Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm Alright...

Where exactly have I been since the big announcement you ask? Incredibly BUSY. I thought Summer 2012 was busy, but in Summer 2013 busy took on an entirely new meaning. This blog is going to have to hold you over until June 20th, because I kid you not, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays, I leave my house around 7:50-8:00 AM and do not arrive home until 7:00-7:07 that night. I've started Summer school that meets four days a week, three hours a day from 9:00-12:00 studying about ROCKS and MINERALS and immediately head straight to the market for a full days work. Typing that makes me exhausted, but the good side to those long days? It has made these last two weeks of school fly by, leaving me with only four more week of school. But Sara, thats only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; can't you blog the other days? Thursdays are my days off from the market, and even Thursday afternoons are filled with appointments or studying. I also work Friday and Saturday mornings. By the time Sundays roll around, I'm exhausted from the previous week. Did I mention on top of school, I'm averaging about 36-37 hours a week at my  home away from home? There are days that I feel like I got hit by a bus.
      So what I'm asking of you, to please understand that I can't make blogging my priority right now. But please look forward to reading all the ridiculous stories that are being stored in my noggin to be told come June 20ish. 


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