Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm Alright...

Where exactly have I been since the big announcement you ask? Incredibly BUSY. I thought Summer 2012 was busy, but in Summer 2013 busy took on an entirely new meaning. This blog is going to have to hold you over until June 20th, because I kid you not, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays, I leave my house around 7:50-8:00 AM and do not arrive home until 7:00-7:07 that night. I've started Summer school that meets four days a week, three hours a day from 9:00-12:00 studying about ROCKS and MINERALS and immediately head straight to the market for a full days work. Typing that makes me exhausted, but the good side to those long days? It has made these last two weeks of school fly by, leaving me with only four more week of school. But Sara, thats only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; can't you blog the other days? Thursdays are my days off from the market, and even Thursday afternoons are filled with appointments or studying. I also work Friday and Saturday mornings. By the time Sundays roll around, I'm exhausted from the previous week. Did I mention on top of school, I'm averaging about 36-37 hours a week at my  home away from home? There are days that I feel like I got hit by a bus.
      So what I'm asking of you, to please understand that I can't make blogging my priority right now. But please look forward to reading all the ridiculous stories that are being stored in my noggin to be told come June 20ish. 


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I’ve Been Waiting To Smile, Been Holdin It In For A While…

Greetings Humans! My favorite Aunt Sara invited me to be her first ever guest blogger on this so-called blog of hers. While my Aunt Sara won’t know what I am until I arrive in to this world, she wanted me to be the first to announce that I’ll be making a grand arrival somewhere around her 25th birthday! We all know how much she hates change, but from the day she found out I was coming, she hasn’t been able to stop squealing. You should hear how my soon to be parents told her I’ll be joining her family in a matter of months.
     Being the Rainman she is, she remembers the moment clearly. It was one of those cold, rainy, just nasty lazy Sundays. My Yanks was so gracious and invited my mom and dad over to their house for a quick Sunday night dinner that included pork, green beans, and other delicious side dishes. When my parents arrived at my second home, Aunt Sara was upstairs in her room studying for a highly anticipated biology test. She had heard us arrive, and figured she might as well be social and make an appearance. And then she saw the adorable gender-neutral striped bag that she would soon never forget. “Who’s that bag for? Me?” Just kidding she thought. And then my mother replied, “Yea, actually it is for you…” Aunt Sara never gets anything during the week. Maybe my parents saw something that just screamed her name. For her, this was slightly unusual. “You can go ahead and open it.” Maybe it was yet another Hard Rock CafĂ© T-Shirt. But they hadn’t gone anywhere. Aunt Sara was straight up confused.
                  Earlier in the day, my Yanks had asked Sara if she was going to fix her hair. What did it matter what my aunt looked like? My mom had seen Sara at her worst, and with my Dad joining us on family trips; he too had seen what Sara had looked like at the crack of dawn.
                  Back to the opening of this very special Saturday present. The bag seemed to be very light, but again, cotton t-shirt should be. As Sara began to pull out the tissue paper from the bag, she noticed that this article of clothing was rather small, and on this now teeny tiny “t-shirt” Sara saw a red, felt letter “I” that would begin a sentence that has taken her squealing to a new level. As she began to unravel the package some more, she continued to read, “Love My Aunt Sara”. Amidst the complete chaos going on in her already busy brain, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Yanks capturing this wonderful news with her camera. So that’s why she had her fix her hair!?!? I hear the pictures are priceless. Once the package was completely unwrapped, she already knew what was coming. Sara is finally becoming an Aunt.  My mom and Dad weren’t sure if Sara had grasped the idea of the onesie. As a matter of fact, Sara’s first words weren’t Congratulations, or I’m so excited, they were, “Am I being Punk’d? I’m just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out and Punk me.” Following a good five minutes of handshaking and speechless blank stares, it was time to sit down to enjoy what Sara thought would be just a casual and quick Sunday night dinner.
                  Words cannot describe the excitement that I have for the newest addition to the family. As the great philosopher Winnie The Pooh once said, “A grand adventure is about to begin.”