Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh Cesare...

Somethings not right here. My principal is frantically running in and out of classrooms with a piece of paper with writing on it, and my teachers are doing their best to not show any emotion while reading the mysterious "letter". This is odd, but whatever. While the rest of the nation was watching a national tragedy unfold, I was learning to conquer the world of fractions. I promise you this post isn't about where I was when 9/11 happened, I'm getting to a point. Just hang on. As the initial days after 9/11 unfolded, I knew something in my school routine wasn't right. Where is that 9:45 plane? I should be hearing it any minute. Maybe it's delayed. After coming home those first fews days after 9/11, I learned that many flights were cancelled because of FAA restricting air travel.
     What I just wrote probably didn't make sense to most people, but what I'm getting to does. As the old saying goes, "We don't remember days, we remember moments" the scene of my principal recently flashed in my head triggered me to blog. What I'm about to randomly write, probably won't make sense, so you can A: stop reading, or B: Read on, and just be mind boggled.
     Susan Boyle. Don't Stop Believin. Forever Young. December 23. Magic. 270 votes. Had A Girl Wants. Snow Globe Collecting. May 2. April 2006. At Last. If You're Out There. Stock The Bar. April 7. Mothers Day 2009. June 2010.
      Like I said,  99% of these will not make sense to most people, but to me, they make perfect sense.
     And because I do love me some quotes, especially Grey's Anatomy quotes, I shall close with one by the infamous Denny Duquette: "Moments. That's all you get with the people you love."


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Little Pinch Of This And That...

If you know the way I eat, I eat pretty well. I'm not that picky of an eater, but there are some foods I will not touch. Brussel sprouts, fish (some), olives, Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup and couscous. Just to name a few. Out of every food out there, you name Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup as one of them? Like I've said in the past, I'm getting somewhere, just hang on.
     During one of my many periods of sickness, all I could/wanted to do was sleep.  I didn't want to be sociable, all I wanted to do was watch and fall asleep to the sounds of Dr. McDreamy. After countless hours of sweating out my sickness, it was time to make reservations for dinner at the in house resident chef's kitchen.
     "How ya feelin? Any better?" "Eh. I feel okay, I'm just hungry." "How about I make you some Chicken Noodle soup." Ew. No thank you.  But wait, did I just say no thank you to the in house resident chef? I really must be sick. "I promise I'll make it really good and hearty." Whatever. She knew what she was doing. I knew she wouldn't disappoint.
     After waiting what seemed like an eternity for this soup, I was presented with what may have been the best bowl of soup I have ever put in my mouth. And this was no Campbell's Soup either. The taste of hearty grilled chicken from the night before, home made chicken broth frozen from earlier, and the taste of my favorite veggies filled the insides of my sick little body.
     So Sara, since you have tempted us with the details of this soup, can we please have the recipe? Sure thing.
4 Cups of Chicken Broth
1 Cup Of Water
Dash Of Salt 
Dash Of Pepper
1 Onion
1 Red Pepper (My Favorite)
1 Cob Of Corn
1 Zucchini 
1 Cup of Barley
2 Or 3 Chicken Breasts (Grilled or Roasted)
Bag Of Noodles
And A Whole Lotta LOVE!

Bet you didn't expect the love part did you? To me, this is by far the most important ingredient. Corny, I know, but let me tell you, when I am actually forced to do adult responsibilities, (hahahahaha) and keep an eye on the home-front, I live off this soup. It's good any season. Yea, I eat hot soup in the summer. Do I care? Nope. Do I love it? Yep.  I love to eat it late at night when I am looking for that something to hold me over until breakfast, but don't want to break out the chips and salsa. 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

D-U-M-B Dumb...

If I could describe Lindsay Lohan in one word, that would be it. I'm not exactly sure if I reported that she was given a March 23 deadline to tell Judge Schwartz her decision of taking the plea deal that would consist of three months in jail which would ultimately translate into 18 or 19 days in jail because of overcrowding. Excuses, excuses, excuses. If she had not chosen the plea deal, she would choose to go forward with a full blown out Hollywood trial. And if she chose that option, she would also be violating her probation.
     As the week of Lindsay's decision deadline had approached, reports were saying that she would use what was left of her brain and take the plea deal. I mean seriously, going from 90 days in jail to 19?! She would be crazy if she didn't take it. But after all, she is saying she is totally innocent since the January 22nd incident.
     After a rare day off from Shenanigans, it was time do the norm, and run the six miles on struggle street. Knowing that Lindsay would probably just "call in" her decision to the Lawyer to the Stars, Shawn Chapman Holley, I accepted the fact that the one day I have off, Lindsay doesn't have to appear in court. By the way that Holley had talked sense into her, I knew that she would accept the plea deal. Because what Sara hears, Sara believes.
     Well apparently, Lindsay threw a curveball to the media and myself and lied. As of Tuesday March 22, 2011, Lindsay Dee Lohan DID NOT accept the plea deal and has a date with Judge Schwartz for April 22, 2011 to begin proving her innocence to the courts. Besides going to jail for the theft, looks like our beloved starlet could be going to jail BEFORE her trial begins for her probation violation. Maybe you should have paid a little bit more money to Entertainment Tonight to not have the infamous surveillance tapes released to them.
     The good thing about knowing the date of the trial is that I can take off work for this. Oh wait. I can't. That's the weekend of Easter, and the weekend of Easter means one thing. All hands on deck at Shenanigans Headquarters. I guess I'll just go ahead and accept the fact that I will never see Lindsay live.
     In other news, her shady father Michael, has been charged with felony domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend Kate Major. His bond has been set at 30,000 and is due in court May 22. I can miss that one. For future reference, I'll be referring to Michael as Milo. Get it? Michael Lohan. Clever I know.
     I know I should be writing a blog about the late Elizabeth Taylor, but she was never in the news. Or at least the news I read.
     Besides announcing my news about running the mini, which is 38 days away, we have a second dose of exciting news. It's official. Summer 2011 can begin. Because I finally caved in and ordered the current love of my life. The. One. The only. Adorable. Seersucker bathing suit. The best part about it? FREE SHIPPING. The second greatest part about it? It should be here within three to six days.
     Current state of happiness? Pumped on life.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Late Night Snack...

Before I proceed, please let me state the following; compared to this time last year, I have significantly cut back on late night munchies. Okay so maybe I do make the occasional trip to the fridge to get some Colby jack string cheese and a bag of pretzels, but still, at least it's protein.
     But we my friends, have a rather small crisis. Why I do still have my remaining four pints of peppermint stick ice cream in the deep freezer calling my name, it has been brought to my attention that my friends Ben and Jerry have released a new flavor titled "Late Night Snack" in honor of my late night T.V. host Jimmy Fallon. You must have made the big time if you have your own Ben And Jerry's ice cream after you. Exactly what is this ice cream you ask? Let me explain. Fair trade vanilla ice cream, with caramel swirls throughout, and to top it all off? Chocolate covered Kettle Potato chips. Before you say "Ew, that's an ice cream foul" allow me to convince you that chocolate covered potato chips really aren't that bad. How do I know? Because Shenanigans HQ carries them.
     As soon as I saw that this ice cream was being released, it was my goal to track down this deliciousness.  I know this is not on my training diet, every once in a while sometimes you gotta splurge and treat yourself. So what do you think I did/have been doing? That's right. Calling my local K-Roger and asking them if they carry this certain pint of ice cream. The first night I called, I was put on hold for a long five minutes. After patiently waiting, they came back to say that they should receive it on the next mornings truck. You wanna ask me if it made it on the truck? Nope. Have I called around to other stores to find this? Yes. And do they have it? Nope.
     Now, here's where YOU come in. Next time you are out gathering ingredients to make your next dinner masterpiece and just happen to take a stroll down the ice cream aisle, and happen to be in the Ben and Jerry's section, and god for bid happen to find the ice cream, will some one please call me? Or if you live out of state ship it to me? I'll pay shipping and handling.
     Available nation wide? Apparently not.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh, Are You Going To A Halloween Party?...

You could call it that. Or you could call it the most epic concert event I have ever attended a.k.a The Monster Ball 2011. I could go on and on about it, or I could let you look at my obsession with taking pictures of inanimate objects. So here ya go. 
Just Your Average Saturday Night

A Night At The Ball 
Opening Act: The Scissor Sisters
She's HERE!
Love. It. 
What'd Up Gaga?
So. Much. Fun.
See A Lady Gaga Concert Before I Die? CHECK. 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Promised...

I would never leave my loyal followers for a long period of time. And I'm not leaving, I'm just dropping by for a quick visit. I promise I'll be back this weekend, but running five miles in 57 minutes is starting to become fun. You know whats not fun? Planning classes for next fall. There are so many other things I'd rather be doing than going over to school to find out that my class is canceled and literally spending more time in Chip than on campus. Sorry for the rambling, but we all know I do my best writing at midnight, and well, it's midnight.
     I can't believe its the middle of March, and after Spring break, I'll have four days left in March, and then APRIL FINALLY ARRIVES!!! That is another post of it's own, but as April progresses, I'll be sure to fill you in. While I don't want to wish my life away, I want this weekend to get here a.s.a.p. because I'll be hanging with 22,000 of my closest friends at the Monster Ball. Pictures to come.
      Like I said, I know it's only March, but after this week calms down, I will be purchasing hands down by far the cutest bathing suit I own. Let's put it this way, it's too cute to describe in words. Fine. I'll give you one word. And one two three four five six  seven words only. Classic. Blue. Adorable. J.Crew. The current love of my life. My motivation. SEERSUCKER. I think I just fell in love all over again. The only thing I'm missing? A little something thats about a billijion degrees in the height of summer called the sun. It'd be great if you could make an appearance sometime soon. No rush. It's not like you have the whole world waiting for you.
     In case any of you were wondering what ever happened to Lilo since the whole winning tagline took her place in the spotlight, she has another court fashion show date this Thursday. Bet you can't guess where I'll be. Take three guesses and the first two don't count. And if you guessed watching it live; you are so WRONG.
     I'm putting it on my calendar/social calendar to make time to return to my roots. Also, I believe I do get some major snaps for managing to avoid the annual well Sara, since you have been sick the last two major school breaks, why don't we go ahead and throw in you being sick on Spring Break sickness of 2011.
     I'll be back before you know it!!