Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Mother Nature...

I promise I'll stop making this a meteorological blog, but I thought I might let you know about one of my many fears. I love the perks of spring such as: the flowers, putting away that bulky winter coat, having an excuse to buy Coke ICEE's, and semi- reasonable temperatures. This is what I DISLIKE about Spring.

What A Normal Weather Map Looks Like... 

About That Red Box... 
See that cute little red box? Yea. About that. My worst enemy. I don't know what it is, but seriously mother nature, I'm down to the wire with training, and I don't want to train in rain since I won't be running my actual race in it.  So please. Do me a favor and get what's ever in your system OUT. Because I've about had enough of sleepless(ish) nights. 
     Also, in case you needed to go out and get your last minute stash of Asparagus, it's $3.99 a pound at Shenanigans Headquarters. 


Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Wanna Hear Something Funny?...

Eight days until I achieve running greatness. Just an FYI: This is gonna be a rather short post to hold you over until we hear the verdict of no camera's in the courtroom/I'm not gonna lie, Shawn Chapman Holley is kinda sorta a genius/With the reports I've heard it's looking like I've seen the last of my little startlet for the next 18 days. And once again, I'll be bagging only the finest asparagus in town for Sunday's dinner. But have no fear, with todays best technology I will be receiving updates. Do work TMZ. Do work.
     Also please take a look at what Mother Nature has in store for me come race day:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

21 Days And Counting...

I must first start off with an apology for the lack of blogging. I can promise you once training is over, I will become a better blogger.
     April has arrived at my doorstep and it is hard to believe that the month I have been waiting for since last JULY has come. I told you that April would be filled with lots of fun events, and no doubt it will be a fun filled month, I just need that little thing called school to get off my brain for a little bit. And it will for two weeks come April 27th. Would you care to hear about my month of April? I know you want to.
     This week brings me the return of the eight girls who fled the state/Shenanigan headquarters for Spring Break while I worked long days, two more days of classes closer to summer, four miles monday and tuesday, three miles wednesday, and two miles thursday. As much as I enjoy training (somewhat) I'll be glad when this is all over and I don't have to exhaust myself thinking about those miserable 10 milers. This coming weekend shall be epic. We have out of town visitors coming to the great state as we get to kick off Derby a whole week EARLY!!! Thanks Easter. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I kid you not, we host the largest firework show in the Nation. Yea be jealous. Included in this all-day event, people camp out in tents the night before to get good spots on the river to see this show. Then the air-show promptly kicks off at three o'clock that concludes around 9:00ish when my favorite part of the night takes place. The sky is completely dark with the exception of two spotlights on the two airplanes that are flying the ginormous American flags while the greatest diva there ever was (Celine Dion) sings God Bless America. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. After the all afternoon air-show, the symbolic fly over, it is the moment that the entire city has been waiting for; 30 non stop minutes of fireworks. In order for this to happen the city shuts down two of the major bridges so they can shoot off TONS and no I'm not exaggerating either of fireworks. It literally takes the Air National guard to operate this. I'm not gonna lie, it's a little ridiculous. Just a little bit. But whoever said throwing a two week party for two minutes in sports was ridiculous? And then promptly at 10:01, the party can officially begin.
      The following week brings me another week of school, more training, and all hands on deck because it's Easter, and people only want the best asparagus on their easter buffet. This also means I will be missing what may be the best episode of Hollywood Justice: The but officer I wasn't stealing it, I only wanted to borrow it, how is she going to portray a member of the Gotti family from jail, but due to "over crowding" she'll probably get out in 18 days so she doesn't need to worry about it Lindsay Lohan trial. And we can't forget another holiday family gathering. While mi familia will be having Easter dinner cooked for us, I'm sure everyone will be on their best behavior.
     Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the week we have all been waiting for HAS ARRIVED. I mean this week will be epic. Monday will be my last day of regular classes before finals, which means somehow concentrating on school, while still getting in the final week of training. Tuesday will be a work/cram for my final the next day, Wednesday will be my final/two weeks of freedom/get pumped for the up coming weekend. Just thinking about Thursday makes me want to squeal like a fifth grade girl at a Justin Bieber concert.