to start this off? Yes, as a 5 point bonus for class, we were assigned to write a one page paper on what movie we want to watch in class and analyze it for our next paper. The only limits we had, were that either the director had to be in their mid 20's or have someone born in the last twenty years in the movie. Obviously I chose Little Miss Sunshine. The girl behind me had never heard of it. Odd, but whatever. Her response? "I'm gonna do Lemonade Mouth?" With that, "what movie is that face", I nicely replied "huh?" she then said, "Oh, I bet most people haven't, it's a Disney Movie." I really hope the rest of my class didn't board that train with her on that one. And did Lemonade Mouth win an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay? Didn't think so.
     Time update: It's 1:00 and I have to be up in five hours. So much for getting a decent nights sleep.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Zip ID Case...

Mentioned in some of my favorite things, (not the 13 Things I can't live without) I mentioned my keychain. And I'm sure you're asking yourself, why on earth are you car keys one of your favorite things? Well, its a good thing you asked, because I believe that my keychain tells a story. Odd. I know. And just think, it's one more little thing you get to know about me.
     The first and most important part of my keychain is the key to Chip. Also known as my freedom. This key was introduced to me on a hot muggy August night of 2008. Love at first sight.
     By far one of my favorite keychains has to be the it used to be cute, but now it's plain dirty, I don't know what you want to call it, maybe a bracelet for the keys, keychain. This was one of my very first keychains purchased by me from a class mate of mine that happened to be in the competing Junior Achievement sponsored Applied Economics class in high school. For those who are unaware of Junior Achievement, I'll give you the 411. The class taught me how to come up with a business plan, execute it, production, advertising and selling. One would think that it was an easy class, but I quickly found out, I have no plans to become an entrepreneur anytime soon. Anyway, back to what I was saying. The girl who I had bought it from tried to make me buy some that were already made. Well, being the dare to be different student I was, I didn't want one that everyone else would have. My teacher encouraged us to support the other class, and vice versa. Seriously, these things were cute, but the only way I would buy one is if I had one custom made. The girl informed me they couldn't do custom orders. It's not like you had to tell the class you had a custom order. It was looming toward the end of the year and look who just "happened to have extra black roping, and happened to have extra black and white ribbon?" Wasn't there someone wanting a black and white keychain? Honestly, it's how I hang my keys every night.
     The next keychain signifies my "state heritage". And those may not even be the right words, but how else can I explain that I have a keychain with my name on it made out of the leather used for the horses saddles, but can't ride horses because of allergies? But if you get my point, leather, horses, derby? You get the drift. Oh. And don't forget it has my name on it, so if your name isn't Sara, and you have my keys, then somethings seriously wrong.
     To the person who invented my next keychain is a genius. It's a keychain that has a hook that sit's outside my purse so that I can find my keys easier. Like I said. GENIUS. This keychain reminds me of three things. Number one: my lovely and ever so life saving :) godparents. Number two: my 21st birthday celebration.  This keychain was in a bag of 21 presents filled with little nicknacks and this happened to be one of them. Number three: UL sports. Another symbol of my heritage, and another one of my faves.
     I know, I know, my keychain is still not complete and all this weight is not good for my engine.  My IU keychain is another keychain that shows my "education heritage." As much as their basketball team is no bueno, there education system is outstanding. I'll get there one day.
      The keychain from the island. I love island time. Enough said.
     And finally, literally the center of my keychain and my life. My Bali Blue Vera Bradley Zip ID case. This case literally has my entire everyday life in it. When I first started driving, I just had the basic keys that I needed, and as time went on, I needed a place for my student ID and license, and my AAA card, and my cash, and I didn't want to carry around a bulky wallet, and I happened to come across one of these on the Vera Bradley website. My personal favorite products of hers. I grab my keys, phone and off I go. I have everything I need.
     Road trip anyone?


Saturday, May 14, 2011

3.01 Hellish Miles...

It seems just like yesterday that I was announcing to the blogosphere that I was partaking in the mini marathon. And after I was finished, I was asked the first post race question: "are you addicted yet?" Of course my first instinct was "heck no."  I did just run 13.1 miles ya know. After the glory days had come and gone, and the reality of not having to train almost every day had finally set in. I was able to go to work, and come home to relax. It began to feel odd.
     Following my weekend of running success, I returned to Shenanigan HQ's only to be greeted with the one question that I didn't mind to answer; "So Sara, how'd ya do?" and it still continues to roll off my tongue with a smile. But that one question was still looming in the back of my tiny little brain.
     I'm not gonna lie. I do have favorite customers. While the old ones are cute and adorable, it's the post-morning carpool duty moms that I have come to love. They're full of energy and always so appreciative that I have gotten out of my comfy bed to come and bag their groceries.
     There is one in particular mom who I had told them about my training for the mini. Still on my running glow she was pretty impressed with me, and then continued to go on about another race. No Sara. Don't put yourself through this again. You hated every minute of training and just don't do it. "What race is it?" "Well it's something actually that my kids discovered through YouTube called the Warrior Dash. It's actually really cool, you run through a field, and about every half mile you stop and do an obstacle." Obstacles? I'm out. The only thing I have going for me are my melon bi-cept muscles. Locked and loaded. Although... if I did decide to do this "dash" I'd look pretty killer in my bathing suit. So, I decided to look into this "dash" a little more.
     What exactly was this race all about? Free viking hat? Check. Free beer at the end? Well that's a waste. Muddy water? Sounds good to me.
     If you still don't exactly understand, let me go into detail. This so called "dash" takes place in the middle of a field out in the middle of a no where during the height of Summer's heat. During this dash, I'll start out running a good mile (give or take) stop and do an obstacle. Run some more, stop and do an obstacle. You get the gist. I know one of the obstacles, but theres too many moms that read this, but I'm not gonna give you a heart attack.
     Game. On.

*Also, not really sure what happened to the original posting of this. I went to go check on it, and it just decided to vanish on me. I knew the web was creepy.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Then My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight...

After experiencing what seemed like one of the longest Derby festivals I have lived, the best two minutes in sports has arrived. While I did work the last four days, I did take some time on Derby Eve to witness the crafting of the garland of roses being assembled at my local K-Roger. And what do you think I did? You know the answer. One little known fact: The garland weighs approximately 40 pounds.

Legendary Jockey Pat Day. 

Hard At Work. 
And if you wanted to know who I have placed my official bet on: $2 to WIN on Mucho Macho Man and $2 to PLACE on Pants on Fire.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

13 Things 2011...

While doing some very much needed in depth spring cleaning, I happened to come across a May 2005 issue of Today's Woman, a local magazine that can be picked up around the city, including Shenanigan HQ's. Included in the keepsake worthy issue, was a features article written by a family friend asking us to list 13 things we can't live without. Now mind you, I was 16 at the time:

1. Full House (The TV Show)
2. The Features Section Of the paper
3. Roses
4. Letters
5. My great grandfathers chair
6. White Noise
7. Mr. Hollands Opus (The Movie)
8. My fleece Blanket
9. Scented Detergent
10. Mom's home cooking
11. Soffee Shorts
12. Sloppy Joe's
13. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy

After reviewing the list written by the mind of a 16 year old, I thought I would go back and revise/update  my list. So, as of May 5, 2011,  in no particular order, I would like to present my current list of 13 Things I Can't Live Without. Drum Roll Please:

1. Family
2. My Celebrity Gossip
3. Mom's Home Cooking. (I Couldn't Resist)
4. My DVD Collection of Grey's Anatomy
5. Chip
6. Sara Spills :)
7. Decoupaging
8.Shenanigan HQ's
9. Facebook
10. Joker
11. My cell phone
12. Vera Bradley
13. 2009

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Wow. It's hard to believe how much one can change over the years.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Princess Party. Enough Said...

I usually post my blogs in chronological order, but seeing as my mini completion trumped the Royal Wedding, that came first. After re-living my race day glory for a few days, I can finally present to you the story of the best Princess Party around.
     My planning for my party began several weeks prior to the Nuptials of The Week. (And I say week  because, well, we all know who had the nuptials of the year.) It began with a trip to Target where I strolled the party aisle in search for anything Princess related. As I eagerly looked for my party decorations, I spotted two cute purple plastic tiaras. You can't have a princess party and not have tiara's for the princesses!  When I started my mission to find only the classiest decorations in town, there were only two people in the aisle; myself, and my mother.  After finding the last two purple plastic tiaras in the store I was approached by a 70ish something grandmother, "Are there anymore of those?" My Reply: "Ummmmm. Nope. Sorry." After a quick odd look at me she continued; "Well shoot. I really wanted those for my grand-daughters third birthday party." Pointing to some other kind of tiara's, I replied: "Well there's those..." "Those aren't gonna do. Oh well." Buy out the last two tiara's in the store for the Royal Wedding? CHECK. Oh and look what else I found? Matching Napkins. Decorations complete, it was time to plan a breakfast fit for a queen. (I crack myself up...)
    After extensive research as to what should be served for this special occasion, the menu was set. Raspberry scones, Crumpets and jam, Strawberries and (whipped) cream, deviled eggs with bacon (Because the wedding was almost 24 hours to the minute that I would run my race, the protein police was in full force)  pon de chocolate, tea, and mimosa's with Shenanigan Headquarters Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice.  "Now Sara, what time will you want to  serve breakfast?" "Well, seeing as coverage starts at 4:00, I'll be up for the start of it, and I can get everything ready for a 5:30 serving." Famous last words.
     The eve before my princess party, it was time to set up the extravagant affair. Tiara's out? Check. Mimosa glasses out? Check. Plates, napkins, and serving plates out? Check. Alarm set for 3:50 AM? Check. Excitement beyond belief? Double Check.
     "Oh darling, don't you ever grow up, ever grow up." Oh I how I love waking up to Taylor Swift.  But wait. Was it already 3:50? Nope. Snooze for another nine minutes. Repeat until 4:30 when I was awoken by the doorbell. It was TEAM SARA arriving for The Royal Wedding. I was late to my own party? PARTY FOUL.  "I am so sorry, I went to bed at 12:30 and next thing you know 4:30 came far too early."
     Shoot. I had 60 minutes to get breakfast served. Cooking marathon a go: Boil water for tea. Make pon de chocolate. Top deviled eggs with bacon. Toast Crumpets. Make mimosas. Cut lemon for tea. Make coffee. Maybe this was a lot more than I could handle.  Oh wait. That's right. At least I had the protein police on double duty serving as party coordinator.  And what do you know. Look who had breakfast served at 5:30 on the DOT?
     It was time to present breakfast in my sunday best.
You're Pretty. Both Of You. 
I love acting my shoe size. 
I've got some mad cooking skills. 
Top Secret Recipe. 
NY Fashion Week Fall 2011.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It Only Took Me 97 Days To Post This...

Well... I finished. The 2011 Derby Mini Marathon is now in the books. And guess what? I have pictures to prove it. 
Packet Pick-Up
Enough Said. 
Start Line!
H20 Anyone? 
5 1/2 Miles In. No Biggie.
Derby Royalty At It's Finest. 
Found A Friend INSIDE Churchill Downs! 
Spectators Point Of The Finish Line.
The Most Exhilarating Moment Of My Life.
Living On Struggle Street
High five a cop? CHECK. Attempt to throw a water bottle over a fence? CHECK. Give High fives to complete strangers? CHECK. Run THROUGH Churchill Downs on opening day? CHECK. High five an Austin Powers look a like? CHECK. Dump a glass of water over my head on mile 12? CHECK. Have a goal of 3:30? Check. BEAT IT BY 55 Minutes? DOUBLE CHECK. Had the time of my life doing all this? CHECK.


P.S. Shout Out to TEAM SARA for an amazing weekend! I couldn't have done it without you!