Wednesday, March 20, 2013

They're Awesome Baby, With A Capital A...

Dick Vitale sure knows how to label some of college basketballs best. Three solid weeks of basketball. I can hear it now; the squeaking of the shoes, the infamous NCAA theme song, the swoosh of the ball going into the basket, the screaming of the excited fans, the sounding of the obnoxiously loud buzzer, and my personal favorite, Luther Vandross's version of One Shining Moment being played as the teary eyed fans watch some of the best highlights from the tournament while realizing we wont be seeing any sign of basketball life until October. #meh. 
      In case you live under a rock, the University of Louisville Cardinals miracously came down from a 16 point deficit, and managed to win the last Big East title ever, and also managing to earn them the number one OVERALL seed for March Madness. 

I can't believe I have these two teams as my Championship game. The team that I will love until the end of time, and my alma mater. To some degree I really hope I'm wrong.

But theses people agree with me: 

Digger Phelps Should Lose His Job... 

PETE THAMEL Even Picked Us? WHAT? 

You have no idea how nervous this makes me. I mean yea, I know we're good and all, but out of all these people, only FOUR picked us to loose? It would be great to go from a Number 2 preseason pick to National Champions. 


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