Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ramblin Rambles: Spring Edition...

Sometimes I need these kind of posts, and well, this post is one of them. And I know that many of you have said how fun it would be to get inside my brain, so here ya go.
     Two weeks from tonight, I will be getting home from what will have been maybe the most epic concert event of my life. Well besides Taylor Swift, but in case you were out of the loop, I am going to the one the only THE Lady Gaga concert. When I first heard she was coming, I secretly wanted to go, but figured the tickets would be outrageously expensive, and to some people they think she's weird. Weird? Try dare to be different. Oh, and you can be rest assured there will be plenty of pictures.
     Speaking of music, I am in dire need of running music. One would think that I could find a semi-good mix out of 580 songs in my library, but sadly, quite a few of them are slow. Yes, I have googled "good running songs" and the results come up with some songs I've never heard of, or songs I don't have in my library. Well Sara, since you do save iTunes gift cards, buy the songs. Oh no. Oh no. It's not as easy as you think. In order for me to buy a song, I have to really like it. Like really really like it. And not get annoyed of it by the 10th time I've heard it. So, for all you runners out there, PLEASE call me, text, skype, send a smoke signal, send a dove with a message attached, find some way to send me song suggestions for running. I can't run a mini marathon with Silent Night on repeat for 13.1 miles can I? Didn't think so.
     It's been one of those weeks where I've actually been excited to run. So excited that I did 13 miles in two days. Five miles Thursday, eight miles Friday. I've been told that doing two long runs in two days is not good for anyone, never the less me, but because of scheduling conflicts I did my eight miles after running five miles the day before and write this down for history, because pretty much running my race in two days has never felt better. This is coming from a girl who complained for the whole time the first day of training approximately 35 days ago.
     I'd like to know where my Girl Scout cookies are? Oh thats right. Still at the factory. This is somewhat devastating. I mean I know in a couple weeks I'll be able to go to the grocery and pay highway robbery prices for a box, but what happened to the days of me (yes I was a Girl Scout) bugging the heck out of you and said I know how much you love this time a year, and I really want to win that new bike, so how many boxes would you like to order? You can go ahead and tell me for that a limited time only you can get Edy's Girl Scout cookie flavored ice cream all you want, but it's not the same. I don't want to eat frozen Girl Scout Cookies, I want to eat fresh, room temperature out of the box cookies.  
     "Sara. I have a question about your blog. Why haven't you blogged about the mess called Charlie Sheen?" Because. I really don't have any interest in him. I find it interesting that he get's away with a long list of shady things and Lilo on the other hand, has done some sort of the things he has done. With Lilo, I've followed her from the beginning. Charlie on the other hand, its like coming just for the second act of a play.
     It's official. I have found my two obsessions for the spring. They go by the name of Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. Still confused? My two faves from American Idol that I will go ahead and say that they will no doubt make it to the Top 5. When I say obsessions, I'm not kidding. Last year I voted for Crystal 300 times the night of the semi finale. And with the announcement of 50 votes per Facebook account, you best believe I will hit it hard when it comes time to vote.
     As the days are dwindling down to my day of running greatness, I already have the dinner plans for the eve of the big day. I know, I should really be focusing on my running, but sometimes I like to think outside the Crayola box. Included in this menu? Appetizers TBA. Dinner: Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, and bread. Dessert: Top Secret. Why am I so excited about this? Because it will be the night before the day I have been training for since January, and my fan club will have arrived.
     Why is it that my mind does my best thinking at 2:30 in the morning? People America is asleep. Here I am, blogging, listening to the Celine Dion Christmas Radio station on Pandora and patiently waiting for the clock to strike high noon when 480 minutes of non stop Oscar coverage begins.
     To sum up my rambles: I get a gold star.

First 5K Ever. June 2001


Monday, February 21, 2011

What Is Normal?...

According to my friend Webster, he defines the word normal as the following: Normal: (adj) conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern. On the other hand, I have a better definition of normal. 
     To me, normal is doing my everyday thing. Hearing the 69 pounds of nothing but love that come up the stairs each morning to check on me before the voice of my favorite philosopher Taylor Swift wakes me up and looking at the clock and thinking, why yes, after going to bed at a ridiculous time last night, I think I will press snooze for nine more minutes. Yes. Nine glorious minutes. To me, normal is finding just how many different ways I can wear jeans and not have anyone notice.
     To me, normal is leaving mi casa by 8:30 and letting Chip do his auto pilot thing so I can attend my I really should have thought this through before I signed up before a political science class, next thing I know it has turned into the Peanut Galleries classroom debate. Oh the patience I have gained.
     To me, normal is getting my favorite call of the day from Shenanigans Headquarters saying someone has called in and wanting Superman to come to the rescue and fulfill their shift. They don't call me Superman for nothin'.
     To me, normal is after a somewhat quiet drive to higher education, driving to save the day at Shenanigans Headquarters while blasting (okay not blasting) but singing every word to Speak Now by Taylor Swift. And yes, I did get tickets to her SOLD OUT Speak Now Tour 2011. A day early if I might add.
     To me, normal is coming home and being asked how my day was. If I just went to school, it was pretty good except for the fact that I was unable to get a word in because of the Peanut Gallery's on going debate. If I went to school and Shenanigans Headquarters, consider it an extra long day. But a productive day? Yes.
     To me, normal is finding time in my day to catch up on my 20 or so blogs that I currently follow. I mean if I can't find time to get the hottest gossip, how am I supposed to report back to my followers? Lilo Update: D-Day in court Wednesday. February 23. Look who gets to miss it? AGAIN.
     To me, normal is coming home after a long day, and finding out that the in house chef is whipping up one of her normal masterpieces for dinner. My personal favorite? Her home-made Chicken and Dumplings with organic chicken. Being an expert in Chicken and Dumplings, I'll go ahead and say this was by far my favorite batch she has made.
     To me, normal is no matter how tired I may be after the day, making myself train for the mini marathon. "Sara you can do this. In less than 10 weeks this will all be over." In less than 10 weeks, I'll have that adorable seersucker bathing suit in my hot little hands.
     To me, normal is unwinding after the day and telling myself that no matter how many things may be thrown at me, I can face them by doing one simple, normal, relaxing, easy, on going task. BREATHE.

     *Followers Note: My sincere apologies for lacking on the blogs. One would think that after running miles on end you would be filled with blogging energy for days. Apparently not. But that's for another blog.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Next New York Times Bestseller?...

"Treat myself to something once a month? So 2011." As a part of my on going New Years Resolution, it was decided that I would be treating myself to something once a month. And as a part of this project, I treated myself to getting my first 50 SaraSpills published into a book. Yea, you read that right. I'm a published author. Wait? How is that possible. Thanks to a publishing company by the name of they were able to make one of my dreams come true. Through three simple steps and the click of a mouse, it arrived at my front door. Want a copy? Inquire within.

True Story.
Looks like Snooki has some competition. 


Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Don't Do Paperwork...

As most of us were sleeping away the start of the new year, our beloved Lilo was tweeting her most intimate thoughts to the twitter-verse with the following: "Today is the first day of the rest of my life "The future depends on what we do in the present." -Mahatma Gandhi... One step at a time..."   Thanks for ruining my year, because if January 1st 2011 was the first day of the rest of your life, I was gearing up to face 364 days of boredom. And in my world, boredom equals trouble. Fortunately, I was only bored for a mere 22 days. 
     By now, you should know how obsessive I am about checking my celebrity gossip. And when people know major Hollywood news before I do, they love to rub it in knowing that they knew something before I did. Saturday night was one of those nights. While celebrating the February birthdays, my hero announced to the table that Lilo would be enjoying her last full weekend of freedom, because come Monday morning, Lindsay Dee Lohan will have another charge added to her lengthy list of lets just see what I need to say to avoid another jail stint record. Our beloved starlet will be charged with but officer I was just borrowing it for a photo shoot please don't go and tattle to the judge about this, but oh this is kinda a big deal so I kinda have to felony grand theft of stealing a $2,500 one of a kind necklace. 
     Well Sara, since you are the source for the real news, aren't you gonna tell us what happened? Sit back, relax, and enjoy another episode of Lindsay Lohan Does Life: The Sketchy Way. 
     Lindsay had everything going for her; a new outlook on life, well known AA sponsor, and a photo-shoot post Betty Ford that would help pay off the you pay our former employee we won't tell the judge on you domestic dispute bills. Wanting to make the first photo-shoot picture perfect, Lilo would have her stylist call upon Kamofie & Company jewelry store to complete the look. On the afternoon of January 22, Lilo was seen mingling around the store wearing it, and then "accidentally" walked out of the store. Now, honestly, how do you forget you had a  one of a kind necklace on? I mean seriously, this is Los Angeles we're talking about, not Tulsa, Oklahoma. When you shop in Los Angeles, you are guarded with only the best security that L.A. can offer. 
     While being interviewed for information, owner Sofia so and so (I guess she's too cool to give out her last name) revealed that in order for celebs who want to borrow jewelry must do the following:  "When we loan out jewelry, we have a whole procedure that needs to be done.  There is paperwork that needs to be filled out and there needs to be insurance information given, or credit card information in case something happens with the jewelry." 
I understand that while you want to keep your product safe and guarded, but you have to fill out paperwork?! What kind of store do you run? Fort Knox? But then again, you wait a full 24 HOURS to report the missing piece stolen to the L.A.P.D.? Something's not right here. 
     After being one of those people who can't make up her mind wether she wants to stay with Lindsay or go somewhere else, Lindsay's second mother/lifesaver/eh, I'm not so I can get you out of this one/lawyer to the stars Shawn Chapman Holly. On the opposing side: Currently running for Los Angles County Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers. The name sound familiar? She prosecuted Lindsay in the never ending story of the DUI drama. Her speciality? Felonies. Translated in simpler terms? She's fresh out of lollipops.
     With the charges being filed first thing Monday morning, and my work schedule already made out, it is with my great hope that Judge Fox can read my mind across the country and allow two things. A: Cameras in the court room, and B: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I beg of you, anything, I will make you brownies, I will do whatever you have to do to let me see Lilo LIVE in court. Every other court appearance of her's has been texted to me, or has been DVR'ed. It's just not the same taped. 
     Sung in the smash hit of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, "When You Believe" there are lyrics including the words of: "there can be miracles when you believe though hope is frail..."  If I want to see this all unfold live, looks like this will become my theme song of what could be another season of lies, backstabbing and plea bargaining.