Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And They Say She's So Lucky...

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment has come (again) for me to announce that I have made it to the HALFWAY point of Summer school. It was Memorial day weekend 2011 that I had no choice but to quit my god awful writing class. Surprisingly, no one has yet to drop out, and honestly, I'm not seeing anyone in the near future that will because after Wednesday's class I will only have SEVEN classes until I am free for the summer. #winning.

In other ridiculous Sara news, it seems as if my luck has slowly started to turn around. After a loooonnnggg miserable 7 day heat wave, there is relief in the future. I'm not one who complains when they don't feel well, but due to long eight and nine hour busy days at my second home, I would arrive at 6:55 AM, leave at 3:00 P.M. and come home and take a solid 90 minute sometimes two hour nap. At one point Mom and Dad became concerned that I might have mono. Nope. More like heat exhaustion. Oh, and then add in the leave my house at 8:00 AM, have class all day, work through lunch, and arrive home at 5:30 days in between. I'm also clearly aware that I decided to do this to myself, but it's not my fault when mother nature thinks it's okay to give us sweltering days in the 90's.

Phillip Phillips won the eleventh season of American Idol, and going into Tuesdays night performance, I thought that he was better off coming in second place, because there would be no way that Jessica Sanchez could survive without it. Fast forward to each contestant singing their possible first single. Ummmm... dear Phillip. I love you. That is all. His rendition of Home, (no not that sappy Michael Buble song) is absolutely wonderful, and Randy Jackson even compared him to one of my favorite indie bands, Mumford and Sons.

Following the first night of the Idol finale, the season finale of gLee premiered. I had waited weeks for this, and had heard from Twitter that I would be needing Kleenexes. So WRONG. First off, Matthew Morrison butchered the Rod Stewart classic and my favorite song Forever Young. As I have said before, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. For those gLee fans who actually read this, I won't spoil the ending in case you haven't seen it. But really?!? I don't think I'll be purchasing Season 3 on DVD. That's how disappointed I am.

Less than 100 days until FOOTBALL!! I've never been a fan of baseball. Except for the All Star game, (July 10th) and that means we're halfway through Summer. And that much closer to Fall.

I guess the biggest news is that after four looooonnnggggggggggg scary drives to and from school dodging trucks, CHIP HAS A..... HORN!!! And a cute horn I might add. Words cannot express my excitement for this new addition to him.

There will be a post explaining what I am about to tell you later on, but a month after ordering a new pair of special running shorts, they arrived at my doorstep, and with two extra surprises. :)

After a mild winter, THE bathing suit, made it's seasonal debut. Still fits like a charm, and still madly in love with it.

Summer school needs to hurry up and be over with. I have books waiting to be read.

To celebrate the Queens 60th year on the throne, Katie Couric has sat down with the Royal Family Prince William, Catherine, and Harry for an exclusive interview. And no, I didn't add Prince Williams favorite picture of him and his grandmother to my iPhoto library. Me? No, I would never do that.

Haven't had to close at work in three weeks. #seniority

It's that time of year again... The Scripps National Spelling Bee. Sadly, I have obligations Thursday morning in which I will not be able to view the Second and Third rounds, but good thing for DVR. And for all my fellow nerds out there, the finals are Thursday night. #nerdalert.

Looks like I'll be making a return trip back to America's Political Playground in October. #bringLukeRusserthomeroundtwo.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Lonely Day...

And I'm sure that's what a lot of you feel every day when you type in saraspills.blogspot.com        
     Callie Torez of Greys Anatomy fame said it best. Life changes in an instant. Turns on a dime. Okay, so maybe my life hasn't changed in an instant, but I feel like life with my blog has. I know that's not the news that you probably don't want to hear after I have taken a siesta with my beloved blog. There are times that I have to be truthful, and this is one of them.
     There are days where I get that thing that everyone hates called writers block. And then there are days where I say to myself, I probably should blog about this. And then I open up my computer and loose every ounce of inspiration I once had. I still really enjoy blogging, but I don't have the enthusiasm I had two years ago. CLEARLY hear me out. I still plan on blogging, but I just don't know how often. I think after today, and some thinking my thoughts should be flowing again. I'm also not going to lie about how guilty I feel about abandoning the blog. I have felt incredibly guilty for not filling you all in about my life. Because we all know how exciting my life can be sometimes. :)
     The last time I blogged, I announced that I had signed up for an ALL DAY anatomy class. When I told people what my summer plans were, I included that in them, and of course, they gave me the mandatory "uh good luck with that. Is it a required course?" spiel. And of course, I politely responded back, "well, I have to have a natural science, and a lab, and I thought why not kill two birds with one stone? Plus it's my last science class I'll ever have to take, and I'm good with memorization, so I'm actually kind of looking forward to it." #Nerdalert. Um, if I could take that back, I would love to. This will be one of the worst things I have endured. And it started when I received my books for the class. My reaction when I saw my books for the first time? "About that." After making the trek to my building, I quickly figured out that I would be sitting in classroom with no windows. ALL DAY. I don't see the light of day until 4:30 in the afternoon. And lets not forget that I go in at 9:00 AM. My teacher  Doctor? Could not be any nicer, but here's a little bio: he teaches my class, a class at the local community college, is a chiropractor, and runs two clinics. Talk about over achiever. He wants nothing more than to help his students to succeed. Super nice guy and knows his stuff. After introducing himself to the class, the next words were, "oh and by the way, you have a test over the first four chapters a week from Wednesday." And that was on the first day of class. #Yikes. To sum things up? Five tests in six weeks. Oh, and don't worry, I have already planned an omgIcantbelieveIsurvivedanatomy215 day.
     Before I started my summer class, I discovered that I dominate at Trival Pursuit. Especially in the Arts and Entertainment category. One of my Derby night traditions is going over to our neighbors who bring in a handful of friends for the weekend, and of course, carrying on with tradition, I  made my annual visit, and was invited for a game of trivial pursuit. I wasn't feeling very confident when I was put on a team with two other speech therapists, but whatever. I'd give it a shot. The game started at 9:15ish, and at 12:50 AM we still weren't finished with the game, but if I'm ever on your team, and I shout out random answers, just stop talking and let me do my thing.
     On the PFM front, we've entered the busy season, and I have three days off a week, two of which because I have to. And the other? I've worked my way up to not working Sundays. #notcomplaining. I've also become rather fond of spending time out in flower world. There's something about the fountains and wind chimes that are just so serene. And peaceful.
     After quoting the ever so quotable Grey's Anatomy, which ended it's eighth season with an incredible long waiting cliffhanger, and leaving not only me, but millions of fans in anger,  it has been confirmed and published that not only Grey's Anatomy was renewed for SEASON 9, but ladies and gentlemen, the main characters have renewed their contracts for another two years. The shows creator had said earlier in the season that even if they did decide to leave the show, that Grey's would go on without them. It was a relief to hear that, but during the FOX upfronts, gLee announced that they are moving from Tuesday nights to Thursday nights. At 9:00. Oh wait. Isn't that the same night AND TIME that Grey's is on? There's only two nights a week I ask for the main T.V in the house, and FOX and ABC are going to make me decide against my two favorite shows to watch? On the same night? Rude.
     Checking my tweets one last time for the night, I happened to come across this WONDERFUL tweet: "Tomorrow I make my @todayshow newsreader debut. If you're up at 7 AM I'll be on your local NBC station with a caffeine smile." Yes. Luke Russert. Reading the news on the Today show. The Today show people. When I read the tweet, I tweeted him a tweet of congratulations in hopes for a reply back, but once again, I went to bed with no response. I was up at 7 AM, but because of work obligations I had to DVR it.  As Mom puts it, "he looked good, a bit dorky, but kinda cute. And he needed to wear darker shoes." I can work with him on that. I'm sure his Dad couldn't have been prouder.
     Signs I'm getting old: I RSVP'ed for my five year high school reunion. I know I'm an outgoing person, but seeing people who I haven't seen since I graduated? Weird.
     It feels good to be back in the saddle, and I'm going to try a lot harder in keeping ya'lls updated.
     All my love and then some.