Saturday, February 9, 2013

Second Look...

It's that time of year again. This has to be one of my favorite posts to write. There's something about listing some of my favorite products in life. 

Family. Joker and Tucker. PFM family. Grey's Anatomy. Family vacations. Twitter. Panera. gLee. Unlimited texting. Straightened hair. My never ending iPod library. Facebook. PEOPLE Magazine. Saturday Night Live. College Football. ESPN Tweets. Homemade Curry Chicken. The feeling after signing up/finishing a race. Being real. Naps. Card Chronicle. Sweatpants. Facials. Pictures. Chip. My cell phone.Taylor Swift. My laptop. Ruzzle. Rainman. Jennifer Lawrence. Cape Cods. Noodles. Patrick Dempsey. Tumblr. Homemade Chicken noodle soup. Bruschetta. Hard Rock T-Shirts. Pandora Radio.Hugs. Prince William and Catherine. Ellen. Queso. Homemade Hot Fudge. Mint M&M's. Getting freshly squeezed orange juice. L-I-V-I-N. Ridiculous "you had to be there" moments. Mary Englebriet's calendar. Jimmy Fallon. Squealing. . Sunsets. The two weeks leading up to Derby. Secrets. Fruit snacks (because I'm five). My room. Monograms. Weddings. Housesitting. Juices. Dove Chocolates. Ginger Ninjas. Luke Russert. Flip flops. Massages. Perks Of Being A Wallflower. THE bathing suit. Columbia Coats. Celebrity Autobiographies. FRIENDS. Tervis Tumblers. Friendship Tea. Kentucky Sports Radio. Siri. Bumble Hair Products. Peppermint Waffle Discs. Smoothie King Smoothies. Hashtags. Christmas music. Inexpensive wine. Fleece lined leggings. T-Town East. A really good pair of blue jeans. Racing bibs. Cliff Bars. My collection of DVD's. Duck Dynasty. College Basketball. Justin Timberlake. Google Reader. Pinterest. TOMS. Late night chats. Darren Criss. Mom's homemade chocolate on chocolate birthday cake. Coldplay. Life.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Another edition of Sara does life..

Once the Superbowl teams had been announced, people would ask me who I was rooting for; and of course, being the person I am, I had to root for the underdogs, being the Baltimore Ravens, and along with that answer, I had to give my unusual explanation. For those of you who have seen the academy award nominated movie The Blindside, we watched the story of Michael Oher (#74) unfold. I wanted to see his story come full circle, going from this:

Living In The Projects of Memphis 

To This: 
Such A Proud Moment... 

I also loved seeing after winning the most famed trophy in pro sports, Michael tweeted out to his childhood "roots" saying that this win was for them.

Don't even get me started on the Beyonce's Concert. I could have cared less about the game, just give me more Beyonce, and more of the Destiny's Child reunion. 

I'm actually ahead in all of my classes... Said no one ever. 

Being the procrastinator I am, I ordered my textbooks the weekend before school started. I was informed they would be here sometime in January. And that was with "overnight" shipping. Fast forward ten days ago, when I still did not have them, and received that dreaded, "sorry we can't find your textbooks" email. Okay, well I'll just go to my way overpriced school bookstore. They didn't have it either. "We can order it for you." And, they would ship it. Awesome. Just kidding, you'll need to come pick it up in person. 

"After your chapter two test, we'll be having a genetics test that will essentially be your midterm. And oh yeah, you'll need to know all 23 pairs of Chromosomes, and their diseases." Yea, about that. 

Closing at work last Saturday, and THIS Saturday? I can't tell you the last time I did that. 

I received word from the head cheese at the market that we will be closed for Easter. The last two years, we've been open, and being the Superman I am, I've worked both of them. Working that day does have it's perks, but it will be nice to have a holiday off that everyone can enjoy. 

The Biebs is hosting this weeks Saturday Night Live. Snoozefest. 

Thursday (Tomorrow) will be mathematically impossible to ruin. There's no way it can be.

I mentioned in one of my latest blogs that actress Jennifer Lawrence and I would get along well with each other. I wish you could tag along with me, and understand how much my love for her is growing. It's on the verge of embarrassing. In case you weren't aware, she is a native of the great state of Kentucky, and being home with her family over the holiday break, she decided she needed new bed sheets, and was NEXT DOOR TO THE MARKET SHOPPING for them.  I REPEAT, SHE WAS WITHIN FEET OF THE MARKET. (There happens to be a bed linens store next door.) I guess she wasn't aware that I was taking a sabbatical from the market over Christmas. Don't worry Jennifer, there's always next time. 

You Tell 'Em Jennifer.
Being the favorite daughter I am, I so graciously made my Father a pretty delicious Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate cake for his birthday. Cakes are pretty easy to make; dump the ingredients in, stir, pour, bake, and ice. Simple as that. At least thats what I thought. When it says stir, don't use the whipping whisk on the Kitchen Aid mixer, because when it comes time to ice it, the cake belongs on the front page of Cake Wrecks. But then again, having that sort of delicious mess shows the love, and that it's homemade. 

I've been sucked into downloading the Instagram photo app. I don't see whats the big hype, but it is nice to live vicariously through hollywood. 

"Hey Sara, do you want to go see His Holiness The Dalai Lama when he comes to town in May?" You best believe I do. 

How is it possible that my Mother is going to a SOLD OUT highly anticipated Luke Bryan concert, and I'm not? That's just not right. 

Three weeks from tonight, Duck Dynasty returns on A&E. #Winning 

The U.S.P.S has announced that starting in August they will only be delivering mail Monday-Friday. As if I didn't already hate you enough. 

According to the sister, I am the bearer of bad news. I texted her to tell her that her favorite celebrity couple of Ashley Judd and Dario Franchetti are divorcing, and then I told her that Michael Kidd Gilchrist from UK's 2012 NCAA Championship fame, had fallen to ground not moving during his basketball game ending up with a minor concussion. 

Luke is making his way into the big leagues. (But we already knew that). He managed to land a story on the Today show following up with the infamous "chair" that Clint Eastwood spoke to during the RNC. His Dad must be so proud of him. 

I cannot go into much detail because of readers getting caught up on the show, but Grey's is getting sadder and sadder by the episode. Yes, there are some happy moments throughout it, Shonda Rhimes makes it her goal to have me screaming at the TV by the end of the show. 

Chip and I have begun the journey to our divorce. With Chip slowly starting to deteriorate, I have started saving for a new car. Before you start jumping to conclusions, Chip will be around for sometime seeing that I plan on buying a two to three year old "new but used" car.  Saving for this big of a purchase is painfully slow. I have made the plan to put every other paycheck into savings, so with previously good savings history, and my paycheck plan, hopefully by this time next year, I'll have a new and improved Chip. 


Friday, February 1, 2013

Mother Nature...

Is drunk. In the last 72 hours, I have managed to experience three out of four seasons.

This Was Tuesday Night: 
Notice The Temperatures

Wednesday Morning at 2:17 AM: 

Totally Normal... For MAY-AUGUST

Thursday Morning: 
So. Confused. 

 Thursday Night: 
48 Hours Ago, I Was In My Basement For A TORNADO WARNING. 

This is not normal. Get it together Mother Nature, get it together.